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Microsoft to push its cross-platform apps with Windows 10 phone companion

by: Rob TriggsMay 27, 2015
Microsoft is planning to release a phone companion app for Windows 10 that aims to promote its cross-platform apps to Android and iOS smartphone users.
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Opera Max adds WiFi data compression and app blocking

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 27, 2015
Opera is well known for its eponymous browsers, but the Norwegian company also offers a useful data compression service called Opera Max, which just received a big update.
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Microsoft partners with LG, Sony and 18 other OEMs to bring Office apps to more Android tablets

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 26, 2015
Microsoft is partnering with LG, Sony and many more OEMs to pre-install Office apps on various Android tablets across the market.
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We Play: Blood Brothers 2

by: App SpotlightMay 26, 2015
SPONSORED: In this quick review, we're going to look at Blood Brothers 2, a strategy RPG with a gritty storyline, fun mechanics, and plenty of content.
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Twitter finally brings Periscope to the Google Play Store

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 26, 2015
After months of being an iOS exclusive, Twitter has finally brought its streaming application Periscope to the Google Play Store.
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The Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle now includes Windows, Mac and Linux Steam keys

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 25, 2015
You can now access 8 of the 9 Artifex Mundi titles in the most recent Humble Bundle on Steam, whether you're on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
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9 best TV remote apps for Android

by: Joe HindyMay 25, 2015
TV remote apps on Android are rather hit and miss but we have a list of them here that should work for most people. Check it out!
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Roman Nurik’s “FORM” Watchface mashes APKs together for customizable watchface

by: Andrew GrushMay 25, 2015
At first glance, FORM is an ordinary watchface, but underneath lies Meizu integration that can mash together five different APKs to create a customizable watchface experience.
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Microsoft OneClip is a cross-platform cloud clipboard app

by: Rob TriggsMay 25, 2015
Microsoft is currently beta testing a cross-platform cloud clipboard productivity application named OneClip.
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Universal quick replies could be coming to Android, thanks to MohammadAG

by: Rob TriggsMay 25, 2015
After a request appeared on Reddit, developer MohammadAG has show off a universal Heads Up Notification Quick Replies app running on Android.
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