Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity now available

by 1 year ago

With all the hype surrounding Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, it was easy to forget that it hadn’t even been released yet. Now, the experimental game has finally been made available via the Google Play Store.

Green Throttle Games sees a future without game consoles

by 1 year ago

With the OUYA set to bring Android to a game console in March 2013, Green Throttle Games is looking at things from a different perspective. Instead of a dedicated game machine, why not just use your existing device for gaming? Of course, their vision goes a little further than that.

Instagram web profiles out now

by 1 year ago

Instagram has finally awakened to the much awaited web profile feature desired by customers. The company has built a simplified web interface for the user profile that it is now available online.

Angry Birds Star Wars, the greatest thing that will ever happen to Angry Birds, has a new game play trailer (video)

angry birds
by 1 year ago

The last time mobile gamers had a chance to get their bird-flinging on, it was Angry Birds’ first trip into space. Now Rovio has taken it a step further by introducing Angry Birds Star Wars. This epic game crossover features all your favorite Star Wars characters in Angry Bird form and you can now see a game play trailer showcasing the new bird abilities.