Best cooking games for Android

by 2 years ago

There is a vast selection of game apps from the Google Play Store. Most games are linked to our hobbies and interests. Playing these apps allows us to do things that seem difficult to achieve in real life. Through these games, we can be fast and furious drivers, skilled basketball players, spacecraft captains, and a lot more. For those who love to cook, you can also become a professional chef with cooking game apps. These apps let you become a real and professional cook right on your Android device. We took the trouble of searching the vast sea of apps…

Best zombie games for Android — Braaaaaiiinnnsss!

by 2 years ago

You came to this page to look for the best zombie games for Android in order to experience fun and enjoyment.  Yet, in most horror films and books, zombies are terrifying creatures. They rise from the dead to bring terror from town to town. Once you are bitten, you will become a zombie, and soon will also be eating human brains. Some believe that zombies came from dark magic that raised dead people resting in the cemetery. Others believe that it zombies are caused by a virus that causes the human body to mutate into these horrible creatures. Zombies on…

Best Android apps for ZIP and RAR files

by 2 years ago

Thanks to compression, sending a number of files in one go is easy. If you need to send a batch of files, like pictures, documents or song files, to someone, you can kiss the tedious process of waiting goodbye. No more waiting for each item to finish attaching to your e-mail and hoping that each one of them can be successfully downloaded by your recipient. Simply compress your files into a ZIP or a RAR file and you’re good to go. Sending ZIP and RAR files is one thing, but what about when we receive them on our Android phone…

Best Android apps for brain training and exercise

by 2 years ago

We are in the age where technology allows us to do so many things that in the past we could never do or never do well unaided. Because of technology, ironically, many people are no longer exercising their mental skills and, instead, are making their gadgets do things like computations and analyses for them. In turn, their mental capabilities become rusty. After all, “Use it, or lose it.” If you refuse to let your brain turn to mush, we’ve put together a list of apps that can help you exercise, train, and sharpen your brain. They are mostly free to…

Best grocery list apps for Android

by 2 years ago

A body without a soul is like a house without the necessary supplies for everyday living. One of the important tasks of household owners is maintaining and monitoring the supplies inside the house. We don’t want sour milk at breakfast or an empty fridge when your tummy starts grumbling. That is why many people flock to the grocery stores and supply themselves for the days to come. Smart shoppers bring paper-and-pen lists while buying the groceries. But, wise and resourceful individual use their Android devices in the grocery store. With the expanding and rapid improvements of smartphone technology, you can…

Best dice games for Android

by 2 years ago

One of the best ways to kill boredom is to find something that you enjoy. If you are someone who juggles several jobs in a day, then enjoying time with some handy Android apps can certainly make recreation easier. An example is simply sitting down and playing a game of dice against other people around the globe. If you are a fan of dice games, but can’t find the time to play them while you’re at work, then this guide will be a great help. With the aid of these apps, you don’t need to go anywhere and call somebody…

Best Android apps for finding cheap gas

by 2 years ago

Gas prices today are really soaring, adding to the expenses we all have in our daily lives. If you have a large family and you own two vehicles to accommodate everyone, fueling up is certainly one of the things you like the least because of the amount of money you need to spend. Prices of commodities and other consumer items will continue to rise. That seems to be a hard-to-follow fact of life. Saving up will be a bit hard to do, most especially when most of what we purchase are essentials. Sales and deals are very attractive to most…

Best Android widgets for the Samsung Galaxy Note

by 2 years ago

Being an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note, you may have encountered some little inconveniences when it comes to accessing a certain app when you need to use it right away. Because of the Galaxy Note’s rather wide screen, you’ll find it a bit taxing to tap and flip through screens just to launch an app. This is exactly why widgets were made. If you are not really a fan of widgets, you should try considering using some to make your life easier and more comfortable. With just a tap, you can launch an app right from your homescreen. We’ve…

Best Android apps for buying or selling on Craigslist and eBay

by 2 years ago

Unless you’re strict on spring cleaning, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around that you really don’t need. If you’ve finally gathered the strength to part with them, there are a number of options available to you to get rid of them. You can give them to friends and family who need the items more than you do, for example. You can also donate items to the less fortunate. Of course, there’s the option of simply shucking your useless stuff into the trashcan. While all those are fast and effective ways of uncluttering your space, they don’t…

Best ninja games for Android

by 2 years ago

People have always held a fascination for dangers lurking in the shadows. Whether they are ghosts or curses or assassins, people are drawn to them like moths to a flame. Perhaps it’s the promise of a swift and efficient kill or the life of silence and danger. Regardless, the ninja has been an object of fascination for centuries. These covert agents and master assassins have been the focus of many forms of media, from books, to anime, and to games. At some point in our lives, probably all of us have dreamed of becoming ninjas. Though becoming one may be…