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New Floating Touch app brings Chat Heads-like experience to your settings

July 9, 2013
Chat Heads has inspired quite a few floating notification apps, but Floating Touch is different. Instead of notifications, it focuses instead on quick settings. Read on to learn more!
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Facebook Home continues to play catch up, now includes folders

July 9, 2013
Facebook Home was a total bomb when it was released, but the dev team has been working to make it better. In the latest update, Facebook Home adds folders.
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Twitter for Android gets an update, now supports direct message syncing

July 9, 2013
Twitter for Android has now received a brand new update, which adds a few new features including support for direct message syncing. Read on to learn more.
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Motorola’s PRIP push-to-talk service launches in the US

July 9, 2013
PRIP is now available for download from Google Play, providing users in the US with PTT connections to the existing 11 million subscribers in Mexico, Brazil and across Latin America.
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Weekly News Roundup #10 – India

July 7, 2013
This week on the Weekly News Roundup India, we have a few new smartphones, including the LG Optimus G Pro, being released, some app updates, and the introduction of the much-needed national roaming plans.
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Astrid announces that it’s shutting down on August 5

July 6, 2013
After being acquired by Yahoo, Astrid announces that it's shutting down. But don't worry there are alternatives and a way to keep your data. Read on for all the details!
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MEGA launches official client for Android

July 5, 2013
MEGA, the security- and encryption- focused creation of infamous internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, is taking a step towards legitimacy with the launch of an official application for Android.
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Ingress update brings gameplay enhancements and bug fixes

July 4, 2013
Ingress, Google’s cult hit augmented reality game for Android, received a significant July 2 update that should universally please.
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Here’s what you should know before downloading Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

July 4, 2013
Before racing to get your limited free copy of Jay-Z's latest album, you may want to know a few important details, such as privacy and app issues.
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Polaroid’s Polamatic: Because we absolutely need yet another photo app

July 4, 2013
Polaroid's Polamatic comes with 36 Polaroid frames, a handful of filters, and the ability to add captions and share photos. Are you willing to pay the $0.99 price tag?
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