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WinZip: Enjoying file archiving and compression on your Android

by: Paul NuñalJuly 12, 2012

Transferring files over the Internet can be a hassle, most especially if you are attaching numerous files one-by-one to your email. One of the best practices in transferring files is by archiving them into one single zip file.

While there are plenty of applications offering this universal solution, there are three applications still standing strong and still remain as the popular choice for many users.  When it comes to archiving bulk files, WinZip, WinRAR, and 7-Zip are the best applications there is. Of these three applications, WinZip has retained the crown and is considered as the longest serving application that many computer aficionados would agree [...]

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BlinxBox for Instagram: Social photo feeds on your homescreen, even without Instagram

by: Paul NuñalJuly 12, 2012

Users of the popular photo editor and file sharing wonder, Instagram, will soon hit another milestone in user satisfaction, thanks to an application known as BlinxBox that compliments Instagram well. In just a matter of hours after its release on the Google Play Store, Instagram reached the five million download mark, making it one of the most popular social and photography applications.

Apple users may be saddened that Instagram was ported to the Android platform but that sense of exclusiveness is no match for the die-hard Android fans eagerly waiting for the application. Since its release, Android users have yearned to have an Instagram widget. Their prayers have [...]

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Best Android apps for getting flat, chiseled, six-pack abs

by: Paul NuñalJuly 12, 2012

Achieving a perfectly carved body with rock-solid abs and a flat tummy is not that hard to accomplish once you know how to do it. Thanks to Android applications, getting that beefed up body will never be a problem as there are many Android applications geared towards physical fitness and health.

One of the main challenges that many users have cope with is the usually expensive cost of hiring a professional workout trainer. If you are one of those users who can’t afford to hire a professional trainer or you’re someone who has a hectic schedule and can’t go the gym, there is always another way around that. Simply use your Android smartphone to get the job [...]

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Best Android tablet keyboards compared: Adaptxt vs FloatNSplit vs Swiftkey 3 vs Thumb keyboard [video]

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 12, 2012

There are a lot of great advantages about using a smartphone and tablet for all your daily needs. Unfortunately, writing/typing isn’t one of them. Yes, a quick SMS, a reminder note, even a reply to an urgent email are easy enough and convenient, especially when you’re on the move. But, would I be writing an article like this on my tablet? Probably not.

That being said, the tablet is slowly becoming the medium that many consumers use to create notes, presentations, and articles. There’s a long way to go before this becomes the norm, but it’s definitely a growing trend. Features such as auto-completion, word prediction, and auto-correct are going [...]

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Amazing Alex available in Google Play from Angry Birds creator

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2012

Rovio, the company that launched one of the most successful mobile franchises ever has just released its first non-Angry Birds game. Amazing Alex is the name of this new game, which is now available from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iOS devices.

Just like Angry Birds, Amazing Alex is a physics puzzle game. But this time around you don’t have to destroy any egg-stealing pigs, or any kind of opponents. Instead you have to help Alex, a “whiz kid” with a “boundless imagination,” create various adventures out of his toys.

The game offers you 100 challenging levels “across fun-filled” locations, and it will let [...]

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SmartSync Disabler: Preventing your HTC One X’s Wi-Fi and 3G connection from going to bed overnight

by: Paul NuñalJuly 12, 2012

The HTC One X is arguably one of the best Android phones in town, rivaling the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of performance and features.  Although the Galaxy S3 is racking up some applause from the community, the One X is still a remarkable device that shouldn’t be left in the dust. If you’re an owner of HTC’s flagship quad-core phone, then you might have noticed a tiny problem: it shuts down its data connections during the night.

Many HTC users from various parts of the world have reported that their new HTC handsets were affected by the said dilemma. Users who have HTC phones running Sense 4.0 are the ones commonly affected by the bug as their Wi-Fi and data [...]

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Best note widgets for Android tablets

by: Paul NuñalJuly 12, 2012

Keeping track with your notes is not that difficult once you have the right applications to help you. Whether you are a student about to embark on another semester this coming fall or a business person who has lots of digital paperwork to sort out through the week, you can always choose a number of tools to help you out with your list of stuff.

Note and memo widgets can help you out with your notes, most especially if you are using a tablet. They will appear on your homescreen, so you will be able to easily see and access them.

Here are the best note widget applications to try on your Android tablet.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

If you have a habit of [...]

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Nike+ Running: Android app for nearly everything a runner needs

by: Paul NuñalJuly 11, 2012

The official Nike+ Running application has finally made its way to the Google Play Store. Just like its iOS counterpart, the application retains its core features and has been touted as one of the best application companions for jogging and doing exercise.

With the Nike+ Running app, you can monitor statistics such as distance and speed while you run. You can also see your real-time progress through the use of GPS maps, change song selections, as well as getting your results via audio feedback once you pass a certain landmark or distance.

To get started, the app requires you to log into the service through your Nike+ account, which you integrate with your [...]

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Best movie game apps for Android

by: Dan EvansJuly 11, 2012

Some people are just really enthusiastic about showing their burning passion for a certain cartoon, anime, TV series, or movie. Certain people fill their room with official merchandise while others launch their careers as writers or artists by writing or drawing their favorite characters in every single one of their pieces. There’s no limit to how you can express your love. If you’re a huge fan of something but you don’t quite have the drive to purchase every bit of official and unofficial merchandise you can get your hands on and you don’t have the talent to contribute fan-made things, don’t despair. There’s another way you can show your [...]

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The Amazing Spider-Man game: Catching thieves just like flies, all on your Android device

by: Ken EastJuly 11, 2012

Fired up by the hype and media attention that the latest Spider-Man movie has  gained in Hollywood, Gameloft came up with its official Amazing Spider-Man game. This app lets you experience some intense and exciting web-slinging action which follows the storyline of the movie.

I’m sure that most of us have dreamed of an alter-ego, leaving our normal lives to be just like the heroes we looked up to when we were kids. They’re not real but this virtual game gives us a chance to put ourselves in a hero suit and save the day. The fusion of great graphics and new game options really makes it a game worth checking out.

When you play the Amazing Spider-Man [...]

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