Camera Zoom FX for Android gets major update and price cut

by 1 year ago

Although we haven’t had many posts dedicated to the Camera Zoom FX Android app on our website until now, this has made our lists of best photographer’s kit Android apps, best HDR camera apps and best paid Android apps of 2012, so you can imagine we have a lot of respect for AndroidSlide’s creation.

Zynga in trouble with mass layoffs and studio closures

by 1 year ago

Game developer and publisher, Zynga, looks to be in serious trouble as CEO, Mark Pincus, reveals plans to shut down studios in Boston, the UK, and Japan. The firm is also closing down 13 games and laying off over 100 staff at its Austin studio. The remaining workforce will be cut by 5 percent.

O2 releases new mobile payments system for businesses

by 1 year ago

O2 has just released a Mobile Point of Sale service in partnership with Visa and Global Payments. The basic idea is to allow vendors and retailers to easily accept plastic payments from debit and credit cards on their Android tablets and smartphones.

Google Wallet getting an upgrade. What’s in store for us?

Google Wallet Update-w600
by 1 year ago

The mobile wallet wars are gearing up. With ISIS finally getting its much-awaited launch, and with Apple touting its own iOS Passbook, it’s Google’s turn to up the ante with Google Wallet. But while Google has hinted that a new Wallet is available, users will need to request an invitation before gaining access.

Create custom notifications with Notif

by 1 year ago

Ever since Android saw a total revamp of it’s pulldown notification system, I’ve been impressed. I’d always wondered, though, how could I create my own custom notifications? After doing some research, I discovered Notif.

Notif allows you to create four different types of custom notification, and it does it all for free. Interested? Find out more after the break. applies expertise to new Hotels by Orbitz Android app

by 1 year ago
0, one of the market’s leading resources for travel and booking online, has recently released an Android app, Hotels by Orbitz, where users can find, book and indulge in hotels at thousands of venues spread across the globe, whether it be for the night or the near future.

Fibble – Flick N’ Roll is a dramatically different kind of Crytek game

by 1 year ago

When you think of Crytek, what comes to mind? For most of us it is games like Far Cry and Crysis. Don’t let these titles fool you into thinking that Crytek can only do hardcore gaming, though. The casual-oriented Fibble – Flick n’ Roll quietly landed on Android back in September, offering a dramatically different kind of gaming experience.