The days fly by quickly, especially among busy bees like us here at Android Authority.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily living, we stumble upon new gems for our Android phones and tablets,... new and fresh apps with great potential for solving many of our daily lives’ problems great and small.

This third week of October, we share with you some of the new and fresh Android apps on t...


Aliens, knights, zombies, celestial bodies, animals, jelly, goo — name it, there’s most likely an Android game either about it or involving it.  Android game app developers don’t... have a Pause button, you know, and they’re working hard to bring you the best and the most engaging games for your Android device.

Here are some of the really cool and awesome ones that we disco...


It’s a hectic week down here at Android Authority, and we bet we’re not the only ones bustling about making the world a bit better, byte by byte.  In fact, Android app developers... are working 24/7 around the world to provide us with new and fresh Android apps.

In this second week of October, we handpicked some from this week’s batch of new and fresh Android apps on...


“Game over” is a non-existent term in Android game developers’ books.  Day in and day out, new Android games sprout in the fertile soil of the garden known as the Google Play... Store.  Popular games today started as new games, and went on to become well-liked and well-recommended.

We don’t know what will become, months from now, of the new Android games that we fe...


We’re just a few days away from bidding goodbye to September and saying hello to October.  Yet, when talking of Android apps, we hardly need to say bye-bye; rather, it’s mostly... a case of saying hello, especially to the newest and the freshest goodies from the Android app market.

In this last week of September, say hello to some of the best new and fresh Android apps...


Android app developers do amazing things.  They cook up useful or fascinating — sometimes useful and fascinating — Android apps that answer numerous mobile needs.  To be a developer... is no easy task.  It requires not just programming skills but also, more importantly, an understanding of human needs and wants.  With the latter being a neverending stream, the flow of new and fresh And...


There’s no such thing as gaming season in the world of Android. Every day, every week, every month is a time for Android games — and we have a fresh batch of some of the best new... Android games for the first half of September right here in this very post.

In this mid-September edition of our twice-a-month list of the best new Android games, we feature a game about


The well of Android apps never runs dry.  It may slow down to a trickle sometimes, but it never dries up.  New and fresh Android apps gush forth from that well everyday, watering the parched... throats of Android fans thirsting for a cold and refreshing sip from that stream of fresh apps.

We fetched a small bucketful of new Android apps for you, and we hope you will find their newness r...


Oh, appy day! August has come and gone, and we’re now in the -ber months.  What better way to welcome the first of the -ber months (i.e., September) than to check out what’s new... and what’s fresh in the world of Android apps this week.

In this September 7 issue of our weekly roundup of the best new and fresh Android apps, we take a look at an app that

android privacy

Do you need a good solution for hiding your sensitive photos and videos on your Android phone? We round up some Android apps here that can hide your files from prying eyes. We also take a look at how to hide folders, contacts, text messages, and even how to keep calls from specific contacts from appearing in your call logs.