XMBC Play To

If you’re a fan of XMBC for Android and the XMBC project in general, then you’re going to love the latest bit of news published over at the XMBC Blog. The XMBC team says that they are going... back to their usual monthly development cycle, which means that users can expect a new version of XMBC to come out each and every single month. In fact, right now, as most people are still getting acquain...

Redbox Instant

Nearly three months to the day since the official app first became available for download through the Google Play Store, Redbox Instant has finally come out of the beta testing stage to offer unlimited... movie streaming to the general public. And it is right on schedule. But does it have what it takes to properly steal some market share away from the likes of Netflix?

In case you didn’t know...


It looks like High Voltage Software’s The Conduit is finally making its way off the Wii and onto Tegra 3-powered Android devices with the new port, The Conduit HD. The game is available now at the Google Play store.