Clear Vision 2

Today’s app review is a closer look at the game Clear Vision 2. It’s $.99 in the Google Play Store and it’s about being a contract killer. With a sniper.


Whether you love or you hate Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny that there’s just no escaping it. Thankfully, it’s over for this year and we can put away our sappiness for another twelve months. Now that the week has come to a close and we only have half a month more to go for February, it’s time to treat yourself (and your significant other) to 9 new irresistible games from the Google Play Store. In this edition of our list of new Android games for the first half of February, get ready to: engage in a battle of shapes where…


Fly Day, Swing Day, Date Night, or Party Time — whatever you call Friday, we call it Sizzling Evening here in Android Authority with all these hot apps ready for you to take home. This week, our sizzling offerings gear up for your creative and adventurous side as we give you a quick review of our hot seven. Don’t let me keep you folks waiting. Here are our hot picks. LiveTrekker Travel enthusiasts and bloggers will definitely love Trekea Mobile’s LiveTrekker, a live traveling blog that tracks your movement via GPS and outlines your journey on a map. The app…

App Review: Gunslugs

by 1 year ago

For today’s app review, we’ll be taking a look at Gunslugs, a 2D side scrolling shooter that packs a lot of action.