The Top 5 Must-Have Android Widgets

by 3 years ago

Sure, widgets tend to take up a chunk of your homescreen and sure, they may suck a bit more juice than your regular app icons – but widgets are what make our phones truly unique and easier to use. Whether it’s a stock widget or it comes with the app you just downloaded, take a bit of time to get to know what these nifty little applets do and how they can help you out. Before you go gaga and install every widget you see in the Market, here are our top 5 picks that should be in every user’s…

Some of the Best Android Apps for March 2011

by 3 years ago

The number of Android Apps available is unbelievable. What’s even better is that there are so many free apps that can really enhance the functionality of your phone, or provide a great distraction to pass the time with some of the many great games available. Chances are if you want it – it’s out there. Most recently too, Google improved the presentation of the market and introduced a version on the web which allows you to browse on your PC. We bring you a list of must have apps for the month of March 2011. Flight control Flight control is…

Best Apps for the Motorola Xoom Android Tablet

by 3 years ago

[Update: August 29, 2011] Here’s a big list of all the greatest apps for Honeycomb! Check out A Hive of the Best Apps for Android Honeycomb Tablets [Update: April 12th, 2011] We’ve got a new list of the Best Apps and Games for Android Honeycomb Tablets: Check it out here! The Xoom is a first of its kind and will forever be known as the tablet that kick started the Android tablet revolution. Unfortunately the Xoom launched in February to a bare list of compatible Honeycomb tablet apps. Android really dropped the ball by not opening up the honeycomb platform…