Apple’s 2012 profit crushed the combined profits of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay

by: AdrianNovember 27, 2012

There’s a lot of Apple hate going on in the comments section of our website (sometimes justified, sometimes not as much), but if there’s one thing fanboys, Android enthusiasts and neutral tech lovers can’t deny is Cupertino’s ability of turning everything it touches into gold.

We’ve grown accustomed to hearing about Apple’s record profits or groundbreaking sales numbers, not to mention the insane margins other companies can’t even dream of. Take the latest financial report, for Q4 FY2012 (the period between July 1 and September 30).

Despite falling short of estimates, the iPhone makers raked in an outrageous $8.2 billion in net profits on $36 billion revenue. And that was with the iPhone 5 released days before the end of the fiscal quarter or unreleased in many countries.

If we put those results into perspective, we get an even more impressive picture of Apple’s financial state. That is of a company who just wrapped up its fiscal year with a record profit of $41.7 billion on $156.5 billion revenue.

Taking matters even further and comparing the numbers with the “competition”, Statista compiled a very interesting (and, why not admit it, fun) chart. That shows not only that Apple is the most profitable company around, but also how far ahead of everyone else it is.

Apple is followed in the charts by the Facebook – Yahoo – Amazon – Microsoft – Google – Ebay conglomerate. Wait, what? That’s not a real thing. No, it isn’t, but, believe it or not, those six big-time companies only managed to draw in $34.4 billion in profit in the past four fiscal quarters combined.

Even further down the ranks we see basically the entire PC industry being ridiculed by Apple big-time. Dell, Intel, Asus, Acer, IBM, HP and Lenovo altogether didn’t even make half as much money as Tim Cook’s tech giant, bringing in a combined $19.4 billion in the last year.

Things are even worse in the smartphone universe, where Samsung, Nokia, HTC and RIM raked in $12.8 billion during the same time, which is less than a third of Apple’s profit. Disappointing? We’ll say, although we find ourselves obliged to mention a couple of things here.

First off, Samsung is itself on an unprecedented financial roll, breaking sales and profit records after records in 2012. Secondly and most importantly, while Nokia, RIM and HTC have all been major players in the past, the emphasis is now on the “past” aspect. All three companies are in desperate seeking of their former glory with no realistic perspectives of that happening anytime soon (or ever, for that matter).

What I’m trying to say basically is that it’s not exactly fair to put Samsung, a very profitable company lately, in the same category as Nokia, RIM and HTC, who’ve all lost big money in the last year. That’s not to say I’m trying to diminish Apple’s merits in any way. After all, even if Sammy was being compared by itself with the Cupertino-based company, it would still heavily lose the profits battle.

Back to Apple, we have nothing more to say but respect and well done. Admitting the obvious is the right thing to do, no matter our personal preferences or opinions. Right, guys?

  • The problem is is that Apple sells their gears at a high price.
    What I like to see Samsung profit and I don’t mean the mobile division I mean the whole company.

    • carlisimo

      Don’t all high end phones sell at the same $650 price point, plus $100 to double the internal storage? Apple sells its older iPhones for less, too. They must have very efficient processes because it looks like they’re making money by keeping costs down too.

  • mohdamr1

    Apple’s products are selected by many because it is just a temporary fad, give this several years and it will end or decline. Look at Nokia, blackberry, Sony and Microsoft. Its apple’s turn now to enjoy success.

    • Darktanone

      Apple has already suffered a near death experience and has reemerged to become the world’s most valuable company based on market evaluation. The iPhone was also considered a fad back in 2007. Apple, Inc. is over 30 years old and the iPhone was introduced five years ago. How many years do you think it will take to finally see all the naysayers death watch for Apple and it’s products come true?

      • mohdamr1

        Apple will not necessarily die soon or even never, but it might not be on top, maybe some Chinese or Korean , etc. company might beat it. All it takes is some new ground breaking technology, user experience or convenient features.

        Apple is currently refining its products bit by bit every year and patenting the hell out of them, and nothing amazing is going to be developed for the future this way. They seem to be satisfied with their current winning formula. Apple is no longer an underdog, they mostly focus on dominating component supplies, marketing and of course the daily law suits to protect their market turf, especially in US. Lucy Koh to the rescue !

        • Darktanone

          Yes, it’s true, Apple is currently refining and patenting the hell out of their products. However, you’re wrong if you believe the hype that they’ve lost their innovative edge! 1998 Apple introduced the iMac. In 2001 they introduced the iPod. In 2003 they introduced iTunes Music Store. In 2007 they introduced the iPhone. In 2008 they introduced the the App Store and MacBook Air. In 2010 they introduced the iPad. All of these products. Every single one of them have been phenomenal hits with consumers and critics. Can you name any tech companies with such stellar success in recent history? Don’t believe the hype! Samsung won’t be introducing the next big thing! A lot of companies talk. Few can deliver like Apple.

          • mohdamr1

            Well, I hope they keep innovating so there is competition and the consumer wins. Patents for every tiny detail such as rectangles or rounded corners only benefits lawyers. Also, they should not act as if they own all ideas and innovations in their devices, there were technology companies before and with them too.
            Apple should not be a monopoly – consumers will lose. Look at cars, planes, ships, buildings, weapons, space ships, etc. whenever there are advances in their designs, all manufacturers or builders benefit one way or another, and quality and company image differentiates between them. Even if they tried to copy one another, it is impossible to replicate totally. Apple has excellent expensive hardware produced in millions, optimized software,their own operating system, good brand image and loyal customers – I believe this is hard to replicate.
            Apple should think before it attacks all companies in sight.

  • James

    Ive heard Apple makes a profit of about 68%+ per iphone sold, and Im pretty sure thats with marketing, shiping costs, etc taken out.

  • IncCo

    their margins are ridiculous, thats why. But people are dumb enough to pay a premium for icrap products.

    • Aj

      I was nd now i regret it.. I bought d iphone4 2 yrs ago nd now i cant stand it
      Facts r facts.. At dat point of time Apple was simply leadin. It had a better nd more stable OS, more apps nd loyal customers.. Over d yrs i hav seen Android grow nd now while it is a full grown OS it has better customisation, prettier OS, better hardware parteners and equal no of apps. Android has really grown ftom dat ugly fragmented OS to dis full-grown, mkt-dominating OS dat i hav fallen in luv wid. Dis happens to every company, anything dis pretty yet dis cheap vil ofcource tak sum time to get a place in ur heart. Waitin to get my Note 2 on feb of next yr.
      Nd btw, dis was a 13 tr old speakin nd we guys hav really started to luk fwd to google, samsung and htc

      • Melad360

        an 11 year old with an iphone 4? kids nowadays. and by the way, learn some english.

  • Samm B.

    All the more money to sew other companies with… I wonder if that argument that Sammy is stealing from Apple’s profits will hold up… Then again, I guess you can get anything done when you have enough money to bribe everyone making the decisions… Just saying…

  • Abhinandan B R

    its cause of high cost of foolish phones..without major upgrades,that apple release into market..

    foolish apple fans pay thrice the actual cost and buy..


  • leoingle

    Why is this news? What do you expect from a company that has blind followers that scream take my money every time they make a new product that is barely a change from the last one? Not to mention its the same ppl that hate corporations and gather in parks to show that.

  • Siralf

    Well, they’ve been around since forever offering stylish products and cutting edge technology. Most importantly innovations. I am not an apple fan, I try not to be fan of many things to choose wisely; in fact I am now purchasing a Nexus 4 from an iPhone 4. But let’s be fair, they made the smartphone game what it is today; and for that I am grateful and I believe they deserve some fanboys if anyone does.

  • Daisy May

    Jobs ghost is getting very fat indeed!!

  • Daisy May

    Waz is the only good thing to leave an Apple building it the last 20 years.

  • Lee

    You guys forgot, apple not only profits from its phones, it also profits form apps and music downloads which none of the other phone makes do…

  • Lee

    Even say samsung + google still does not have songs for sale like in itunes…

  • A nice lesson on making profits using consistency, great marketing and manufacturing processes that ensure a solid experience. Do I prefer Apple over Android or PC? Absolutely not! But to deny those guy can sell expensive ice at the north pole would be plain dumb.