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Play Store hits 1 million apps, 70 million Android tablets activated

by Adam KoueiderJuly 24, 2013
Google has announced that there are now 1 millions apps in the Play Store and 70 million Android tablets activated. Read on for all the details!
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More Moto X smart features surface, including active notifications and phone tracking

by Chris SmithJuly 24, 2013
More Moto X smart features have been unofficially explained ahead of the phone's proper announcement. Read on for more details!
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Riptide GP 2 for Android full review

by Joe HindyJuly 23, 2013
Riptide GP was a great one and now Vector Unit has released the sequel, Riptide GP 2. We're taking a closer look to see if it's better than the first!
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Rockchip Electronics shows off windowed multitasking for Android

by Rob TriggsJuly 23, 2013
Rockchip has unveiled its new multi-window system functionality, which enables windowed use of apps for better multitasking on Android tablets.
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The Best Google Play Store Alternatives (video)

by Brad WardJuly 19, 2013
Are you tired of the Google Play Store? Do you want to try out marketplaces out there? Well, you've come to the right place, as we've consolidated some of the best Play Store alternatives into a single list, but just how much content do they offer? Read on to find out.
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Locket app places ads on your lockscreen, pays you to swipe them away

by Andrew GrushJuly 19, 2013
Locket turns your lockscreen into an advertising zone and promises real cash each time you swipe-to-unlock your phone. But is it really worth the bother? Read on to learn more!
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MoDaCo.SWITCH opens beta to testers who want to have both Sense and stock Android ROMs on the HTC One

by Chris SmithJuly 19, 2013
MoDaCo.SWITCH beta is now available to interested users that want to switch between stock Android and Sense-based ROMs on the HTC One.
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Crazy Taxi Full Android App Review (video)

by Brad WardJuly 18, 2013
Crazy Taxi, a game originally launched on the Sega Dreamcast years ago, is now available for Android, and we're giving it the full review treatment. Is the game still much like the original, or is it another bad port? Find out in our review.
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Google Play Store down – at least parts of it – it’s not just you

by Chris SmithJuly 16, 2013
It appears that certain Google Play Store parts are not working at this time, with pages for several developers not loading at this time. Read on for more details!
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Official version of Transport Tycoon coming to Android later this year

by Gary SimsJuly 16, 2013
Chris Sawyer, the original developer of the 90's classic game Transport Tycoon, has announced that he is working on a port for Android. Did you play Transport Tycoon in the 90's (or OpenTTD since)? Are you looking forward to a remastered version by the original author himself?
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