A hands on demo of the Archos GamePad [video]

by: Kristofer WoukOctober 15, 2012

With gaming being one of the main uses of tablets for many users, it’s no surprise that a number of tablets like the Archos GamePad are hitting the market. We’ve heard about it, and now it’s time to see it in action.

While we’ve talked about the specs of the Archos GamePad before, specs alone aren’t enough to guarantee success for these gaming-focused tablets, no matter how low they are priced. Two things that will help immensely are developer support and solid controls. While we don’t yet know how much Android game developers will focus on supporting devices like this, at least the video below gives us a clue as to how well the controls will work.

The system of being able to map touch-based controls to the Archos GamePad’s hardware buttons is very clever, and it seems to work well in the video. Ultimately, however, developers deciding to implement button controls in addition to touch based controls would make this tablet much more desirable.

Now that you’ve seen it in action, are you planning to buy an Archos GamePad? Or are you going to stick to gaming on your current tablet or another device?

  • redwood

    They should produce mountable controllers for Galaxy Note 2.

    • Jgg

      check out moga bluetooth controller.

  • Hi, there are more videos on my blog blog.thinkteletronics.com,

  • Kassim

    Reminds me of my favourite handheld console – the GameBoy Advance.

    Why can’t Nintendo forget about the DS being their only offering and bring back a GBA-style refresh alongside (i.e. single, touch enabled screen like this)? With today’s specs, we could have some awesome Nintendo favourites on the go.

    And before you say anything, no…that bloated Wii U pad-controller thingy doesn’t count as proper OTG – I mean, how many have pockets big enough to carry it? ( -.-).

    All I want is HD games with hi-res textures (the DS’s best resolution is truly awful…stunningly atrocious). So, in truth, I would settle for Nintendo games, i.e. Mario, Zelda and co, on Android because that’s what I want most – the games themselves!

  • AlrightMister

    This looks pretty good. If the button mapping features work well I’m sure they will be “freed” from this device and spread to others. I would prefer a nexus 7 with a GOOD attachable controller with this functionality but for $150 I think I’m in.

  • but., what is the catch…………….. there must be something….. The device is too good for its price.. hmmmmmmm….

  • DaireConstantineOReilly

    Yeah there is a catch it won’t run any games released next year, it’s not a quad core. Get a nexus