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Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300: Installing the stock ICS Keyboard

by: Carl ParkerJuly 18, 2012

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 came out of production, it came with Samsung’s custom keyboard, leaving phone users unable to enjoy the advantages (or disadvantages) of the stock ICS keyboard.

The stock ICS keyboard has been considered one of the best keyboard apps for Android, giving users the joy of typing by providing an almost perfect space between letters, better word prediction and typing correction, and more.

But, worry not. Developers have found ways to install and enable the stock ICS keyboard on the Galaxy S3.

Here are the steps you need to do to install the stock Android 4.0 keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S3 [...]

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IM+ 6.3 version brings improved battery life and support for more IM services

by: Bams SadewoJuly 18, 2012

Like to avoid awkward real-life situations by pretending you’re busy and playing with your smartphone instead? Then it’s likely you’re quite familiar with IM+ for Android already. The ever popular instant messaging app has been updated by its developer, with one major revision being a significant improvement of battery usage.

Other features include a new message queue, which will queue all your messages if the network is down and automatically send them once it’s back up. Then there’s the option to set a master password for all of your accounts, grouping of accounts by contact list, preview for images and videos right in chat window, and more.

Version  6.3 of [...]

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Pocket for Android now supports Jelly Bean devices, more reason to love your Nexus 7

by: Bams SadewoJuly 18, 2012

While end-users are clamoring over Jelly Bean, developers are busy making their apps compatible with Android’s latest software iteration. The payoff should be worthwhile, given how in-demand the Nexus 7 tablet is; and to a certain extent the Galaxy Nexus is also seeing a surge of interest amongst customers. These are two devices that officially run Jelly Bean. One app that has just received Jelly Bean’s seal of compatibility is Pocket for Android – previously known as Read It Later.

Pocket 4.1.2 can now be downloaded on Google Play Store. Along with Android 4.1 support, it also comes with a slew of bug fixes. The developer of the app has provided the following change [...]

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Evernote for Android 4.1 comes with improved tablet interface and specific Nexus 7 support

by: AdrianJuly 18, 2012

The Evernote note-taking app for Android has been extremely popular for more than just a while, but the updates and tweaks haven’t come as frequently as they have on iOS. However, the trend seems to be changing and we’re excited to announce the second major Evernote update in just two months.

After pushing the app to version 4.0 back in May, developers have now released Evernote 4.1. That means we’re still a bit behind iOS users, who’ve been enjoying version 4.2.2 for a while, but the gap is closing in fast.

While it does come with a slightly more modest changelog than the update to 4.0 from May, the most recent Evernote tweak is a significant one and will make [...]

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Best Android apps for buying or selling on Craigslist and eBay

by: Dan EvansJuly 18, 2012

Unless you’re strict on spring cleaning, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around that you really don’t need. If you’ve finally gathered the strength to part with them, there are a number of options available to you to get rid of them. You can give them to friends and family who need the items more than you do, for example. You can also donate items to the less fortunate. Of course, there’s the option of simply shucking your useless stuff into the trashcan. While all those are fast and effective ways of uncluttering your space, they don’t give you back the money you spent on those things.

“One’s trash is [...]

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Best ninja games for Android

by: Dan EvansJuly 18, 2012

People have always held a fascination for dangers lurking in the shadows. Whether they are ghosts or curses or assassins, people are drawn to them like moths to a flame. Perhaps it’s the promise of a swift and efficient kill or the life of silence and danger. Regardless, the ninja has been an object of fascination for centuries.

These covert agents and master assassins have been the focus of many forms of media, from books, to anime, and to games. At some point in our lives, probably all of us have dreamed of becoming ninjas. Though becoming one may be a huge challenge for the everyday John or Jane, games let us assume the roles of these hidden [...]

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Lara Croft: Guardian of Light available on Google Play, Xperia-exclusive for now

by: Bams SadewoJuly 17, 2012

There’s more to the ’90s than mIRC and the hours spent there that we won’t ever get back, but it’s also the decade where we witnessed the birth of console gaming’s most memorable and curvaceous heroine. Lara Croft is her name, and kicking some serious behind is her game. The tomb raider extraordinaire has spawned many game sequels reaching various consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Making its way to Android platform for the first time is Lara Croft: Guardian of Light.

Lara Croft’s South American adventure on Android can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. For $1.30, you’ll get console-quality HD graphics ported straight from XBLA and PSN, [...]

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QUICK for eBay & Craigslist: Convenience and greater exposure for buyers and sellers

by: Carl ParkerJuly 17, 2012

Believe it or not, being in the buy-and-sell business requires a lot of patience. Patience in putting up your item’s description, photos, price and maybe applying some tactics to attract buyers. You also need patience in waiting for somebody’s offer to buy your item, patience in dealing with your buyer’s questions, and patience on the day of the actual meet. Whether you are a seasoned seller or an experienced buyer, patience is key to a successful transaction. And, adding to your already patient self is an inventive way to buy and sell stuff easily and conveniently.

Imagine buying and selling done in the quickest and most convenient way that [...]

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Jelly Bean security significantly improved to discourage malware attacks

by: Chris SmithJuly 17, 2012

It’s no secret to Android fans that the security of their favorite mobile platform has been often questioned after various malware programs managed to bypass security measures and affect Android devices – quite a few malware-containing apps even made it to the Google Play store. In addition to that, the Android devices themselves were prone to being attacked by smart hackers that knew what to look for in order to trigger malicious actions on the device.

But that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t paid special attention to these exploits. In fact, it looks like Jelly Bean’s security has been significantly improved to prevent future malware [...]

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises coming to Android on July 20

by: Chris SmithJuly 17, 2012

Fans probably know that the last episode of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman series is going to hit cinemas in the following days. But it’s worth remembering that The Dark Knight Rises is also coming to Android and iOS devices as a companion game.

Gameloft, with Warner Borthers and DC Comics supervision, has been working on the new Batman title – we have already seen a first teaser trailer – and now we have more details about this title for you. Apparently The Dark Knight Rises game will hit Google Play and the App Store simultaneously on July 20, a day after the movie is released.

We have a brand new trailer to show you for this [...]

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