Since the arrival of smartphones and tablets in the market, games have become more sophisticated to cater to the improving specs of devices to deliver uncompromised entertainment to users—hence, the rise of HD games. Here’s a list of some of the top HD games for Android users.

TheO by PhysicalApps

Now here’s a chance to play with your smartphone using a real ball, Wii-style, with Physical Apps’ latest development, TheO. Unveiled at the Toy Fair 2012 in New York, TheO is a smartphone accessory that is the size of a soccer-ball which allows users to play smartphone games physically.


Because smartphones are both handy and useful, we tend to toss them into our bags and bring them with us anywhere we go–at our bedside, in our offices, at dinner dates, and back to the... bedside as we retire for the night.

While your Android phone can alert you to incoming notifications, calls, text messages, or important reminders, there are certain circumstances when you̵...


Applications have come a long way, and now, a smartphone or tablet would be nothing without apps. As such, we’ve collected 25 of the best Android apps, both free and paid. From essentials... to games, these apps will keep you glued to your smartphone and maybe even make your day a little better and easier.

We’ve also created a comprehensive three-part video series so you can see...


No matter how careful we are with our personal belongings we are really bound to sometimes lose or misplace things whether big or small, important or not. It really can be a big headache when... something like this happens to anyone.

Most of the time, you may not find your lost items anymore, but Android just got the most helpful solution for you. With the Sniffer app for Android, you&#...


For a while now, Gameloft has always preferred distributing their games on its own app store. But if needed, the company will be willing to launch their games on the Android Market.

This... is exactly what the company did for Android. The standalone Gameloft Live app is now available on the Android Market.

The Gameloft Live app lets its users stay connected with over 7 millio...