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Introducing Robin, a new speech recognition app aimed at drivers

by: Gary SimsJune 18, 2012

A lot has been said about Apple’s Siri, including some interesting remarks by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. There are those who love it and those who, how can we put it, those who aren’t so keen. But everyone agrees that voice control and “talking” to our mobile devices is the future.

For Android users, there are a number of different apps available and the new kid on the block is Robin. Designed for drivers, the main functionality of Robin revolves around navigation, traffic, parking and gas (petrol) prices. But its makers, Magnifis, have also added in some knowledge about Twitter, reminders, and even the occasional joke.

Robin [...]

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“α” CLOCK for Mobile: Time-lapse photography app for experiencing Sony’s Time-Shift UI

by: Paul NuñalJune 18, 2012

Sony has a brand-new surprise that’ll give Android users plenty of visually enticing photos to drool over. It seems that the Japanese manufacturer has ventured into what seems to be a photo gallery application but turns out to be more than just that.

Officially known as “α” CLOCK for Mobile, this application lets users experience Sony’s new Time-Shift UI on their Android device. The app will present to you various photos of famous landmark destinations, most of which come from the UNESCO World Heritage sites, taken with high resolution cameras that use “α” Interchangeable lenses.

Each location holds numerous photos that were taken during various [...]

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AnySend: Sending and receiving files between Android devices over Wi-Fi

by: Paul NuñalJune 18, 2012

For those of you who love to send files from one platform to another, then here’s something to lighten your load and make your task a whole lot easier. From the makers of the top-rated cross-platform to-do-list manager app Do it (Tomorrow) comes a handy file sharing application for Android known as AnySend.

With a clean uncluttered user interface, AnySend can be your personal sending partner. The app allows instant wireless data transfer between two Android devices that are on the same Wi-Fi connection. File sharing applications like AnySend is done through a process known as direct device-to-device transfer instead of the usual FTP connection or shared content via the [...]

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Best scrabble games for Android

by: Ken EastJune 18, 2012

Word games are some of the most addictive games you could play with your friends. Not only do they keep your mind sharp but also serve as a great way to expand your vocabulary.

You’ll be digging for words you’ve learned of a long time ago but never had the chance to use until your letter tiles drove you to desperation. Pick up words that your friends have in their own vocabulary to enrich your own.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Scrabble apps for Android devices so you can keep adding new words to your vocabulary and you can keep the words you’ve already learned from gathering dust. You’ll be surprised at what you can [...]

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Relive: Photo syncing app for Android and other platforms

by: Carl ParkerJune 15, 2012

If you’re one of those photo aficionados who always fancy looking at their own collection of pictures from time to time but constantly experience the dilemma of how to contain them in one place, then we’re pleased to introduce you to a great solution.

Using the cross-platform aggregator Relive, you can now explore all of your precious photos regardless of what platform they are on. As long as you have any Android-, iOS-, or any Windows-powered device at hand, then you’re now ready to go.

Before you can use the Relive service, however, you’ll need to authorize it to access your Facebook account. This allows you to access Relive from any [...]

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Listen & Speak: Your personal, multilingual teacher for learning foreign languages

by: Carl ParkerJune 15, 2012

Are you up to the experience of learning English, Spanish, or French without having to go to any school or training center? How about for an immediate analysis of your speaking skills? Both are now made easy with the Listen & Speak app, a free app which allows users to gauge their speaking skills through various exercises that are readily available in the application.

But does it all end there? Of course not.

The app also allows you to translate all the available sentences or phrases to the language of  your choice. So, you don’t really have to worry even if you’re living in France and want to speak the Spanish language. With the aid of the Listen & [...]

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Asphalt 7: Heat preview – the best Android racing series is speeding towards the finishing line

by: Ankit BanerjeeJune 15, 2012

I’ve said it before – even with high-end devices nowadays featuring quad-core processors and HD displays, it has always been the “simple” games like Angry Birds and Temple Run that have rocketed to the top of the charts on both the Android and iOS platforms. But there is a reason that we all want multi-core processors and high resolution displays, and checking e-mail in HD just isn’t that reason.

It might just be me, but one of the reasons I wanted and bought a device with high end specs is for cutting-edge gaming. While Angry Birds is a lot of fun and I had to force myself to stop playing Temple Run so I could write this piece, it’s [...]

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Yahoo! Cricket: A must-have app for cricket fans

by: Carl ParkerJune 15, 2012

Bat-and-ball games, for some reason, attract a hefty number of fans the world over. Baseball, softball, and cricket are three of the more famous variations of bat-and-ball games, cricket being the most famous.

Surprised it’s not baseball? Apparently cricket sits in the second spot as the world’s most popular sport, next to football. The sport’s popularity is mainly due to its large number of fans in India, Australia, and some parts of Asia and Europe. The sport was the brainchild of the British, so it’s really not surprising to know that those areas got hooked with it, since these places were once colonized by the British Empire.

Enough [...]

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Pair: Android app for couples to bridge long distances privately and safely

by: Carl ParkerJune 15, 2012

One of the greatest trials a couple can go through is being in a long distance relationship. Less time to see each other, shorter conversations on the phone (especially if you are particular about phone bills), longer nights without the other, and a lot more that could pose a threat to your relationship. Being far from each other is, most of the time if not always, coupled with trust issues.

Whether you’ve been together for eons or for a couple of weeks, trust is key to every relationship, especially when both of you are separated by thousands of miles.

Frequent text messaging, calling, and chatting are probably the first three solutions you’ll [...]

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Best astrology apps for Android

by: Paul NuñalJune 15, 2012

Getting your future told by a fortune teller with her or his magical crystal ball and power can be a scary and exciting experience. Not only can you catch a glimpse of your future; you will also feel curious about how these fortune experts managed to forecast your fortunes with dead accuracy.

Thanks to modern day technology, knowing your future will never be a problem as there are applications tailored to tell your fortune. Whether you’re interested in daily horoscopes, compatibility chakras, or Tarot card readings, there will always be an equivalent application that you can always count on. Here are some of the best astrology apps that we have compiled for you to try [...]

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