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Sentry: An Android app for automatic Wi-Fi toggle

by: Ken EastAugust 1, 2012

One of the culprits that rapidly drain an Android phone’s battery is the Wi-Fi, which, once activated, keeps on draining your precious battery power whether it gets a signal or not. The battery power that gets wasted for that function could have simply been used to give you more minutes to listen to your favorite music or make an important call.

You can deal with this problem by adjusting the screen brightness or simply by turning your Wi-Fi off. However, forgetting to turn it back on could possibly spell disaster; you’ll end up missing important emails or urgent notifications. You no longer need to worry since this classic dilemma now has a new practical [...]

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VLC Beta (NEON version): Foretaste of a better VLC Player for Android

by: Paul NuñalAugust 1, 2012

The very first beta of VLC Player for Android has just been released for devices sporting an ARMv7 CPU with NEON Support. The VLC Beta Player is intended for “power users,” allowing them to fully customize the player.

The VLC player is already a cross-platform application and can play almost any multimedia format. The application is not just limited to supporting local video and audio playback but also supports high quality online streams.

VLC Player for Android supports swipe gestures so you can control volume by swiping up and down the screen, multi-track audio, subtitles, changing aspect ratio, filtering audio tracks according to a users preference, album [...]

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Android app review: LogMote Android app for passwordless logins via QR code scanning

by: Ken EastAugust 1, 2012

A password is meant for security, preventing unauthorized people from accessing private and important information. Still, it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, for it also has its own limitations.

For instance, you are not protected from keyloggers that can grab your login data anytime. Furthermore, if you have numerous online service accounts, remembering all those passwords without mixing them up is quite a challenge, except if you have a photographic memory.

This is where LogMote comes in handy, providing a password-free log-in service where you access web services on your desktop through QR code scanning. We have already reviewed Uniclau, another [...]

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Flick Widgets: Using gestures to launch apps

by: Paul NuñalAugust 1, 2012

Using hand movements or gestures is one of the coolest ways to interact with your phone or tablet. As technology continuously evolves, sophisticated circuit boards and powerful sensors are also being added to the latest devices.  Even though you sport a not-so-latest mobile phone, you can still take part in the motion gesture revolution as long as your device has a built-in sensor.

Many applications on the Google Play Store cater to gesture control functions (for example, using motion and gestures to launch apps). Two fine examples are the Brightness Motion app and the InvisiBright app, both of which can help users toggle between different sets of brightness levels on [...]

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Best sound and audio equalizer apps for Android

by: Carl ParkerAugust 1, 2012

Music has always been a great source of entertainment. Whatever your calling in life is, music plays many roles many aspects of your public and private life.

If you want to take full control of how your music sounds, then you’ve arrived at the right page.

In this post, we feature some of the best sound and audio equalizer apps for Android.  These apps can help you improve your listening experience by letting you change the sound level settings of your phone or tablet’s sound output.


Equalizer offers different options to customize the music or audio from your phone. It has its 5-band level equalizer that allows you to adjust [...]

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FCC tells Verizon to pay $1.25 million and unblock tethering apps

by: Derek RossJuly 31, 2012


The FCC reached a settlement with Verizon Wireless that will result in customers being able to download and use tethering apps from the Google Play Store. This act will also allow customers to WiFi tether without incurring the $20 fee for enabling your phones mobile hot spot feature. In addition, Verizon Wireless, the nations largest carrier, will have to pay the U.S Treasury $1.25 million and implement a compliance plan to ensure this does not happen again.

Under the terms of today’s settlement, Verizon Wireless will make a voluntary payment to the Treasury in the amount of $1.25 million, and has committed to notifying the application store operator that [...]

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Final Fantasy 3 comes to OUYA

by: LucianJuly 31, 2012

With three quarters still to go until launch, OUYA is starting to get not only the trust of future customers, but also the trust of many launch partners. Just a few days ago they announced that OnLive games are coming to OUYA, and today they are announcing that Final Fantasy 3 will also be available to OUYA players.

This morning, we are honored to announce that OUYA is partnering with Square Enix to bring you one of the most beloved franchises in gaming — Final Fantasy. We will kick this off with Final Fantasy III, which will be a launch title on OUYA. This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FFIII on their [...]

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Best new Android apps of the month – July issue

by: Carl ParkerJuly 31, 2012

An apple a day keeps the doc away.  But, an Android app a day keeps the blues away.

In the month of July, we saw a surge in new and fresh Android apps that will keep you downloading and installing, and sometimes charging your credit card, and sometimes maxing out your Android’s internal or external storage.  We are as hooked to Android apps as you are; so hooked, in fact, that one of these days we might commission an app developer to create an Android up just to cure us of our Android app addiction.

That very same addiction gave birth to this massive list of hand-picked new and fresh Android apps released in July.  This is a mix of different types of apps, [...]

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Samsung debuts its 3-in-1 Music Hub app for the Galaxy S3 [video review]

by: Bams SadewoJuly 31, 2012

Samsung’s new Music Hub has just gone live in the US with the promise to let music lovers bring their music collection to the cloud, stream and purchase songs, and listen to personal radio. For the time being, the integrated music service is only available for the Galaxy S3 on AT&T and US Cellular, although the service is expected to cross over to Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon soon.

Subscribers of Music Hub will have access to millions of songs from major labels like Sony, EMI, Universal, and Warner, as well as select indie ones. Streaming is free and there are no ads, but you also have the option to purchase and download the songs to your device for offline [...]

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Kavcom revamps popular ’90s RTS Z, releases it on Android as Z Origins

by: AdrianJuly 31, 2012

Back when gamers only had a couple of options to satisfy their passion, and none that involved gaming on the go, The Bitmap Brothers became famous with a little RTS (real-time strategy) computer game called simply Z (pronounced “Zed”).

Times changed, gaming evolved, mobile gaming appeared and gained attention, The Bitmap Brothers disappeared, but Z returned, courtesy of Kavcom, a name that doesn’t say much in the developing world these days. Kavcom revamped Z and came with a special iOS version of the game in July 2011, leaving Android fans pining for some good ol’ fashioned RTS fun.

Fortunately, the new game’s iOS success forced Kavcom to turn their attention [...]

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