AndroidZoom official app: Discovering apps in a heartbeat

by 2 years ago

For a new Android user, visiting the Google Play Store to find useful apps could be overwhelming. Everywhere you look on the page there are app suggestions, easily drawing your attention away from the app that you wanted in the first place. You may also have noticed that the search function of the Google Play Store isn’t perfect and often fails to find less than popular apps. AndroidZoom: Apps Discoverer offers us a better and easier way to app-hunt, packaged in a tiny, well-crafted mobile application for your Android. AndroidZoom: Apps Discoverer is the search method of choice for finding…

Lux Auto Brightness: Manual or auto screen brightness adjustments according to time or environment

by 2 years ago

Despite the growing number of apps and services readily available for Android, there is a shortage on apps that lets you tinker with your phone’s lighting and brightness settings. Though there are a few existing apps that provide you with such functionality, they often require manual tweaking to achieve the desired light adjustments. Lux, on the other hand offers a unique value proposition for users, intelligently adjusting light and brightness settings without user intervention. Lux provides a convenient and innovative way to adjust a mobile device’s brightness settings, filling in the gap of the typical lousy brightness configurations. The app…

Nextcall: Simple app for scheduling call reminders for your phone contacts

by 2 years ago

It’s quite hard to juggle between your work, personal and social life, especially if you need to interact with a lot of people. Staying connected with them can be a tough challenge if you have hundreds of contacts stored on your smartphone’s address book. Keeping an organized address book is what many users want to achieve and if you have been constantly communicating with your friends and colleagues from work, then you certainly know how important it is to always stay connected. There is always a time when you just forget whom to call and what to say during those…

Best virtual pet apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Pet animals are a big part of our lives. Some people treat them as friends, while others treat them as family. Pets can also teach us how to become responsible. Parents give their kids pets so the kids can learn how to become responsible and how to take care of others. Pets can also be great stress relievers. When my body is full of stress and my mind drained of creative juice, I go and play with my pet hamster to lighten my load and bring a smile to my face. I’m also thinking of buying a new dog or…

VoAudio for streaming and downloading podcasts to your Android

by 2 years ago

If you’re an avid podcast listener, tuned in to the latest audio content everyday, you should have a podcast-streaming app that can cope with your personal podcast demands. Try VoAudio, a new podcast streaming app with ample functional features packed in a clean user interface to give you better a podcast experience for free. Podcasting has definitely changed the way things were, allowing every individual user to consume or listen to his or her favorite podcast anywhere and anytime he or she wants to. It has turned into a growing trend, with everyone listening to the latest scoops on music,…

Best Sudoku apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Sudoku, also known as Number Place, is a highly addictive puzzle game that was first seen and played in newspapers in late 19th century. Known as Number Place in Europe, it was then baptized by Japanese publisher, Nikoli Co., Ltd., as Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru, which can be roughly translated to “the digits must occur only once” and was then shortened to Sudoku. If you think you are weak when it comes to dealing with numbers and figures, don’t get held back from playing Sudoku. Once you play Sudoku, you’ll definitely think otherwise. Although this game involves the use…

PicCollage: Assemble photo collages quickly and share them around

by 2 years ago

PicCollage has finally made its way to Android devices, saying goodbye to its status as an iOS exclusive. PicCollage is a collage maker that is simple to use with a bucket load of features for users to explore. Using the elaborate tools in the application, users can create wonderful works of art using only their smartphones. PicCollage is packed full of background templates that are easy to apply and allow users to use mutli-touch gestures to maneuver images and share other extended features. PicCollage lets users build nothing more than photo collages, hence the app’s name. Getting started is a…

Photo Saver: Backing up your phone photos en masse to Facebook

by 2 years ago

Facebook integration has become a must for almost everything connected to the web, intended to gain leverage from the millions of people viewing the site at every tick of the clock. Thousands of users post their latest status, videos, and most importantly, photos. Ironically, Facebook itself or any of the Facebook applications found on the Google Play Store don’t support a feature to easily upload a lot of photos. This is precisely the niche that Photo Saver tries to serve, giving you a decent and simple photo upload and backup application on your Android device. Photo Saver is a fresh…

Uniclau: Logging in to your online accounts by just scanning QR codes

by 2 years ago

It may be safe to assume that an average Internet user has more than 2 user accounts in a variety of places such as social networking sites, e-mail providers, cloud storage, blogs, apps, and more. Having multiple accounts and passwords to remember is quite a hassle and confusing them with each other can spell a headache. It isn’t a problem if you’re using your own computer where you can set your browser to remember all your respective accounts and passwords, but what if you have to use another computer? What’s even worse is you might get some of your accounts…

Best calculator apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Looking for a calculator for your Android? There are a lot to choose from, ranging from the basic to those designed for specialized functions. We have here a list of the best standard calculators that you can get for your Android. Some are packed with great functional features, some with attractive user interfaces, and some are just fun and crazy. We did not include special calculators in this list because they deserve a separate article of their own. Read on to see our list of the best calculator apps for Android. RealCalc Scientific Calculator This calculator operates and looks like…