Best astrology apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Getting your future told by a fortune teller with her or his magical crystal ball and power can be a scary and exciting experience. Not only can you catch a glimpse of your future; you will also feel curious about how these fortune experts managed to forecast your fortunes with dead accuracy. Thanks to modern day technology, knowing your future will never be a problem as there are applications tailored to tell your fortune. Whether you’re interested in daily horoscopes, compatibility chakras, or Tarot card readings, there will always be an equivalent application that you can always count on. Here…

Best Android apps for fathers and dads

by 2 years ago

We recently did a post about the best Android apps for mothers and moms, so now it’s dad’s time to shine. The father is often called the King of the House, but he’s more than just that. He’s also as involved as mothers are in the household chores, work, and taking care of the kids. That’s why we’ve put together apps that can help dads manage the house, keep track of the kids, put together a special meal when it’s his turn of the week to cook, and keep updated with his favorite sports. C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble…

Top 5 best social media apps for your Android smartphone

by 2 years ago

Ever since the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, social apps have become one of the most hotly sought after and downloaded categories for apps. From helping you to find new places in town to just chatting, this group of apps has it all for you and your friends. Despite the recent purchases of startup app companies (Instagram, Beluga, Meebo) by Google, Facebook and more, there are still plenty of notable social apps left in the market. For the sake of introducing new apps, we have decided to exclude the most popular social apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Spotify). LinkedIn…

Best Android apps for freehand drawing or doodling

by 2 years ago

If you’re like most people (and I bet you are), you instantly turn to your smartphone or tablet when you’re (1) bored while waiting for the bus, (2) trying to look busy to avoid small talk, or (3) pretending to be looking for something on your phone to avoid an awkward situation. Whipping out your device and scribbling doodles on a sketchbook app may prove to be a great escape. Or, maybe you just really want to practice some brushstrokes and painting styles, intent on making a masterpiece that will give Michaelangelo a run for his money. Whether it’s just…

Best music recognition apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Do you like tuning in to the radio at night, in your car, or when you are doing your work? If you do, you might have experienced a time when you hear a really nice song but you end up becoming frustrated because you could not get the title or the name of the artist. What’s even worse is that when you ask friends, their answer might be “I know how to sing the song but I don’t know the title.” These are really frustrating moments when you wish that the radio DJ had mentioned the song title. You won’t…

Best Android apps for strength training and weight lifting

by 2 years ago

Staying fit and healthy couldn’t get any easier, thanks to Android applications leading the charge, helping many users achieve that perfectly sculpted body that they have always been wishing to own. Achieving an amazing body has always been a tough challenge for many of us and hiring a professional workout trainer is just way too expensive. Luckily for us, getting physically fit will never be a problem, as there many applications that will help anyone achieve their goal in no time. If you’re into working out with weights, strength training, or pumping iron at home or at the gym, here…

Best role-playing games (RPG) for Android

by 2 years ago

As kids, we had huge and vivid imaginations. We thought of having supernatural powers, or being the greatest hero that saved the day. You can relive that moment by playing role-playing games (RPG) games right on your Android device. This type of game lets you visit a fantasy world and transforms you into anything you want to be. You can be a rich and powerful sorcerer, a brave and mighty warrior, the legendary pirate of the seven seas, or the sharp-shooting archer. With hundreds of thousands of Android apps, you might have a hard time looking for the best RPG…

Best augmented reality (AR) apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Augmented reality (AR) is a view of a real and physical image with some of its elements modified by computer generated effects, resulting in an enhanced perception of the real-time image. A perfect sample of augmented reality is the virtual score board while watching your basketball game. Google’s Project Glass is said to introduce augmented reality to its users. By just using the glasses, you can see your Facebook status, Twitter updates, maps, and a lot more running in the background of your physical environment. Augmented reality has also been integrated in apps on your Android device. By using your…

Best Android apps for singers

by 2 years ago

With the variety of Android apps which you can find on the Google Play Store, there will most certainly be apps to help you with your daily chores, for work, and for having fun, while other apps are created for crazy purposes you couldn’t even imagine. Whatever your career is, there is an Android app that can come in handy for you. If you want to be a great singer and you want to record your own music, there are lots of apps which can be very useful to you. We have listed in this article some of the best…

Best augmented reality (AR) games for Android

by 2 years ago

Augment Reality (AR) became a realization way back in the 70’s, when Morton Heilig created the Sensorama, a device that can render 3D images, sound, wind, as well as aromas, to create a virtual reality for the user. Fast forward to the present age–augmented reality is now a possible feat and almost anyone can enjoy the thrill and excitement just by having an Android smartphone.  Have you ever wished that you could experience augmented reality? Here are some of the best augmented reality games that you can experience firsthand on your smartphone. WARNING: Some of the games featured on this…