September 17, 2009
Archos Phone Tablet

Archos Phone Tablet

The dust is finally settling after Archos officially released their 4.8’’ 800×480 resolution touchscreen Internet tablet that boasts 16 million colours. In what better place to tantalise the taste buds of prospective buys and technology enthusiasts and let rip the news that more is on the way. This time, it’s a ‘Phone Tablet’. A what where?

No one knows what a ‘Phone Tablet’ really is, but we can confirm that Archos will release one next year and that it will run Android. Archos were very cagey on the matter but did let us know a few juicy bits that will really get things flowing. First and foremost, it will measure in with a 4.3’’ touchscreen display. Bonus. Second, it will fit within a 10mm thick chassis. Samsung, watch out. Naturally the device will offer HSDPA 3G connectivity for making phone calls but no one was really expecting it to sport a 1GHz processor. I guess with Sony Ericcson and Toshiba already paving the way, it will soon become the new benchmark for higher-end mobile devices.

Everything else has been kept severely under wraps. There appears to be a front facing camera for video calling, and I am sure that there is a rear one to back it up. However, we do not know the specifications of the cameras, whether it packs GPS, accelerometers and all the other goodies you expect in a device that’s got awesome written all over it. Sure, it’s going to be big. But unless you are a woman wearing the tightest true religions, it should still fit in your pocket, just.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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