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Stumblr, an amazing & addicting Tumblr image viewer app – a review

by Danic FilipMarch 25, 2012

We all have our own unique interests and explore them via different sources. Think about it for a second – how do you find the things you want? For more and more people, services like Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are how they connect themselves with the kind of information and media they are looking for. If you’re the type that loves ‘motivational’ typographies, beautiful nature photographs, stunning illustration and design, and pretty much anything niche oriented, then – without a doubt – you have become a fan of Tumblr. What if you could view amazing pictures in these categories with just a few clicks and without much effort at [...]

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Scramble With Friends by Zynga hits Play Store

by Matthew SabatiniMarch 24, 2012

Zynga’s Words With Friends took both the Android Market and the App Store by storm just last year. And now, the gaming giant has brought Scramble With Friends to the Google Play store.

The gameplay of Scramble With Friends is very similar to that of Boggle. Simply slide your finger over adjacent letters to form words in all directions. In addition, in the later rounds, Zynga has thrown in word and letter bonuses (Triple Letter, Double Word, etc.).

Upon starting a game with one of your Facebook friends, a random person, or anyone else with a user name, you can start the first round. There are 3 rounds to every game and each round is 2 minutes long. Zynga [...]

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The Best Android Browsers of 2012

by SamMarch 23, 2012

Update – We have a new list of the best Android browsers, check it out!

There are so many Android browsers out there today, and each one claims to be better than the last. Some offer great experiences, whilst others boast that they are simple and just get the job done. I’ve been through many browsers in the last two years, and found a great set of them to showcase to you.

So without ado, these are the best Android browsers of 2012!

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Angry Birds launches into orbit, rockets to the top of the charts in 28 countries

by Ankit BanerjeeMarch 23, 2012

Angry Birds developer Rovio certainly went all out with their marketing for their hit game’s newest edition, Angry Birds Space.

How out?

Its announcement was beamed to Earth from the International Space Station. On launch day, Seattle’s Space Needle tower was turned into a giant slingshot. This edition is also being promoted through partnerships with NASA, National Geographic, Samsung, Walmart and Nickelodeon, to name only the largest partners.

That out.

With the entire Angry Birds series accruing over 700 million downloads, the pressure on Rovio to go above and beyond, was, well, of astronomical proportions.

But the super-massive [...]

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SMS Popup App: Reading SMS Without Leaving Currently Open Apps

by Carl ParkerMarch 23, 2012

Don’t you just hate being in the middle of something and getting interrupted? You can be in the zone, playing your favorite game or watching a movie, when suddenly you get the notification that you’ve got a new message.

And, if it’s a message you’ve been waiting for, you’ll need to leave whatever app you’ve currently got open, to read the message and reply to it through your inbox. From there, it’s back to the app you had been on until the next message arrives. Rinse, repeat.

Thankfully, there’s SMS Popup, making the problem of interruption non-existent. SMS Popup allows you to quickly read and reply to SMS [...]

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Gmail app trouble hitting users. Are you affected?

by Bams SadewoMarch 22, 2012

Following this rant on how Google’s home-cooked apps, particularly the Gmail app, don’t seem to be on the best of terms with their new Ice Cream Sandwich buddy, the timing has never been better (sorry, Google) to report this little hiccup. Our reader Jeff has tipped us off that many Gmail users have been experiencing difficulties accessing the Gmail app on their phones and tablets since yesterday. And we’re not just talking about ICS.

One common problem that users are experiencing is how the screen of the app just freezes and stops responding after being launched. Some people also report continuous screen flickering between the app and the homescreen. [...]

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Defense Zone HD for Android – tower defense game review

by Danic FilipMarch 22, 2012

If you enjoy playing tower defense games like Defense of the Ancients, you’ll find great joy in Defense Zone HD, a newly launched Android game that provides many hours of action-packed gameplay. Like any tower defense game, Defense Zone puts you into the role of a master strategist that must decide what defenses to build and where to concentrate firepower. DZHD is powered by the popular Unity 3D game engine, so you can expect some good graphics and visual effects. You can buy it on the Google Play store or download the Lite version from the same source.

Defense Zone HD Plot

DZHD is built on the classic tower defense formula — you hold your ground against [...]

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Maxthon Android web browser: a solid and worthy alternative browser

by Carl ParkerMarch 22, 2012

Whoever said that fast and efficient web browsing had to be limited to your computer? Though smartphones these days have been continuously getting smarter, a lot of people believe that the ultimate web browsing experience just cannot be found on mobile phones.

Maxthon Android Web Browser is here to debunk that theory. This browser claims itself to be the world’s “fastest and smartest Android browser” and looking at what features it packs, we’re pretty much convinced.

Maxthon Android Web Browser certainly packs functions that every web surfer absolutely must have. Tabbed browsing and lightning fast web surfing are just the tip of the [...]

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Quick review: Angry Birds Space, the best in the series

by SamMarch 22, 2012

The Angry Birds are back, and so are their enemies, the green pigs! The birds have taken flight into outer space, but that still isn’t enough to avoid the pigs, who use spaceships to steal the Angry Bird’s eggs. You know the drill by now. It’s time to deal some payback, but with astrophysics!

I’ve been playing Angry Birds Space for about an hour now, and I am thoroughly impressed. In fact I think this is the best version of Angry Birds that Rovio has ever released.

What’s New?

As you’ll soon see if you give ABS a try, the physics of the game have been entirely done over. There are two types of “space”, best [...]

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Angry Birds Space is out on Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore!

by Bams SadewoMarch 22, 2012

Are you ready for some bird-slinging action? In space? Today, Rovio has finally unleashed its long-awaited Angry Birds Space, which today became available for download on Android and iOS devices (an even on Windows PCs and Macs, if you’re into that stuff). The game boasts over 60 interstellar levels for you to try your aiming skills, and you can be sure that the new cosmic backdrop will pose some fun challenges.

Among other twists, the sequel to the original Angry Birds mega-hit requires you to take into account the lack of gravity, as you navigate the restraint-challenged birds to planets, stars, black holes, and what not. Angry Birds Space also features brand [...]

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