Diskobolos: Survival game against bionic bugs

by 1 year ago

Hello 80′s and 90′s kids! Let’s take a trip down to memory lane with an interestingly addictive game called Diskobolos, brought to us by Conquering Bytes. At first glance, you’d think that the game’s going to be like most of those shooting ping-pong type ones that loses its luster faster than you can finish your tea. Diskobolos is anything but that. It seems simple but is fairly challenging. The arena, bionic bugs, and level of difficulty change as you play longer. Diskobolos is a survival game that would have made Charles Darwin proud. Instead of conquering levels, the aim of…

Camera Zoom FX for Android gets major update and price cut

by 1 year ago

Although we haven’t had many posts dedicated to the Camera Zoom FX Android app on our website until now, this has made our lists of best photographer’s kit Android apps, best HDR camera apps and best paid Android apps of 2012, so you can imagine we have a lot of respect for AndroidSlide’s creation.

Zynga in trouble with mass layoffs and studio closures

by 1 year ago

Game developer and publisher, Zynga, looks to be in serious trouble as CEO, Mark Pincus, reveals plans to shut down studios in Boston, the UK, and Japan. The firm is also closing down 13 games and laying off over 100 staff at its Austin studio. The remaining workforce will be cut by 5 percent.

O2 releases new mobile payments system for businesses

by 1 year ago

O2 has just released a Mobile Point of Sale service in partnership with Visa and Global Payments. The basic idea is to allow vendors and retailers to easily accept plastic payments from debit and credit cards on their Android tablets and smartphones.