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Dong Nguyen is fed up with the Flappy Bird talk, so he is making a new game

by: Edgar CervantesMay 16, 2014
Developer Dong Nguyen is fed up with all the Flappy Bird talk, so he has decided to give us something else to talk about - a new game!
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Adidas Photo Print lets you customize sneakers with selfies and pictures of food

by: Andrew GrushMay 16, 2014
Adidas is gearing up to release an app that will allow you to upload full-color images taken from your phone and use them to customize your sneakers. Yes, it's as strange as it sounds.
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Google snatches up company behind Word Lens visual translator, offers free language packs for limited time

by: Andrew GrushMay 16, 2014
Google has now confirmed its purchase of Quest Visual, the company behind the Word Lens visual translator app. As a result of the purchase, all language packs are currently free.
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Summoner Wars, a tabletop card game turned into iOS hit, comes to Android

by: Andrew GrushMay 16, 2014
The tabletop game Summoner Wars first came to the mobile world in 2012 as a strategy game, and now it's making its way to Android as well!
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Today only: 9 free photography apps on the Amazon Appstore

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 16, 2014
Until tonight at 23:59 PM EST, you can get nine great photography apps from the Amazon Appstore for free. With regular prices ranging from $0.99 to $3.99 (or even $4.99 on the Play Store), these freebies are a nice little gift pack for anyone looking to take nicer shots on their Android devices.
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Swype update: faster, stronger and less buggy

by: Edgar CervantesMay 16, 2014
Swype has just been updated and the list of improvements is rather healthy! Come in and check out all there is to know about the latest features and fixes.
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Android customization – how to create a custom clock widget using Zooper Widget

by: Jonathan FeistMay 15, 2014
We take a look at Zooper Widget and run through a couple simple clock widget examples. We'll show you how to do the basic setup, then change color and text design.
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Google Play gets Paypal support in 12 countries, expanded carrier billing and developers sales as well

by: Andrew GrushMay 15, 2014
Google Play is making some changes to its payment support system, including adding Paypal integration for 12 countries.
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PortedAPP lets you run select OEM-specific apps on just about any Android handset

by: Andrew GrushMay 15, 2014
PortedAPP is a new app designed to make it easy to run select OEM-specific apps on your Android device. Some of the brands found in the app include Samsung, Sony and Cyanogen.
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Monument Valley – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyMay 14, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is called Monument Valley. This atmospheric puzzler will blow your mind with optical illusion-based game play. Check it out!
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