Just in time for Chinese New Year, the highly popular game called Angry Birds Seasons have just launched their Year of the Dragon game. For anyone who has been following up with the game, Angry... Birds Seasons updates itself whenever a new Holiday is close. This explains the Year of the Dragon game.

This time, Rovio Entertainment (the developers of the game) has turned to a lively red them...


For people who are having a difficult time making the switch from iOS to Android solely because of the unavailability of some apps, good news has just been announced! Thanks to the Appitalism... App Concierge, users no longer need to go through the Android Market to download the apps they have purchased on Apple.

‘By extending our proprietary App Concierge technology, more than 250,00...


Good news to all developers who have been blocked from the Android Market! A new app is in talks of being developed especially for those who are in the black market. Highly respected developer... Koushik ‘Koush’ Dutta of CyanogenMod and ClockworkMod Recovery recently released information of future plans to produce a specially-built app store exclusive to CyanogenMod. This app store is propos...


House hunting has never been so easier! Thanks to MyApartmentMap, a new Android apartment search app that lets people browse listings, view maps, and even search for and filter apartment rentals... they are interested in—even without the presence of a computer!

The MyApartmentMap is the same as the website version, just more portable for anyone on the go. Through the app, users can search f...


The Android app offers a more personalized experience as you can have your NBC feeds and TV programs tailor made for you so long as you are a subscribed user. If you haven’t tried subscribing, you may do so within the app.


Time to get those popcorn ready for some movie marathon as Hulu may now be installed on your Android device. Yes you read it right, tons of TV shows and movies are now right at your fingertips through Hulu, which has been made to run on an Android device thanks to a developer who goes by the name blunttedsmurf.


Now that Facebook is slowly converting profiles into the new Timeline version, a new Android app has made things easier for those who want to change their cover photos. The app, called Facebook... Timeline Covers by D33P, is the first 2D-to-3D Facebook photo app. This means that through the app, Facebook Timeline cover photos can be created using the user’s own photos or even the cover arts prod...


If you still can’t get enough of Call of Duty, Activision has another app for Android for you called Call of Duty ELITE. It isn’t a game but rather an app that allows you to see your game-related pertinent data and how you’re doing on your Modern Warfare 3 campaign.


All day, we’ve been hearing nothing but updates on the SOPA. Quite frankly, I understand the cause and intention of the act. However, it is no longer a good idea—especially the number of... people who are already using the internet not just for entertainment but for work and communication with their friends and family members. I do not support SOPA.

Just like me, there are several...


Shake, Raffle and Roll has a neat and instinctive interface, but although the app instructs you to shake your device to reveal the answer, a simple tap will actually do (which sort of defeats the entire concept, but we digress). It’s also great that the app has the option to turn off its background music, since it still needs a bit of work.