Updated Google+ app has new home screen widget and more functions for page owners

by 1 year ago

Google is continuing to enhance its Google+ social networking service for mobile users by releasing a new version of the native Android app. The updated version allows page owners to view, post and comment from their Android device. Great. But there is a little problem. Unlike the web based version, where you can seamlessly switch from your account to a page and back again, with the Android version you need to sign out and then sign back in again. At the sign in stage you get to choose which account you want to use. Not so cool! So 10 out of 10 Google for new features, but zero out of 10 for implementation.

Other new bits in this release include a resigned Home screen widget and the ability to discover people and topics more easily with the ‘Find people’ option. Tapping on “Find people” presents you with a list of people you may know plus a selection of featured or “interesting” people group into different topics like Technology, Politics etc.

Microsoft Office for Android coming in March 2013?

Microsoft Office for Android
by 1 year ago

Regardless of your personal opinion of Microsoft, the fact remains that Office is still the most popular productivity suite in the PC world. When it comes to Android devices though, consumers have come to rely on alternative programs. This was mainly because we didn’t have a choice – up until now. Office fans will be pleased to know there will be an Android version in 2013.

Gameloft’s Zombiewood trailer is out, asks you to prepare for another zombie carnage [video]

by 1 year ago

What? Another Zombie game? Gameloft certainly thinks there’s still room for one more seemingly mindless but hopefully fun game, where the main objective is to kill a bunch of wandering zombies. The game, aptly entitled Zombiewood, isn’t out yet for a couple of more weeks – as the game company is possibly aiming for a Halloween release – but the latest trailer is ready for your viewing.

Free trials on Google Play subscription content now available

by 1 year ago

The Google Play tree is growing bigger by the day, so it’s only apt that more features are introduced that can benefit both developers and users. After the introduction of in-app subscription back in May, which works for apps, magazines and other creative content, Google is taking things a step further by allowing developers to offer free trials for in-app subscription content.