Best Android apps for biking and cycling

by 1 year ago

With Android’s apps for cycling and biking, you’ll have full control both of your cycling or biking destinations and scheduling of these activities. Everything you’ll need for a convenient and fun way to enjoy a ride is provided. You don’t need to experience the inconvenience of having to bring a map to help you navigate your path. All you need is one of the apps below, and you’re ready to go. Just want to have fun while sitting down? No problem! Cycling and biking games can provide you with the same fun without your breaking a sweat. Let’s check out…

New and fresh Android apps of the week (August 10 issue)

by 1 year ago

For as long as we live, we never run out of things to do.  And, for as long as there are things to do, Android app developers never run out of ideas for apps to help us do them. In this August 10 issue of our weekly roundup of the best new and fresh Android apps, say hello to some of the newest and interesting Android apps on the Google Play Store.  In this post, you’ll know more about a clock widget that actually makes ticking sounds, a database of nutritional info (especially sugar) for food, a collection of Galaxy…

New and fresh Android apps of the week (August 4 issue)

by 1 year ago

Every day is a new day for new and fresh Android apps on the Google Play Store.  At the rate app developers are creating new apps or improving existing ones, you’ll never run out of apps to try. In fact, the potential for new and innovative apps is nearly limitless, considering that human needs and wants are limitless.  We’ve often fantasized about the possibility that one of these days, there will be at least one app for every human need and for every human want.  But, that’s probably far off into the far future. For the meantime, we’re glad to…

Best file explorer and file manager apps for Android

by 1 year ago

Android devices these days are already bundled with such a large internal memory that using your device is tantamount to carrying a hard disk in your hand. With that amount of storage space, managing your files can be a daunting task, most especially if you tend to fill up your 16 GB internal storage, plus your 32 GB microSD card, with files and folders. One of the main challenges of many users these days is that of managing the files on their phones. And what better way to keep those files in order than by getting yourself a file manager…

Best homescreen launcher apps for Android

by 1 year ago

If you compare an iPhone with another iPhone, you can see a lot of similarities. You can see similar square icons, the white or gray interface, the same search bar design, and the same virtual keyboard. Unless you gain special access to your phone, you cannot see a big difference between two iPhones. On the other hand, when you compare two of the same Android devices, they may look identical on the outside but they can be different on the inside. If you have read our article about the best applications for customizing and personalizing your phone, the Google Play…

Best compass apps for Android

by 1 year ago

Whenever you go on a wild adventure or just a nature trek with your family in the woods, the most indispensable tool is the compass. Reading maps or navigating the woods wouldn’t be possible without a navigation instrument. Today, the compass is no longer just a piece of physical equipment.  It can be virtually found anywhere as long as you have a smartphone in hand. And, what’s even better, almost everyone with a smartphone can know directions with the aid of a digital compass application. Check out our list below and get to know some of the best compass apps…

Best sound and audio equalizer apps for Android

by 1 year ago

Music has always been a great source of entertainment. Whatever your calling in life is, music plays many roles many aspects of your public and private life. If you want to take full control of how your music sounds, then you’ve arrived at the right page. In this post, we feature some of the best sound and audio equalizer apps for Android.  These apps can help you improve your listening experience by letting you change the sound level settings of your phone or tablet’s sound output. Equalizer Equalizer offers different options to customize the music or audio from your phone….

Best new Android apps of the month – July issue

by 1 year ago

An apple a day keeps the doc away.  But, an Android app a day keeps the blues away. In the month of July, we saw a surge in new and fresh Android apps that will keep you downloading and installing, and sometimes charging your credit card, and sometimes maxing out your Android’s internal or external storage.  We are as hooked to Android apps as you are; so hooked, in fact, that one of these days we might commission an app developer to create an Android up just to cure us of our Android app addiction. That very same addiction gave…

Best Android card games

by 1 year ago

Card games are great past-times for people of all ages, whether you are still in your teens or way past it. Some card games entail strategy and quick decision-making skills. Slowpokes, they say, both in movement and thinking, will really have a hard time appreciating card games. But, if you have sufficient amounts of strategy and logic stored in your head, being fast will not be a requirement for you. On the Google Play Store, there are numerous apps that cater to people who love playing card games. One card game I bet almost everyone has is solitaire, but, in…

New and fresh Android apps of the week (July 28 issue)

by 2 years ago

The Google Play Store never sleeps.  Android app developers hardly sleep, too.  They are always busy in their kitchens, cooking up the best and newest Android apps to help you with your various life needs — whether to satisfy your craving for entertainment, to find information fast, to tickle your funny bone, to give you your RDA of adrenaline, or to help you learn something new or develop your skills. In this post, we feature some of the newest Android apps this week, fresh from the developers’ kitchens.  They’re so fresh you can smell the scent of Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice…