Best Android apps for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers

by 2 years ago

Our ancestors viewed the starry sky every night. In their minds and imaginations, they formed stars into unique objects that we now call constellations. They also told stories of how these constellations came to be. Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to see the real images of stars, planets, and other celestial objects in space. We have even sent space missions to discover the mysteries of outer space. With the rapid improvement of Android smartphones, you can also discover the stars and planets right on your Android device. In today’s app list, we will be tackling of some of…

Best Android apps for vegetarians and vegans

by 2 years ago

Don’t you just love the ring of “there’s an app for that”? We’ve covered tons of apps, from apps for musicians to poetry lovers and even to exercise buffs. The Google Play Store has something for everyone. Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Did you know that there are Android apps dedicated to guide you and help you sustain your diet? Most of these apps are free. There are apps to help you discover new vegan or vegetarian recipes, for finding places where you can eat if you are traveling, for guiding you in your shopping and for updating…

Best Android apps for learning Spanish

by 2 years ago

If you know that paella is a rice dish, flamenco is a dance, and that Don Quixote is ingenious, then you are either Spanish by blood or you just happened to learn these terms when you channel-surfed and got glued to a Spanish show. Spanish is one of the most spoken and used languages in the world. It currently has over 350 million speakers and it is also one of the most distributed, being an official language in over 20 countries. You will find in this article some of the best apps that can aid you tremendously in learning Spanish….

Best Android apps for finding gifts

by 2 years ago

One of the best ways to express your love and gratitude to your family, friends and loved ones is through giving gifts, not just on Christmas day but everyday. But, thinking of what you’d like to give them can really take time, especially if the recipient is quite choosy. You must consider every detail of his/her likes and dislikes, which could be quite a hassle. Good thing Android app developers have created apps that can be used for finding gifts. Here are some of the apps that can help you out the next time you’re wondering what gifts to give…

Best Android apps for ESL students and learning English

by 2 years ago

Learning the English language is very important, especially if you are doing business with foreign partners, if you want to get a decent job, or if you want to tour abroad. Being able to speak English will give you a great advantage, as it’s one of the most popular languages spoken internationally. On the other hand, not everyone has the opportunity to learn the language, but thanks to Android, any Android user now has the opportunity to learn English anytime and anywhere she or he wants. Read on to learn more about the best Android apps for learning English. Learn…

Best Android keyboards for smartphones compared: Adaptxt vs Swiftkey X vs SlideIT vs stock ICS [video]

android keyboard
by 2 years ago

Typing is an essential part of the experience of using an Android device. Most of us type everyday, be it text messages, emails, posts, memos, or simple searches. When typing on an Android smartphone becomes cumbersome, productivity hits rock bottom. It’s no wonder that many Android keyboard developers compete to create the most versatile and intuitive keyboard for Android. Many users are looking for more speed, more accuracy, and a well rounded user interface. Picking the right keyboard for Android smartphones is often a long string of trials and errors. Of course, not everyone is willing to spend money and time trying…

Best Android apps to wow your friends

by 2 years ago

When smartphones were still emerging in the tech scene, anyone with a smartphone was considered cool. People would crowd around that person, asking all sorts of questions about what you could do with it. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and unless you’ve got the newest one released, it’s pretty hard to impress people. But, if you want to grab a little limelight and show off to your friends just what you’re doing with your Android device, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Android apps to wow them with. We’re not talking about apps that are…

Best Android apps for learning French

by 2 years ago

Whether you’re learning French because it’s required of you in school or you’re trying to impress someone, you can’t deny that there’s something about the French language that attracts people. The language used to be the language of nobility and diplomacy all across Europe and in the Ottoman Empire, making it the world’s first international language right before English replaced it in the mid-20th century. At present, the French language is spoken by 270 million people worldwide, of which 120 million are fluent or native. That may be why so many schools are including French for their foreign language courses….

Best scrabble games for Android

by 2 years ago

Word games are some of the most addictive games you could play with your friends. Not only do they keep your mind sharp but also serve as a great way to expand your vocabulary. You’ll be digging for words you’ve learned of a long time ago but never had the chance to use until your letter tiles drove you to desperation. Pick up words that your friends have in their own vocabulary to enrich your own. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Scrabble apps for Android devices so you can keep adding new words to your…

Best karaoke apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Nowadays, people experience stress daily with demands and problems steadily rising higher. That’s why it’s necessary to take some time off now and then and lighten up your load. People can engage in a number of stress-relieving activities, such as engaging in sports and exercise, partying all night, or going to karaoke with friends. Our Android devices are designed to help us in a variety of ways. Business executives and people who are always on-the-go use their Android devices to make them efficient in their work. Besides productivity features, your Android device also knows how to have fun, too. You…