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EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for Android now available in Google Play, get it for $4.99!

by: AdrianJune 5, 2012

Can you imagine anything better than being on the golf course with your friends on a Sunday afternoon and hitting that hole in one while they are stuck two holes behind you, trying to get the ball over the lake? Sure you can, doing all that without paying an entrance fee or worrying about bad weather.

All you need is your Android device and the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 game, the latest installment of the series developed and published by Electronic Arts. PGA Tour 12 is available on Google Play, and, while it doesn’t come free, it isn’t that expensive either.

For $4.99, you can measure up your golfing skills against the “Tiger” himself, but also against other [...]

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Best Android apps for public speakers

by: Carl ParkerJune 5, 2012

Let’s be honest: Public speaking can be a horrifying experience. It makes and breaks people, especially when you’re expected to speak in front of not just your friends but also strangers.

You might be working already, and you’re asked to talk about your ideas in front of people from the lowest ranks to the topmost. Stage fright is absolutely normal and the very prospect of having to present your own words to a crowd can make most people uncomfortable.

Where do you begin formulating your speech? Are you using the right words? How do you look like when you’re talking on stage? How do you dress?

We’ve come to your rescue, and [...]

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Giving your Android device a dose of Windows 8’s Metro UI via Windows 8 GO Launcher Theme

by: Paul NuñalJune 4, 2012

One of the best things that makes the Android OS the prime choice of many users is its flexibility in adapting to the latest trends in technology.  The ability to run custom homescreen launchers is a plus factor because it can transform any Android device into something different that rival OSes can’t catch up with.

You have probably heard of the popular GO Launcher EX and Launcher Pro homescreen launchers that offer blazingly fast performance in navigating in and out of your homescreen. This time around app developer Seize Ent has upped the ante of the popular homescreen launcher by adding a little twist in bringing the elusive Metro UI launcher to Android [...]

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New SwiftKey special feature allows you to text like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

by: AdrianJune 4, 2012

Have you ever dreamed of being the queen or king of an imaginary realm while growing up? Sure you have, especially those of you growing up in Great Britain, where monarchy is a political system upon which the region was founded.

Well, starting today, you might get an inch closer to seeing your dream become reality, as you can start texting on your mobile device like Her Majesty the Queen of the Commonwealth. The very popular Swiftkey Android app just got a nifty little update, adding to the languages supported the “English, Queen’s version”.

The new feature has been added to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, which has taken place over the past weekend [...]

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Demolition, Inc Android game comes available for non-Tegra devices

by: Arnold ZafraJune 4, 2012

Previously released as a game only for Tegra devices, the entertaining destroy-the-world game dubbed Demolition, Inc is now also available for non-Tegra Android phones and tablets. Simply put, this game is almost the same as the one made for Tegra devices and is said to be almost as good in terms of performance, gameplay, except perhaps for the graphics which might be a bit inferior to the graphics in the Tegra version.

For those who have not played this game before, this is an entirely physics-based game with all the goodies that you’ll expect in a sci-fi action game – meaning you’ll get to use cool weponas and tools. [...]

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Android in-app purchases – what you need to know

by: Chris SmithJune 4, 2012

For a while now, digital stores that offer mobile applications for various platforms have introduced a new way for developers to make money and customers to enjoy extra content – in-app purchases. But in-app purchases aren’t always hassle-free and if you don’t pay extra attention to what you’re doing, you will probably not enjoy the extra purchased content.

Google Play offers Android developers and users, the in-app purchases feature, and we’re about to make your app content purchasing a lot easier. In order to understand the differences between various in-app purchasing models, Extreme Tech divides them into two main categories: managed and [...]

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iPhone Notifications: Banner and bubble notifications like those on the iPhone’s iOS 5

by: Paul NuñalJune 4, 2012

Admit it–at one point or another, you’ve wanted to sport an iOS feel on your Android device, most especially some features of iOS that are currently not available on the Android platform. Apple and Google had already been in a fierce competition before. They even went to court, with Apple protesting that Google copied some elements of iOS user interface. Google, on the other hand, also filed a copyright infringement stating that Apple did the same.

Nevertheless, iOS and Android are both wonderful platforms and you could never compare apples and oranges, but at the same time, they share common characteristics. You can never have the best of both worlds, but this [...]

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Special Google Maps event to introduce 3D support, Google+ integration and other new features

by: Chris SmithJune 4, 2012

Google is getting ready to host a new special event with only a few weeks to go until its annual Google I/O developers conference kicks off. The Search giant has issued press invites for a media event scheduled for June 6 during which the company will unveil the future of Google Maps, or, in its own words, “the next dimension” of its mapping tool.

The iOS 6 Threat

Obviously, the next dimension of Google Maps refers to 3D support, something Google has been reportedly working on for a while now. But why the hurry to unveil the new product update a few weeks ahead of I/O? In case you didn’t know, Apple is going to hold its own annual developers [...]

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Instapaper comes a bit late to the read-it-later apps party for Android

by: Arnold ZafraJune 4, 2012

Instapaper, one of the major players in the read-it-later apps space, just made an appearance on Google Play. Coming a little late to the party, it’s quite interesting that Marco Arment, the app’s developer, decided to make the app available for a fee. The decision is surprising, since you can grab similar apps, like Pocket (previously Read It Later) for free,  which makes Instapaper come off as a bit pricey.

But maybe that’s just me. Some of you might find it perfectly reasonable to spend $2.99 for Instapaper, and I won’t prevent you from spending your own money.

That said, [...]

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Dead Trigger, first-person zombie shooting at its finest, is coming out in June

by: Bams SadewoJune 2, 2012

Want to survive the looming Zombie apocalypse? Future professional zombie hunters can now practice the skills of eradicating the undead on their Android devices, with the upcoming first-person shooter game, the Dead Trigger. Developed by the same team that brought you the blockbuster action game Shadowgun THD, we can expect the same high level visual quality and immersive gameplay.

Dead Trigger puts gamers in a world where a strange infection has brought civilization to a halt, with billions of people dead and many turned into zombies. As one of the few remaining survivors, shooting and blasting those bad boys is the only way to stop becoming an entrée for the hordes [...]

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