CoinKeeper: Tracking cash flow and expenses in a fun and intuitive way

by 2 years ago

Money is an important aspect of human life. We use money to transact business by exchanging it for goods and services. We use our money to pay our rent, fill our tummies, buy our clothes, pay our monthly plan, fill the fridge with groceries, pay our medical bills, and a lot more things crucial to daily living. Aside from fulfilling our human needs, we also use our money to reward ourselves by fulfilling our wants such as buying a new Android smartphone or having a massage. That is why we need to keep track and monitor the flow of our…

Best board games for Android

by 2 years ago

When we were kids, our parents often recommended that we play board games. These were not only fun but board games like chess, backgammon, snakes and ladders, and checkers actually developed critical thinking by encouraging players to strategize to win. Though we’ve departed from our childhood and a lot of us prefer going paperless, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy these games. Our favorite board games from our childhood are now on our Android phones with twists to make them more exciting. Check out this list of some of the best board game apps for Android and relive your…

Talpic: Social sharing of photos with embedded video recordings

by 2 years ago

Do you fancy multimedia content that goes beyond what you already get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks? You’ve come to the right place. Talpic, an app available on both Android and iOS devices, is a media sharing social service which allows you to browse images and audio posts publicly shared by other app users. And, of course, it also gives you the opportunity to go public and share your own posts with others over Facebook, SinaWeibo, or email. Aside from allowing you to explore thousands of shared images, Talpic also has the ability to embed an audio…

Best Android apps for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers

by 2 years ago

Our ancestors viewed the starry sky every night. In their minds and imaginations, they formed stars into unique objects that we now call constellations. They also told stories of how these constellations came to be. Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to see the real images of stars, planets, and other celestial objects in space. We have even sent space missions to discover the mysteries of outer space. With the rapid improvement of Android smartphones, you can also discover the stars and planets right on your Android device. In today’s app list, we will be tackling of some of…

InFoto: Quick and easy infographic about your shutterbug habits

by 2 years ago

Not all users are familiar with their phone’s hardware and specifications. Most of the time, users don’t bother to check them out or even take notice of the many things that their device can do. For tech junkies and hardware enthusiasts, however, knowing what your device is capable of and how you’re using your device is important. That’s where benchmarking comes in. The Google Play Store is chock full of benchmarking applications that each serve a specific purpose. For those of you who really care about getting hardcore information, here’s an app that is designed to get information about your…

Sports Republic: Your one-stop sports news aggregator, magazine-style

by 2 years ago

Sports aficionados who just can’t get enough of their favorite sport will never have to worry again as Sports Republic is here to save their day. Sports Republic is one of the best sports news aggregators for Android devices. Specifically targeted for die-hard sports fans, this powerful application is rich in sports content that will surely complement anyone’s lust for real-time updates. Sports Republic fetches all the latest content from acclaimed news providers namely AFP, F24, Associated Press, Bike Radar, and Sports Vibe, just to name a few. If you happen to dislike a particular news source, don’t you worry…

DjRun: Your personal DJ for matching music tempo and your body motion

by 2 years ago

There’s nothing better that running in the streets with intense music in the background to fire up your adrenaline. Pumping up energy with music during a miles run is a great way to boost your stamina and makes exercising more fun. Yet, though technology has made almost all our daily activities more entertaining, it isn’t perfect. In fact, one of the most common problems runners and sprinters face is having to manually switch music tracks. Can you imagine jogging up a hill while listening to soothing jazz? It isn’t quite the same level of epic you can get from other…

Mindomo: Creating mind maps and organizing ideas easily

by 2 years ago

Brainstorming is a great way to exercise your brain cells, allowing you to generate some crazy ideas that you would never have imagined. If you feel that you have way too many ideas, you should try mind mapping. It may sound like a strange idea, but there’s an application that can definitely help you organize your thoughts. Mindomo is an online mind mapping service for Android that lets users map out their ideas, create thoughts and even share their mind maps with colleagues or with the public to help other users accomplish their targeted goals as quickly as possible. The…

SoShare: So you have photos and videos, so share them on your social network

by 2 years ago

We can find a lot of awesome and useful features on Android phones.  One of the best features available to us is interactivity, especially that of being able to communicate with our friends and family even when we’re away from our computers. With everyone being addicted to social networking sites such as Facebook, people want to keep the world updated on what they’re doing, where they’re doing it, and whom they’re doing it with. Imagine just how many status updates are made by the second. And, since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, thousands of pictures…

SmartShift Lockscreen: Auto lockscreen personalization according to time or circumstance

by 2 years ago

The Android home screen not only displays application shortcuts and widgets but also represents the user’s tastes and preferences. In the past few years, manufacturers have also tried to impose their own vision of what a home screen should look and feel like. Some users love them, others hate them, and a select number of users just don’t have anything to say about it. As a user, you may already have decided to inject your personal touch into your Android experience by downloading famous home screen launchers such as GO Launcher Pro, Launcher Pro, or ADX Launcher. The method is…