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New and fresh Android apps of the week (October 12 issue)

by: Carl ParkerOctober 12, 2012

It’s a hectic week down here at Android Authority, and we bet we’re not the only ones bustling about making the world a bit better, byte by byte.  In fact, Android app developers are working 24/7 around the world to provide us with new and fresh Android apps.

In this second week of October, we handpicked some from this week’s batch of new and fresh Android apps on the Google Play Store.  We found these apps useful, interesting, or entertaining, and we hope you feel the same way.  In this post, get to know about an app for

polishing your English grammar; making you laugh and smile through memes and funny photos; viewing 3D photos of microscopic [...]
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Frametris: Tetris clone with a twist

by: Carl ParkerOctober 8, 2012

One of the games that took the world by storm with its simple but addictive gameplay was Tetris. Tetris was one of the classic games that most of you have tried playing when you were younger, either through classic game consoles or through the handheld Brick Game that most kids were lugging around then. The game’s simplicity was one of the charms that attracted a large audience of then-gamers.

Tetris is still a much-loved game even at present. Variations of the classic game have also surfaced, but out of all of them, there is one that is rather unique and of course, addictive to play. Taking the spotlight today is Frametris.

Frametris very much [...]

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Norton Utilities & Task Killer: Performance boost for your Android

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 8, 2012

There are Android apps for entertainment, apps for productivity, and even apps that replace the utility tools found on your Android device. Apps such as battery savers, RAM boosters, app killers, and app managers are just some of the utility apps for your Android device.

But, with many utility tools available on the Google Play Store, it is really inconvenient to download multiple apps just to use a single tool. If you don’t want to download multiple apps, you can try using the Norton Utilities & Task Killer app and enjoy a variety of utility tools all in one app.

The Norton Utilities & Task Killer features 4 primary utilities: a battery saver, a [...]

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Fake iPhone 5 launcher gives you a feel of iOS 6 on your Android phone

by: Missie HahnOctober 3, 2012

With a four out of five star rating and more than 100,000 downloads, the “Fake iPhone 5 Launcher” app provides Android fans a little taste of Apple. Apart from its name, the recently new “fake iPhone 5 launcher” is a real, fully functional app.

This bittersweet app offers adamant Fandroids the iOS 6 display on their Android devices without having to buy the iPhone 5.

This launcher is completely free to download and can be accessed directly from the Google Play Store. Once activated, your phone’s home screen is switched to the iOS 6 format, while giving your apps the appearance of the original iPhone 5 icon design. The fake iPhone 5 launcher has a feature that [...]

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iGallery: Enjoying the iPhone’s Photos app on Android

by: Dan EvansOctober 3, 2012

It wasn’t all that long ago that we took a look at a launcher that turned your Android tablet’s UI into a dead ringer for iOS. Some people find iOS attractive and clean while others may beg to differ. If you’re one of those people who admire Apple’s software then you can appreciate the neatness of iOS’s Photo app interface.

If you want to admire that neat UI and functionality on your Android device, then this app by XDA Developers member mehul_crazybound is definitely for you. Introducing iGallery, a photo app that brings the neatness of the iOS Photo app on your Android device and might make a good alternative to your stock gallery [...]

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MX Player: Powerful media player with background playback and new HW decoder

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 3, 2012

Our Android devices are our pocket-size media hubs. We store our music files in them and listen to them while on the road. We also store our favorite videos so we can watch them whenever we want. Our Android devices have default music and video player apps that can play media files. But, if you want a player with more features, you should try installing third-party media players on your Android device. The Google Play Store offers numerous media player apps and one of those is the MX Player.

The MX Player has been sitting on most Android devices due to the fact that it supports a lot of file formats. If that wasn’t enough, the app has also been recently updated. [...]

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Best new Android games (late September edition)

by: Carl ParkerSeptember 30, 2012

“Game over” is a non-existent term in Android game developers’ books.  Day in and day out, new Android games sprout in the fertile soil of the garden known as the Google Play Store.  Popular games today started as new games, and went on to become well-liked and well-recommended.

We don’t know what will become, months from now, of the new Android games that we feature in this late September edition of our twice-a-month roundup of the best new Android games.  But, we do know they’re worth checking out.  We find these games carrying great potential.  Do you think so, too?

There’s only one way to find out: try these games.  And, [...]

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New and fresh Android apps of the week (September 28 issue)

by: Carl ParkerSeptember 28, 2012

We’re just a few days away from bidding goodbye to September and saying hello to October.  Yet, when talking of Android apps, we hardly need to say bye-bye; rather, it’s mostly a case of saying hello, especially to the newest and the freshest goodies from the Android app market.

In this last week of September, say hello to some of the best new and fresh Android apps that were unleashed upon the Google Play Store this week.  We scurried and bustled about in the Store and filled our shopping basket with an app for:

crunching and computing discounts while you go shopping; searching for locally installed apps and launching them; random selection of items [...]
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AireTalk: Free voice and video calls, SMS, and file sharing

by: Dan EvansSeptember 28, 2012

Keeping in touch with friends through your mobile phone is great, but it’s also rather costly. Even if you’re on a postpaid plan, constantly communicating with someone can lead to a painful bill at the end of the month.

You might like: What is SMS?

Thanks to smartphones, however, we can opt to use services such as Skype to call the ones that matter to us via the Internet. We can even go on Video Call if we really want to see our friend’s face. Skype, however, is rather limited in the ways we can communicate with our friends. PingShow has developed an app that goes beyond what Skype offers you.

AireTalk may be packed with the same [...]

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Could You Survive: Zombies?

by: Dan EvansSeptember 28, 2012

I must have been about 10 years old when I saw the classic “Night of the Living Dead” by George A. Romero. Little did I know that that was the start of my love affair with zombies. Those shambling, rotting but deadly corpses certainly haven’t gone of out style and they’ve been reinvented so many times that people just can’t take them seriously anymore.

There are the scarier types, of course, the ones that run instead of slowly walk towards you, and then there are the hilarious vegetarian zombies from terrible movies (Day of the Dead, anyone?). Max Brooks certainly reignited the fear that the dead horde can bring with his Zombie Survival [...]

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