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Phone Schedule: Simple app for scheduling Android phone tasks

by: Paul NuñalApril 1, 2012

Following a routine always ensures that you always stay right on track with your busy schedule for the day. An extremely useful application known as Phone Schedule follows the same principle of your daily life, but the only difference is that it you set your Android phone to perform various tasks according to a schedule that you specify.

Phone Schedule is a handy yet very useful application that lets you create scheduled actions that you wish your phone could automatically perform. For instance, wouldn’t it be really handy to be able to tell your phone to automatically turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you leave home and turn them back on again when you reach the [...]

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Gmail Tap brings Morse Code to Android, we say about time

by: Matthew SabatiniApril 1, 2012

Did you ever get the feeling that 26 keys is just way to much for your smartphone screen? Well, that’s exactly how Google feels. Today, on this fine April 1st, Google has released Gmail Tap. This intuitive application for Android and iOS will bring back Morse Code in place of that clunk ‘ol keyboard that you’ve come to know. Gmail Tap also boasts the ability to type 2 emails at once, audio feedback, and a re-imagined auto-complete.

The keyboard takes advantage on minimalism with only 2 keys and a space bar. You can make each letter out of the two buttons by following the chart Google has created. Most letters are made out of just a tap or two. [...]

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Wings of Fury: Fly and fight as a WWII-era pilot

by: Paul NuñalApril 1, 2012

If you’ve been a fan of retro fighter plane arcade games, then you might have come across with the classical action flight simulator known as Wings of Fury.

Developed by Android Machine, the Wings of Fury game for Android puts players in the role of an American plane pilot coming from the World War II era. Android smartphone owners can relive the action once again.

A 2D, arcade-style action game, Wings of Fury tests how good a fighter plane pilot you are. The game is highly addictive in nature, and once you start playing the game, you just can’t stop yourself from putting the game down.

Die-hard fans of flight simulation games may not find this game [...]

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Spontacts: Finding new nearby friends and contacts spontaneously

by: Ken EastMarch 31, 2012

There’s a bunch of ways to make new friends and using social media is definitely one of the easiest way to do so. Two great examples in this regard are Facebook and Twitter, but did there’s also an Android app that provides a similar function and more.  Developed by ConceptWorks, the Spontacts app allows for spontaneous friend-making with people or contacts with the same interest in your neighborhood or places near you.  The name of the app itself is a portmanteau that suggests what it deals with best: spontaneity and contacts.

Aside from that, there is also an option to explore activities, places, and public events in a location that you prefer, helping [...]

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Gravity Project: A fast-paced run-and-jump 3D game to test your reflexes

by: Ken EastMarch 31, 2012

Do you like playing games that require the quickness of your eyes as well as your reflexes? If you do, here’s a fun game that you might want to play on your Android device. Gravity Project is a game that involves dodging different obstacles just to get to the finish line. The thing is, it’s not like old-school Super Mario because it’s fast-paced, so you really have to keep an eye on things that might hit your character or else you are sent back to the starting line.

Gravity Project provides non-stop action and adventure, with perfectly designed venues, maps, excellent game physics, barriers, and character. Gravity Project surely will send you on a [...]

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TurboTax free on Android tablets just for this weekend, procrastinators rejoice

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 31, 2012

With the American tax return filing deadline just around the corner (April 17), many people are scrambling to complete their returns on time, a tedious activity that is, at least by some, ignored throughout the year. “If only there was something that would make this whole process easier,” you say? Well, yes, there is. And it’s now available for FREE on Android (with some fine print).

Inuit’s TurboTax is a software that makes preparing and filing your taxes easy. It gives clear, easy-to-follow directions and provides a step-by-step guidance that shows you what needs to be done at each turn. The software is free to download, with payment required [...]

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Best Android apps for book lovers

by: GeneMarch 31, 2012


For centuries, the wisest of men – poets, priests, and scholars – have basked in the company of books to grasp the infinite knowledge of the world. Today, much has changed, yet books continue to parade the streets of enlightenment inside the minds of every thought leader of this mobile generation. However, the Web 2.0 era, with its “Midas’ touch”, has pretty much digitized almost everything form of physical media, making ebooks and audio books the gold standard in education, both formal and informal.

For all book lovers out there, here is a look at the best Android apps guaranteed to please the bookworm inside of you.

Kindle for [...]
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Pix: Pixel Mixer for mixing and matching effects on your photos

by: Ken EastMarch 31, 2012

If you talk about photo-editing applications for Android, there are already so many of these on the market, ranging from the most complicated and the most sophisticated down to the simplest and the easiest to use.  Adding to the already long list of photo-editing apps is Pix: Pixel Mixer, which features a simple and effect-packed photo editing interface. While other photo-editing apps can beat Pix: Pixel Mixer in terms of sophistication, in terms of simplicity and quality, there’s no doubt that this app can deliver to you finely edited photos.

Most photo editing apps are designed to be used by the pro and the hobbyist or enthusiast, leaving beginners [...]

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Mi File Explorer: MIUI File Explorer app even for non-MIUI phones

by: Carl ParkerMarch 30, 2012

The Chinese ROM MIUI has been a huge hit among Android device users, and with good reason. This ROM brings with it a unique user interface, as well as several features that are sure to get other custom ROM users envious. One of the best features that MIUI packs is its file explorer, giving you access to browse your locally stored media and your SD card.

Now, even non-MIUI phone users can enjoy MIUI’s handy file browser. XDA Developers senior member apooonet has managed to port MIUI’s native File Explorer, maintaining not only its look but also the device’s ability to browse locally stored media, SD cards, and even the device’s root [...]

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FlockThere: Organizing meetups and knowing where your friends are in real-time

by: Carl ParkerMarch 30, 2012

Humans are naturally social animals and getting together with friends is just one of the ways of having a good time. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s associated with a large group of people can tell you, coordinating with several individuals can be stressful.

Though meetups may spell good times, it can be such a hassle when questions fly left and right, basically asking the same things people have already asked. But, thanks to FlockThere, Inc., there’s an app that will help  you eliminate meetup problems by giving you your contacts’ real-time locations, so you’ll no longer have to worry where the last member of your team is or how to get there. [...]

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