Slicing fruit, throwing birds and doodling around aren’t the type of games that interest you. What you need is a thinking man’s game, one that pits you against worthy foes that will decimate... you with one wrong move.

If you think that good strategy games are limited to bulky computers, think again. Here are a few strategy games that should help you flex your brain cells.

NOTE: No...


Samsung earned brownie points last month when it unabashedly showed support for the Android developer community by sending free Samsung Galaxy S II handsets to the CyanogenMod team with one clear instruction:... “Make your CyanogenMod work on the Galaxy S II.” And, now, that investment from Samsung appears to have paid off: CyanogenMod nightly builds will soon be available to the Samsung Galaxy S II.


Free text messaging and phone calls has now reached millions of additional users as Viber officially launches today its app version for Android.

Viber was originally released for iPhone seven... months ago, garnering an impressive 20 million registered users, 12 million of which are active users using the free VoIP feature for 11 million minutes every day, averaging 6 minutes per call. The be...


Were you ever curious about how much neural activity happens in your brain? Some time in the near future, you wouldn’t have to go to a hospital and do some tests to get the answer. KDDI, one of Japan’s... premier telecommunications companies, has its R&D lab developing a portable biofeedback system that measures brain waves. It only has two hardware components: a special headset and an Android smartphone...


You’ve got your wallet fattened by a few extra dollars, and you wonder whether you should plunk it down on a shiny new Motorola DROID 3, which is about to reach store shelves. Is it worth your hard-earned cheese? Read on to find out.
Before going to the nitty-gritty, let me put this evaluation in perspective.


What’s a bear to do? Well, Winnie the Pooh, one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time, just went Android.

To cater to the increasing number of families wired through their... mobile devices, Disney Publishing Worldwide recently released its first-ever app for the Android platform– Winnie the Pooh: What’s a Bear to Do? The app appeals to children ages 3-7 with it...


The Android Market is the de-facto official apps market for Android smartphones and tablets, yet it is far from being an ideal place for finding apps, especially great ones. Unquestionably, the Android... Market holds thousands of great apps–some are free, while others for a small price.

Better Discoverability for Android Games

The good apps, however, tend to get lost amidst a thick crowd of a...


Twitter recently released an updated version of its app for Android this July. The newest addition to its features are push notifications and multiple accounts support.

The inclusion of push... notifications in this update might be an improvement or a mere redundancy for Android users. It can be a good sign as it levels the field for both Android and iPhone, with the latter already enjoying...


Our brain is the biggest muscle in our body. Like any muscle, it gets better with use. Of course, you can do it the normal way and study, but there’s more than one way to train the brain.

SPB... Brain Evolution is a popular little app that has been available on Windows Mobile, iPhone, Maemo, Symbian, and Windows 7 for a while now, and it has finally arrived on the Android OS. “Brain training&...


The software development kit (SDK) components for the Android 3.2 Honeycomb platform was officially released last Friday with new features for both users and developers. The platform can be downloaded... from http://developer.android.com and includes an Android library, an Android system image, a set of emulator skins, and more. The download does not include external libraries.

The Android develo...