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Firefox 14 beta for Android brings new UI, improved performance, and Flash support

by: Bams SadewoMay 17, 2012

Google Chrome may have taken over Mozilla Firefox’s place to become the world’s second most widely used browser, but Firefox, now on the third place, still has approximately 25% of worldwide usage share. With such a huge user base, you’d think that PC Firefox users would love nothing more but to continue to enjoy the Firefox experience on their Android device.

This, unfortunately, hasn’t been the case, as Firefox for Android hasn’t really lived up to its name, mostly due to its sluggishness – at least in the earlier versions. While performance has improved with each new iteration of the app, what can we expect from the latest version of the mobile [...]

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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II is out on Google Play and TegraZone

by: Bams SadewoMay 16, 2012

Nintendo may have the plumbing power of Mario on its side, but Sega has the cooler and faster Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the world’s most celebrated game icons.

Making the jump from console to the Android platform seemed to take forever, but when Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I finally made it to Android, the game was well worth the wait. It’s no wonder why the sequel of the game is so eagerly anticipated by Android gamers worldwide. Now, blue hedgehog fans, you’re just in luck, as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II was launched today exclusively for Tegra-3 powered Android devices.

The Tegra 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II provides a gaming [...]

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Number of malicious Android apps grows by 2200% year over year

by: Gary SimsMay 16, 2012

You might be asking yourself if you read the headline to this post correctly. A 2200% growth in the number of malicious Android apps, can that be right? Unfortunately it is. According to the Mobile Threat Report Q1 2012 (PDF) released by security company F-Secure, the number of malicious Android application package files (APKs) they received in the first three months of the year grew from 139 in 2011 to 3063 for the same period in 2012. Similarly, in 2011 security researchers discovered 10 new families of Android malware. Move forward twelve months, and that number has grown nearly four-fold with 37 new families and variants discovered in Q1 2012.

So why the growth? For one [...]

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Facebook mobile app to get Instagram-like picture treatment

by: Bams SadewoMay 16, 2012

With more and more people accessing the web on their mobile devices, web companies strive create apps that can recreate a full web browsing experience, albeit in a simpler package. A consistent user interface across devices can drive people to use it more, which is vital for companies like Facebook, that increasingly depend on mobile ads.

The latest revision of the Facebook app for Android and iOS, as well as its mobile site, brings an improved design for the posts in news feed. Gone are the days when you had to squint your eyes to figure out the thumbnail pictures in the news feed. The photos in the feed will now show up three times bigger. Aside from that, the [...]

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Seven major alternatives to Google Drive

by: SamMay 15, 2012

So, Google has opened up Google Drive to us. While some are welcoming it with open arms, other are taking a stand against what they perceive to be a blatant ripoff of Dropbox and similar services. Other people just don’t like the ‘privacy policy’ in the Google Terms Of Service, which must be agreed upon when you join. Whatever your own thoughts are on the matter, here are the best alternatives to Google Drive as a web storage service.


You knew it would be here. It’s safe to say that with the arrival of Google Drive, Dropbox is feeling threatened to say the least. Here is what the CEO sarcastically tweeted regarding Google’s [...]

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Best Android apps for meditation and relaxation

by: Ken EastMay 15, 2012

Are you always busy and can never find the time to unwind? A good night’s sleep will always be your easiest getaway from a stressful day. Unfortunately, that’s easier to say and harder to do, especially when you’ve got a lot of things on your mind, not to mention all the noise caused by your neighbors or other people in the house. Don’t worry because you can now use your Android device to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. Here’s a list of the best Android apps found on the Google Play Store for meditation and relaxation.

Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation

Tai Chi is a famous way to exercise, helping us to relax the mind and the body [...]

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Best Android apps for personal financial management

by: Brigitte NovabosMay 14, 2012

With the tough economic situation of today, we could use any help we can get in order to stay on top of our financial situation and to monitor our budgets effectively. Perhaps you could use some help in keeping track of your financial health. Android Authority has done a search for you and we now bring you the best apps for personal finance management:

Managing and monitoring your entire personal financial portfolio can be daunting. And if you’re a busy bee, it’s even more challenging to extract a quick yet comprehensive view of your cash flow right when you need it. All that is about to change with the app. for Android makes [...]

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Point-and-click adventure game Machinarium now available on Android for just $3.99

by: AdrianMay 14, 2012

Back in the day, indie video games have not been quite that popular on Android, but things started to change not long ago, especially due to initiatives like the Humble Bundle. Android users began to realize that indie does not necessarily mean poor quality or glitchy. So it should come as no surprise that several promising independent games are making their way to Google Play.

Machinarium is the latest indie game to be made available for Android. While its name might not say much to some of you, Machinarium is a pretty successful game for PC, PS3, and the iPad 2. In fact, it has won quite its share of awards back in 2009, when it was, for example, a PC Game of the [...]

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Leaked Flipboard app for Android gets OTA update, better performance and stability

by: AdrianMay 14, 2012

Flipboard, probably the most popular news and social aggregation app for iOS, was due to get an Android version for a pretty long time. After what was for many an excruciating wait, the app was announced as available exclusively with the Samsung Galaxy S3 last week. That would’ve meant an additional couple of weeks to see Flipboard’s full Android debut and another few weeks (or even months) to see the app hit other phones or tablets.

Fortunately, Android is by definition an open ecosystem, so the “exclusive” app got leaked just a couple of days after its initial announcement. The APK file was made available by the good guys at XDA-developers for pretty much [...]

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Hey, wannabe DJs, goes Android, still US only

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 12, 2012 (with a lowercase “t”) was founded in early 2011, with the goal of providing a social music service that would emulate the experience of listening to music in a “real setting”. Users can join virtual rooms where they listen to the tunes played by “DJs”, which are other users that take turns at choosing the playlist.

Users get to vote tracks up and down, and if many users “boo” a track, the app skips to the next DJ. While listening to music, users can have a chat, and, whenever a DJ spot is free, they can hop on the stage to prove their mixing mastery.

Music is better with friends is the motto of, a simple, fun idea that [...]

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