Fox News has announced the availability of its app for Android smartphones.  The free application can be downloaded now from the Android Market and features alerts for breaking news globally and locally, as well as access to Fox News talk radio programs, videos, and photos.


Today Opera has taken its Opera Mini web browser for Android smartphones out of beta.  Opera Mini 5.1 is expected to offer a richer and better performing web browsing experience while on the go and now allows users to set Opera Mini as the default browser for surfing the net and also has bolstered page layout on Android devices with with large screens. Opera Mini is available now via the Android Market or for free.

Microsoft’s market share of the search traffic is around 12%. “”None of us are confused: We’re a very low-share player … We’ve barely got into double digits and it’s a long road.” To help make the trip easier for Bill and friends, Microsoft are set to release their very own and also their very first full-featured Bing search client for Android. The time-frame is around six weeks. This Android application was put in context to the iPhone to avoid any favouritism, whereby this application will match the search capabilities of what iOS users can find from Microsoft. This new version… have written an interesting piece outlining the evolving economics that underpin the new ‘Application Market’ phenomena seen with Google’s Android Market. Their findings reveal that the time it takes for a developer to bring their application software to market and actually start selling has dropped by two-thirds! The popularity of the application stores that have received so much hype of late is in large part thanks to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Of course, developers for other platforms such as Symbian and Windows Mobile  have used application stores for some time now, but in truth the statistics reveal that…

For those of you looking for a non-Google source of applications for your Android powered smartphone, General Mobile recently started showing off its StoreOid app store. While it is to come pre-installed on General Mobile’s own Android powered devices, the store will function on just about any Android 1.6 or later smartphone once it is released to the general public. I tested it out on a few Android 2.1 devices, such as the LG Ally and DROID Incredible, and it worked fine. To give you an idea what it looks like, however, I thought it fitting to shoot photos of…

Today Google released App Inventor, an application for Mac and PC users that allows non-programmers to build working Android applications by linking together pre-defined programming modules.  The modules provide access to the phone’s sensors, its text to speech system,and even online content. The software uses the Open Blocks Java library that is distributed by MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education Program. Access to the App Inventor will be given in the coming weeks, but you’ll need to sign up for it ahead of time with a Google email address at the App Inventor website.

Similar things have already been tried with the iPhone, and all-but failed. Now, Google is attempting to log available parking spaces with Open Spot. This applications requires significant user adoption for it to become a real hit, but if it does, it could prove awesome. The general principle is as follows. Should you find a parking space in NYC (for example) and leave, you can tag the spot as available on Open Spot. This means that other Android users who are also using the software can tell it has become available and give it ago themselves. Then, once they are…

Borders Bookstore has launched an app that lets users read its online books on Android smartphones.  The client can be downloaded from the Android Market and works on Android OS 2.0 or later.  If anyone downloads it, let us know how it looks.

Amazon has made available its Kindle e-book reader for Android users.  The newly launched app can be downloaded for free on Android devices running Android OS 1.6 or newer and lets users access over 620,000 digital books.  Its features include book syncing, bookmarks, and annotations.  The Kindle app is available now.

Here’s a quick demonstration I shot of Motorola’s H17txt Bluetooth headset and the MotoSpeak app for Android that you can use with it.  MotoSpeak will read out your text messages through the headset as they arrive, and if you upgrade to the full version you’ll get access to email and different voices. You’ll find MotoSpeak freely available in the Android Market.