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Wondershare Player: Multi-format multimedia player, video discovery, and media streaming app for Android

by: Ken EastMay 24, 2012

If you are looking for a video player for your Android device, the Google Play Store certainly doesn’t have a dearth of them, but only a few of them really are superb and comprehensive. Here’s a video player app that we highly suggest you to try out if you are looking for a comprehensive, feature-packed video player that’s also forgiving on the wallet. It’s called Wondershare Player and it will surely work wonders for you.

Wondershare Player is one of the most comprehensive video players for Android, beating most video player apps with its functional features, not to mention the clean and nice-looking user interface that it sports.

The [...]

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Gameloft releases Men In Black game for free

by: Arnold ZafraMay 24, 2012

They are the universe’s best-kept secret; the Earth’s best, last and only line of defense. They are the Men in Black and they are back. Men in Black is about to become a trilogy officially this weekend. If I heard it right, the movie’s story-line has some time-travelling elements. It’s pretty interesting and we’d love to give you more information about the movie but that’s not what we’re reporting here. Instead, we’d like to tell you about the movie tie-in game which Gameloft released ahead of the movie’s screening weekend.

Simply dubbed Men In Black 3 without any sub-title, this new Android game [...]

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Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Gallery app for non-ICS Android devices

by: Brigitte NovabosMay 24, 2012

The release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was met with a lot of rave reviews, as a slew of new, exciting features were made available to the Android public. In the days following the release, an Ice Cream Sandwich statue was unveiled, fans rushed to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and phone manufacturers stumbled to dish out the latest Android mobile OS to previously released handsets.

But, the whole buzz has left several few out in the cold–those who, for one reason or another, will just have to miss out on the latest software update.   I’m talking about Android users who own mobile devices released a few years back. Although your phone [...]

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Best social media apps for Android

by: Carl ParkerMay 24, 2012

The Internet has become part of the lives of the younger generations. What used to be a way for us to collect information and to easily access it has evolved in such a way that we can hardly live with being disconnected from other people.

With how much information we can access at every second of every day of our lives, it’s hard to untangle ourselves from social media. Social media spans several types, from collaborative projects like Wikipedia to blogs and micro-blogs and content communities that allow you to upload videos. You can also keep updated on what your friends are up to via social networking sites and you can make even more friends through virtual [...]

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Share content wirelessly between two Android devices with Android Transporter!

by: AdrianMay 23, 2012

A few months back, we started hearing about WiFi Display technology and how it could be featured by smartphones, tablets and TVs by the end of 2012. Unfortunately, while it sounded like a fantastic idea in theory, we haven’t heard anything since then about any developments in the field; it has recently felt as if the technology was never going to become reality.

However, when the industry’s major players fail to make headway in a new technology area, we often see small, unknown companies shock us with their ideas and development. This is exactly the case in this example, where we failed to hear anything official from Samsung or LG, but we [...]

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Sidecar app reimagines phone calls, available free on Google Play

by: AdrianMay 23, 2012

Aside from making and receiving voice calls, smartphones allow you to do a number of things that seemed impossible not long ago. You can snap high-quality photos, listen to music, browse the web, record videos, so on and so forth.

However, if you try to do any of the things mentioned above while talking to someone on the phone, you might find yourself in a bit of a situation. Aside from the fact that you’ll lose focus from the actual conversation on the phone figuring out how you can send a photo or a contact, you’ll also be inefficient getting from the call to the phone’s menu.

The new Sidecar app might change all that, as it intends to [...]

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Take pictures at the speed of light with Fast Burst Camera

by: Matthew SabatiniMay 23, 2012

Burst or Continuous Shooting mode is the digital camera’s ability to take several shots immediately one after another. Generally, this feature is only found on higher end cameras, such as a DSLR. However, with the help of Fast Burst Camera by Spritefish, burst shooting is available on Android 2.2+ devices.

Taking up to 30 photos per second (or 5-10 on lower end devices) this app will give you the frame rate of the iPhone 4S’s superior 1080p video capture. Similar to that of the Galaxy Nexus, Fast Burst Camera also gives you zero shutter lag! That means that as soon as you press the camera button, your picture(s) will be captured [...]

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Clickfree Backup for backing up phone data to SD card or cloud storage

by: Ken EastMay 23, 2012

Have you been looking high and low for a data backup solution? The trusted and award-winning Clickfree Backup is now available on Android, giving users an automatic data backup service. This app is the all-in-one solution to your back up needs, whether for online or local data backup. It’s also able to preview almost every file type that you may wish to backup. Aside from serving your backup needs, it also has other extra features. Read on to learn more about Clickfree Backup.

Clickfree Backup is a known and a trusted name if you’re talking about easy and effective data back up/restore solutions for Windows and Mac devices.  Though there are quite a number [...]

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Spotify goes to Australia and New Zealand, get it on your Android free!

by: AdrianMay 23, 2012

Spotify, the very popular Swedish music streaming service founded in 2006, has been spreading like crazy during the past couple of years, reaching, among others, the US in July 2011 and Germany just last week.

Australia and New Zealand have just been officially added to the Spotify support list and all three versions of the service (free, unlimited and premium) are already available in the two new countries. The service is also up for grabs for any computer or mobile user these days, with support for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian.

The basic ad-supported service is free of charge, but will not bring you all the [...]

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Best Android apps for teachers, tutors, and educators

by: Alvin YbañezMay 23, 2012

Our teachers are some of our modern-day heroes, for without them we would not be the successful people that we are today. Every letter that we write, every word that we speak, every value that we learned, every bit of knowledge that we gained–we owe them to our teachers.

And for that, our teachers deserve our thanks. To honor and give thanks to our teachers, we have compiled a list of apps that can be used by teachers. Through advancing technology, using these apps can certainly increase the quality of education in the classroom and lighten the load of teachers.

iGradr Teacher Pocket Grader

One of the primary tasks of teachers is helping children [...]

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