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Attendance Tracker: Convenient attendance monitoring

by: Alvin YbañezSeptember 25, 2012

Our article on the best android apps for teachers, tutors, and educators featured apps that allow you to check your students’ attendance. Checking attendance, however, is not limited only to the classroom. You can also check attendance during events or other activities outside the classroom. If you’re a teacher and, at the same time, an event organizer for your school, it may be inconvenient to bring a separate attendance sheet for a specific class or event. Life would be easier if you could merge all your attendance sheets into one. Thankfully, we have the Attendance Tracker app to help us with our attendance-checking needs.

Unlike some attendance checker [...]

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Apex Launcher v1.3.1 fixes FC problem, brings more features and improvements

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 25, 2012
Version 1.3 of Apex Launcher, which was released yesterday, quickly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Customers reported in droves that the app suffers from a serious FC problem. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the folks behind Apex Launcher, Android Does, to respond.
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BBC launches its new Flash-free media player for Android

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 25, 2012
When Adobe Flash said its goodbye to Android last month, the effect was felt by third-party apps like BBC's, that relied on the ubiquitous player to stream contents to Android devices from its website. With Flash gone from popular devices like the Google Nexus 7 tablet, which doesn’t support the platform, BBC has decided to develop its own media player that removes its Flash dependency.
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Glu Mobile’s “Indestructible” car combat game is a free download on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 25, 2012
Games like the Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal forever hold a special place in our heart. Forget inspiring stories, character building, and the like, because these games were all about blowing things up and causing carnage to your opponent cars. That’s exactly what Indestructible, the latest game released by Glu Mobile, will let players do.
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New Apptro app allows users to find and share applications

by: Joe HindySeptember 24, 2012
Apptro offers a unique application sharing experience. By using Facebook's social graph technology, Apptro helps narrow down the application sharing to your core friends and only shows applications that you can actually use.
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Amazon to offer device targeting in Amazon App store to clean things up

by: Joe HindySeptember 24, 2012
The Amazon App Store has a long way to go before you can compare it to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. They are making some headway, though, and this time it is with a maintenance update. With device targeting, customers will have an easier time finding the apps they need and developers will have an easier time managing the apps they develop.
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Gameloft teases Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, to hit Android this fall

by: AdrianSeptember 24, 2012
Video game developer Gameloft has its fans and its haters, but if it’s one thing we Android gamers all like at the French company is its dedication to franchises and punctuality in releasing sequels. The Modern Combat series of first-person shooters didn’t have the best of starts with the visually impressive, but rather glitchy Sandstorm from 2009, but despite that Gameloft stubbornly came back with a sequel in 2010 and a third game in 2011.
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Apsalar sheds some light on regional smartphone market shares, outcomes are rather surprising

by: Brendan LynchSeptember 24, 2012
Apsalar has released data organizing smartphone market share according to region. iOS is currently dominating the northeast and west coast, while Android is currently dominating the southeast.
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Augmented reality laser tag app called Hex3 AppTag hits Android and iOS

by: Joe HindySeptember 24, 2012
Remember the good old days of carrying around the big gun and wearing that pseudo armor? Running around in rooms that featured multicolored strobe lights and fog machines? Now, you can relive those laser tag memories with Hex3 AppTag for Android.
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Updated Redbox app for Android brings better browsing

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 23, 2012
While users of the Redbox movie rental service are growing in number, so were frustrations with the Redbox app for Android. An update, now available in Google Play, fixes a number of issues while adding some useful features.
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