Best phrasebook apps for Android

by 2 years ago

A few days ago, we put together an app list for tourists and travelers to help them on their trips abroad, whether for business or leisure. You might have equipped yourself with all the right apps to aid you on your trip, from booking your hotel to getting around cities, but are you completely ready? Aren’t you forgetting something? If you’re traveling to a country that is predominantly English-speaking, there’s no problem there, but if you’re off to a country that doesn’t have English as its first language, then you might want to consider gearing up with phrasebooks. Of course,…

Best Android apps for Bible study

by 2 years ago

The saying, “there’s an app for that,” is certainly no exaggeration. The Google Play Store has almost every facet of life covered and if you think your niche has been neglected, all it takes is typing a key word into the Google Play Store’s search function to find what you’ve been looking for. Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to do away with our clunky physical objects. Your bulky camera? Leave it at home. Your heavy medical or law text? Leave it at home. And now, you can leave your Bible at home too, and take a light virtual version…

How To: Setup, Configure, and use Google Now

Google Now
by 2 years ago

What is Google Now? There’s some confusion out there in the Android world. Google Now is not Android’s “Siri killer”, that’s Voice Search (which you can get to and use from within Google Now). Google Now is much, much more than an application that listens to queries and spits out answers. I’m not even sure we can call Google Now a virtual assistant either. Google Now is about automating your life and in return, making your life easier. Google Now does that by providing a vast amount of information, pertinent to you, at your fingertips. There’s just one catch though….

Best solitaire games for Android

by 2 years ago

When you talk about card games, I’m sure Solitaire is already part of the list. Solitaire refers to a card game you can play by yourself. We can’t deny that Solitaire is really an addictive game and it prevents us from getting bored at home. Instead of bringing a pack of cards with you and risk losing one or two of the cards to carelessness or a particularly strong breeze, check out this list of Solitaire games for your Android device. Solitaire (MobilityWare) There are many different versions of the Solitaire app you can choose from, but, perhaps, nothing beats…

Best Android apps for privacy protection and security

by 2 years ago

UPDATE New Article: Best Android Antivirus Apps Privacy has always been an issue, even long before the Android platform was invented. Since time immemorial, people have always been trying to protect their privacy and personal data from both public and private threats. As technology grows each day, so do the number of scams, thefts, hacks, and malicious attacks. Smartphones, being bearers of your personal data, are also delicious targets for privacy intrusions. A lot of Android apps exist to help secure your phone and safeguard your privacy.  In this post, we feature some of the best apps for securing your…

MiHome Launcher: Bringing MIUI looks to your Android without rooting or flashing MIUI ROM

by 2 years ago

Ever noticed how Android users have these different types of settings on their devices? Some techies are really good with these things since they know how to tinker with the User Interface (UI). Developers have created different ROMs to compliment Android devices, and one of them has made a name for itself for being user-friendly. MiHome Launcher features a unique style of UI that makes Android users personalize their device with ease and convenience. The thing about this launcher is that once you install this on your device, it’s considered plug and play. You can even see thousands of themes…

aCheckin: A social network for games and gamers

by 2 years ago

If you’re looking for something to keep your hands busy during those dull moments in the day, browsing pages upon pages of games in the Google Play Store can be very overwhelming. Which ones could best suit you and keep you entertained for hours? Playing the games yourself could answer your question but playing every one of them is an impossible task. The best way to find the game for you is to be part of a gaming community where everyone shares what games they are playing. aCheckin is an app that lets you do just that, keeping you abreast…

Comodo Anti-theft Free: Using SMS commands to protect or find your lost phone

by 2 years ago

Since your Android is your personal phone, you undoubtedly have optimized your experience by storing your personal information and credentials on your smartphone. If something bad happens to your phone, that means your personal data are also at risk.  What can you do when your phone gets lost or stolen? It’s necessary to take action when your phone gets stolen or lost. Thankfully, there’s an app specifically for that scenario. Anti-theft Free, developed by COMODO, provides the necessary actions for certain accidents like when your phone is misplaced, lost, or stolen. Anti-theft Free provides ways to help you find your… Real Estate: Finding your dream home through your Android phone

by 2 years ago

Looking for a home has never been so much easy, thanks to Android applications saving the day. For quite a while now, users have been taking advantage of the Internet for finding trusted apartments and homes. One of the most popular home finding services is If you have been struggling to find your perfect home and you own an Android phone, then you’re in luck as HomeFinder is expanding its service to an application for mobile devices. Officially known as Real Estate, the app features the same functionality found in its older Web version. Featuring the most expansive…

Best aquarium and fish live wallpapers for Android

by 2 years ago

There’s just something so calming about watching fish swim. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to be in no real hurry. Regardless, it cannot be denied that watching fish swim around in an aquarium is just so relaxing. Managing a real aquarium, however, can take a lot of work and money, so why not get an aquarium on your Android device? Live wallpapers are snazzy inventions, allowing you to interact with your screen in more ways than the usual navigation. Unfortunately, live wallpapers can also suck your device’s battery dry. If you’re willing to sacrifice your Android device’s battery for…