Rumor: Apple working on large screen iPhone, Android manufacturers right all along

by: Gary SimsOctober 14, 2013

sony xperia z ultra aa display specsFor several years Apple was the industry leader for display technology innovations and managed to bring these advancements regularly to the consumer market. It was the first company to release a smartphone with a pixel density greater than 300 ppi, and it was the first company to release a tablet with a QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution. However recently Apple has been falling behind and the latest iterations of the iPhone are still using the same displays found in the 2012 versions of the device, while the new iterations of devices from companies like Samsung and LG have always improved on the display technology. The iPhone’s 4 inch, 640 x 1,136 pixels, 326 ppi display has been superseded by higher resolution displays used in the current flagship Android smartphones.

If a consumer has invested heavily in Apple’s ecosystem they are often reluctant to change smartphone platform due to the money already spent on apps, books and media. Since Apple doesn’t offer a wide range of devices for different needs and price points, Apple consumers are stuck with whatever Apple releases, regardless of whether they like the new iteration or not, they have little choice. This can lead to Apple’s customers passionately defending the company’s design choices while simultaneously saying that next year’s model will be better!

A recent report by a TFT and LCD market expert has suggested that Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature a bigger display. According to research performed into the supply chain which manufactures Apple’s displays, the Cupertino company is looking to release two versions of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7 inch display and one with a 5.7 inch display. The 4.7 inch variant is purported to have a 1280 x 720 screen, while the 5.7 inch version goes HD with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Apple display speculation for 2014

If this report is right then it means that Apple is finally agreeing with the Android community in that a 4 inch, sub 720p display isn’t enough. In other words Apple will be eating humble pie. However the geniuses in its  marketing department will probably spin it in such a way that consumers won’t notice. Larger screen Android phones are extremely popular and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and S4 probably sold more than 70 million units between them while Samsung’s Note range has chalked up over 38 million units sold. The iPhone has also sold very well but Apple has rigidly stuck to its smaller form factor ignoring the clear demands of consumers for larger displays.

If Apple releases a 4.7 inch smartphone with a 720p display in Q4 2014, the company will finally offer its customers something that Android manufacturers have been offering since 2012.

The original iPhone had a 3.5 inch display which remained the form factor for all iPhones up to the iPhone 5 which, in 2012,  added the extra half an inch. Conversely Samsung already had a 4.3 inch smartphone (albeit with a lower screen resolution) in the S2 which was unveiled in February 2011. The Galaxy S3 was launched with a 720p, 4.7 inch screen several months before Apple released the iPhone 5 with its 4 inch display. Since then the demand for HD displays has been growing and if Apple releases a 4.7 inch smartphone with a 720p display in Q4 2014 then the company will finally offer its customers something that Android manufacturers have been offering since 2012. Only two years behind!

Although Apple has managed to innovate successfully in other areas of its smartphone design, for example the 64-bit A7 processor is very cool, it seems to have struggled with the form factor and display, are the design decisions of the late Steve Jobs still haunting the company? Only time will tell.

  • the truth

    nothing really interesting here move it along, side note. oh and btw Apple has arm to thank for it;s processor. they didn’t create or innovate on it they simply assembled and then tweaked it, adding there preferred gpu and so on. Also Samsung and Qualcomm and so on and so forth

    • Actually your information about ARM and Apple’s 64-bit is wrong. Although the instruction set is defined by ARM, the A7 is designed completely by Apple. The A7 isn’t a tweaked version of the Cortex-A50 series, I have spoken to ARM about this personally.

      • Dimitar Gospodinov


        • Are you implying that the representative I spoke to from ARM was lying to me?

          • MasterMuffin

            He’s probably implying that you never talked to any representative:)

          • TechDevil

            Last I heard, Samsung largely produces equipment for Apple, so if by “designed completely by Apple” you mean produced, then I’m also getting suspicious, as it goes against everything I know about Apple.

          • No, by designed I mean designed, yes Samsung do the manufacturing but that is irrelevant.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            2 words:

            confidentiality agreement

          • TechDevil

            To be fair, the world has seen much larger confidentiality agreements go wrong *cough* NSA *cough*

          • Dimitar, ARM have several different licenses and it is basically public knowledge that Apple has an architecture licensee which gives them the right to design their own processors using ARM’s instruction set from scratch.

            It is not a breach of confidentially to say that someone didn’t do something.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            OK first we have to clear out the “design” part…it is pointles for a company that does not produce CPUs to try and figure out and build from scratch something that is already there…the whole “design” that Apple did is “Take this and that and put it in a SoC”…not only it is pointless but I doubt they have the required equipement to do it…it is not a coincidence that so few companyes manufacture these products…and it is a breach of confidentially if they sign not to tell something and say it afterwards ;-)
            Designing a SoC is not like drawing a couple of schemes…

          • Dimitar, sorry you have lost me… Apple has its own in-house CPU design team. The A6 processor uses its own custom core, the Swift. It isn’t just a Cortex-A15 core bolted onto a GPU etc. Apple and Qualcomm both design their own ARM chips from scratch, they would disagree with you that such work is “pointless.”

            As I have said Apple has an architecture license from ARM which allows them to do more than just take ARM’s Cortex core and put it into its own silicon.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            OK…when I am wrong I am wrong :D no offence but I am use to taking everything that Apple says for a lie….but I searched a little and you are right…my apologies

      • This is correct. The one thing I got to give Apple full credit for is their chip. Since the A6, they’ve done the entire design in-house (of course with help from partners but largely in-house). That said, the 64 bit A7 is a gimmick right now. And its far from optimised.

  • Jaun Lombard

    Well if they do…I might just drop android…. :0

    • Ash

      I think 4.3″ is good. I love small screen with good specs. Like xperia z1 mini. Waiting for more smart phone like this

      • Rudy Boumon

        I love big samsung galaxy note

      • Jaun Lombard

        Really want that mini Sony…if only it had a better UI…

    • vosg

      And sacrifice the freedom?

  • Still 720p at 4.7″… if true, that would be like selling leftovers as “freshly baked”. Nothing surprising to people without fruit blinders on though. Apple will say it today and do an about turn tomorrow like they never said it, or spin in a way only Apple can.

    – 3.5″ is the best and is perfect.. any higher is dumb and stupid and a gimmick.
    – Any smaller than 9.7″ for a tablet is useless and stupid.
    – “Retina” is beyond the human eye’s limits.
    – Plastic is cheap, classless and stupid.

    etc etc..

    • Guest

      3.5 inch veel te kkein om alles deftig te kunnen lezen ik bel zeer blij met mijn gakaxy note 2

      • TechDevil

        Now in English please?

        • vosg

          He basically wrote that 3.5″ is much too small to read anything, and that he’s very happy with his Note2.

    • Brandon

      This is about battery life. They are taking a cue from Moto. I”m curious to see if processor efficiency and battery tech will allow for good battery life on a 1080p screen that small.

    • FrillArtist

      How is 3.5″ the best for a phone?

      • I obviously do not have an answer to that as I wear Oakley or Police and I can see through them.

      • joser116

        He didn’t say 3.5 is the best for a phone, he is criticizing Apple for saying that.

        • FrillArtist

          Ahhhh. Okay.

    • Iliyan Conev

      Fanboy open your eyes

      • Talking to me captain?

  • RarestName

    Just asked my friend who switched from the Galaxy S II to the iPhone 5. He prefers a smaller screen, like me. Yes, there are people who prefer smaller screens.

    • TechDevil

      That’s just ridiculous.

      • RarestName

        As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s true.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Stop being a cry baby

        • TechDevil

          What the flying fuck? Haha, what’s wrong with being funny? Stop crying yourself little man.

          • Ishaan Malhotra

            If u consider 6’4″ little, then yeah, im a little man

    • sluflyer06

      You should try a modern android phone, they’ve become nearly incomparably superior in day to day use, quality, battery life, since the days of the S2.

      • RarestName

        I’ve tried one, and I love using it. If you’re asking what phone it is, it’s the Galaxy S4.

  • MasterMuffin

    “Android manufacturers right all along” that’s not a rumor, that’s a fact ;D

    • RanRu

      Aye. I remember the tumultuous inner battles I had over that extra 0.1″

      • MasterMuffin

        Same here :)

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    I might consider an iPhone if they do, But ain’t leaving Android any time soon. :)

  • zourite

    The only way for Apple to maintain app compatibility would be to quadruple again the pixel count. That would make something like 2272X1280. Makes sense on a 5+ inches screen but such screens won’t be available before next year.
    In the meanwhile, they’ll keep on selling 4″ phones like crazy (100M phones a year). They’re not in a hurry because Apple customers don’t switch very much (at least in saturated markets like US/Europe/Japan).

  • Oli72

    Apple will not do it. No 5 or 6 inch phone. Just hype.

  • Christopher Moore

    The resolutions mentioned in the article are just wrong. iOS is not flexible enough to offer Android like/standard resolutions without breaking app compatibility. Their going to have to quadruple the current iPhones 2272×1280 in a size of about 4.5″. I don’t see Apple jumping to 5 inch until 2016.
    I have both a iPhone 5s, Nexus 7 and note 10.1. I switched from my Note 2 because I noticed that Samsung would rather sell you a note 3 and note 10.1 2014 with 4.3 instead of updating the note 2 and 10.1 2012 first. And it doesn’t help that Verizon screwed the Nexus program and that their the king of locked bootloaders.
    Android phones have one more good year. If Apple delivers the resolution and larger screen size people will start jumping the Android ship.

    • You realise many people use Android for reasons beyond just the resolution and screen size right? “Start jumping ship” for one improvement is a gross overstatement.

      • NeedName

        no doubt. . . won’t be buying an iphone. . . well, ever.

      • Christopher Moore

        Let’s not forget about timely updates. By the time my old phone the note 2 gets 4.3 kitkat 4.4 will make it old again. And there is no guarantee that it will officially receive 5.0.

  • jjordan

    Apple will most definitely do it…there is a considerable amount of features and products in the android ecosystem now a days. If apple doesn’t start giving consumers what they really want they will be left behind eventually

  • rebirthofcool

    its not quite fair to say that Apple was wrong opposite that statement, since the iphone is a single smartphone product and updated in single iterations until the 5S and 5C while Android OEM had the advantage of experimenting with various form factors at their disposal. now considering apps and UI experience aside, it was mainly due to expansive contents that became more available to enhance mobile device experience that drives the need for larger displays for rich media consumption. but definitely there will be a point of saturation in form factors because, all devices should fit and work around our physical anatomy.

  • Balraj

    Steve has nothing to do about it..also Steve changes according to time
    If he was alive today apple would have been different..

  • Sam

    If they really do this then I might drop my samsung for apple!

    • Christopher Moore

      I’ve already done it. Played with the Note 3 yesterday and that thing was a beast; much better if you can handle the size. The problem is that when Google releases KitKat that’s when remorse starts to kick. And then there’s the slap in in face when Verizon only offered me $130 for my Note 2 while offering $300 for a 16gig iPhone 5. I had to drop my price down on craigslist to $275 and I only got one offer for $240. My 16 iPhone 5s should fully cover a 32gig iPhone 6.

      • Peter HJ

        Post on ebay. Average price for a 16GB Note 2 is about $350…

  • João Grácio

    It can only be fake, if apple move to a 4.7″ screen with a resolution on 720p the their current retina display will still have a bigger ppi…And 4.7 screen is to huge for a phone who don´t have back button on the bottom bezel

    • How can 4.7″be huge for “phone that don’t have back buttons on the bottom bezel? There are lots of popular Android phones including the S4 and probably the Nexus 5 with bigger screens?

      • João Grácio

        Yes there are but all of them have a back button o the bottom bezel. the new iOS 7 is already betting on left swype to go back but is still very inconstant throughout the user experience

        • FrillArtist


      • Tim

        but with software buttons, so bezels can be much smaller

  • TechDevil

    I am so tired of people saying Apple is behind on technology. The truth is, while the iPhone is a smartphone, it’s a completely different product than any Android device. So comparing the technology behind Android and iPhone seems simply weird to me. I hate iPhone devices because they don’t innovate and are basically the same, but I don’t compare those devices to Android products, because they are not at the same place in society. In addition, people are saying iPhone is behind on Android and are flaming crApple for it, but Mac is in front of Windows. They don’t have crappy Windows 8, their equipment comes with SSD as standard, and they offer Thunderbolt. In addition, anyone with a MacBook Pro will say it’s faster for work, while Windows systems are primarily constructed for less-advanced entertainment and home use. The fact that Windows is used at work-places is a big mess, and we can all see that by the way government officials are still at Windows XP. So iPhone may be 2 years behind Android, but Mac is x number of years in front of Windows. Basically, don’t compare them. That’s the cold-hearted truth.

    • “..Mac is x number of years in front of Windows..”
      Where x is a negative integer.. So, lets not go there.

      • TechDevil

        How can it be negative? Unless you don’t like SSDs and Thunderbolt, of course. MacBook Pro has happy customers – Windows customers are complaining. Windows does not come with SSD as standard, and Thunderbolt is not even present on any of the major Windows makers.

        • Typical “Apple blinders” case. Mac is an OS. Software. MBP is a computer. Hardware. I hope you can tell the difference. Mac is in no way ahead of Windows in any department. The converse, on the other hand, could be true.

          Now, Dell was the first OEM to ship SSD-equipped laptops, almost a year before Apple. As of today, almost all high-end Windows laptops ship with SSD as standard (and do not charge the crazy premium for identical hardware or sometimes even better than what Apple puts in the MBP).

          Thunderbolt is great, but mostly irrelevant to Windows OEMs because of the licensing and manufacturing costs. USB 3.0 serves most people’s needs pretty well, when that changes, you can bet every PC maker will have Thunderbolt or whatever is the newer/more sensible tech on their machines. Firewire was great but what happened? Mass adoption is the key. When OEMs see its worth it, it will be on every decent Windows machine.

          I’d suggest you stop with this discussion as its irrelevant to this thread and totally OT.

          • TechDevil

            I’m franly happy I got a proper answer from you, rather than your previous useless comment. So, yes, I will finish this discussion, as I got the response I was looking for, thank you.

          • The previous comment was useless on purpose – to not go there.

        • Tim

          lol a notebook with a pricetag over 2000$ without SSD would be extremely stupid, thats why nor Mac nor Windows 8 offer a HDD for the 2000$+ market.

          Compare price with price, not a 600$ netbook with a $2000 notebook.

          I would say I hear more complaints with mac then ever before since more and more people start to use it. Windows is very stable and solid and simply runs EVERYTHING.

          I prefer to have an extra USB3port over thunderbolt, since external SSDs are still too expensive (and thats not going to change in the upcoming year), all the other stuff USB3 is fast enough

          And thunderbolt is def present on windows notebooks IF you want it:
          Acer’s Aspire S5 ultrabook
          Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge S430


          Do some research before telling ‘facts’

        • DrCarpy

          SSD is still in it’s infancy….meaning it’s still really expensive. Macbooks are overpriced. Name a Fortune 500 company that would change to SSD’s cause it’s better? Bottom line is most people will adopt when it’s affordable, not bleeding edge technology. Thunderbolt is irrelevant right now. Until 4K is mainstream, it’s useless tech.

          • TechDevil

            That actually makes sense. The only thing I am worried about is exactly 4K, as I don’t think it will ever become mainstream. Full HD is still pretty new, with a lot of content still not offered in Blu-ray Discs. I have a feeling the only place where 4K will undoubtedly become mainstream is gaming.

  • SpeakEzee

    It’s going to be magical :-

  • Adrian Cruz

    Note 3…….best of all y’all!!!!

  • abazigal

    In theory, Apple doesn’t need to double the current iphone’s resolution, but rather, triple the resolution of the non-retina screen display.

    Currently, their screen is 1136×640 (which works out to 568×320 if there were a hypothetical 4″ non-retina iphone). I think Apple could triple this to 1704×960, which on a 5″ screen, gives it a PPI of 391.

    Granted, the devil’s in the details, but Apple could probably do some sort of software-based reverse-scaling, followed by 3xscaling to maintain backwards compatibility with their existing apps, while buying developers time to recode their apps.

    • Xennex1170

      I think you mean Apple has to FIND an OEM that provides the resolution/dimension of screen that would allow them to double or triple their resolution. If display OEMs decide to create future screen resolutions that are not multiples of current screen resolutions either Apple will have to find a better way to support yet more resolutions or be forced to stick with what they have now till one that IS a multiple is developed.

  • Yama

    I bought note 3, and i love it. Been using android since s3…s4..note 3 :) i didnt really like iphone 5. But OMFG if iPhone 6 gets 5.7”, im so f:ng getting it!

  • TechDevil

    Out of curiousity, why do you use a picture of a 1080p Sony device when the article is about Apple producing a 720p device?

    • FrillArtist

      Because this is an Android blog?

      • TechDevil

        Yeah, but Sony has nothing to do with this blog post. It gets really confusing. At least use a picture of an iPhone, which is what the post is about. You see my logic?

        • FrillArtist

          Ah, okay. I get what you’re talking about now. True.

  • RanRu

    “[F]or example the 64-bit A7 processor is a very cool”


    • Yes what?

      • RanRu

        Shouldn’t there be a noun to go with all those neat adverbs and adjectives?
        Such as, “a very cool [idea],” or “a very cool [innovation]”?

        • :-)

          Well spotted, there was an extraneous ‘a’… Fixed!

          • RanRu

            Haha, sorry. Just being annoying and pedantic as usual.

  • abazigal

    I knew that Android websites would ultimately pounce on the news that Apple might eventually release a much larger iphone. Pundits have been speculating for years, and wrong all the way. Maybe they will finally be right next year. Maybe they will be wrong again. Time will tell.

    That said, even if this were true, I fail to see how this is any affirmation that Android OEMs were right all along, or that Apple has somehow been wrong all along.

    For one, the fact remains that there are also smaller-screened Android smartphones in the market today. Samsung has the S3 mini, HTC has their mini phone as well even as they were championing their phablet offerings; all this shows that screen size is simply a matter of personal preference, and having a larger-sized screen does not automatically equate to possessing a better phone, especially when phablets still don’t yet account for a large percentage of total Android smartphones sold overall.

    Second, I take issue with the line “This can lead to Apple’s customers passionately defending the company’s design choices while simultaneously saying that next year’s model will be better!” It’s an example of a loaded statement, which presumes to say that anyone defending their choice of an Apple product is doing it just to avoid admitting that he or she is wrong, while completely trivialising the possibility that they actually have a product which they enjoy using.

    Third, without knowing fully Apple’s long-term roadmap, it seems premature to conclude that they are indeed late to the party. It’s like the story of the 4 blind men each feeling a separate part of an elephant and thus making grossly inaccurate conclusions about what the elephant looks like, because only Apple would know what their overall big picture is.

    I am reminded of how, for close to 3 years now, the iphone has been continuously lambasted by the Android community for not having something as elementary as NFC (never mind that it’s nowhere near as useful as people are making it out to be).

    Now that Apple has announced iBeacon in IOS7 and TouchID in the iphone5s, and when we put these together with their passbook app in IOS6 and the low-energy bluetooth technology introduced since the 4s, we see how all the pieces are starting to come together, and what Apple’s plans for penetrating the mobile payments market really are. It’s not that Apple couldn’t do something as simple as bundling a NFC chip inside their phones; they deliberately made a conscious decision not to do so as they were readying their own answer to NFC.

    In light of this, would you still say that Apple is late to the NFC party, when they were never intending to attend in the first place?

    All I can say is, who is right, who is wrong, is something that only 20/20 hindsight can tell us when we look back many years from today. Any conclusion now, especially one basely solely on unsubstantiated rumours, is specious at best.

    • Xennex1170

      “That said, even if this were true, I fail to see how this is any affirmation that Android OEMs were right all along, or that Apple has somehow been wrong all along.”

      I suppose the meaning here is that Android OEMs were ‘right’ that they did not believe that only one size is the ‘perfect’ size for a smartphone.

    • The title clearly marks this as a rumor… Also the source is an expert in the supply chains for TFT and LCD displays, I am simply expanding on his comments.

      Of course we don’t know Apple’s long term road-map, no one does except Apple, I would have thought that would be obvious.

      As for the line with which you take issue, all I can say is that I have spoken to many Apple users online and offline and a good portion of them defend Apple’s design decisions while simultaneously expressing a desire for something different in “next year’s phone.” For an Android user this isn’t an issue, if I don’t like Samsung’s phone, I will look at LG or at Sony etc, etc.

      Of course there are many Apple users who could care less, the phone works, the screen is nice enough. Plus there are those (like your good self) who like the screen as it is. If Apple does make the next iPhone only with bigger screens I guess Apple will lose some customers.

      And like Xennex said above, the point is that Apple has implied (even in its adverts) that a 4 inch screen is really all you need. But the Android manufacturers offer a full range to match everyone’s taste.

      I have never written anything about Apple and NFC.

  • Richard Gutierrez

    So If I recall, a lot of iPhone users talk smack about the size of Android phones. “Who needs a tablet for a phone, I don’t.” I bet these same people are going to be raving about the new larger iPhone when it comes out. Pathetic.

    • edkavs

      even if iPhone become the lamest phone in the world, iPhone user will still brag about its feature, believe me

      • RanRu

        iPhone Shuffle. Watch it happen.

    • FrillArtist

      Paint a rock black and put an apple logo on it and the iFans will still fawn over it. Bunch of bumbling idiots if I ever saw one.

      • vosg

        At least the brick won’t crash,

    • Brian Shieh

      Already happened with the iPhone 5

  • Charles Chambers

    Steve Jobs quoted Wayne Gretzky by saying “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it is.” Since Steve left, it seems like apple isn’t even bothering to even chase the puck anymore.

  • PopeJamal

    If they released a 5.7 inch iPhone, I’d be all over it. At this point, between the region locking and the e-fuse on my Galaxy note 3, rooting and rom – in are out of the question without risking losing functionality like Knox, so I might as well have an iPhone.

    All of the premier android phones at my carrier store are mediocre at best. I wouldn’t buy HTC because they might be out of business in a year. The UK on LG devices is janky, and Samsung stays up at night having at the moon wishing they were just like apple. These new hardware restrictions are not cool.

    The Android ecosystem needs a Kick in the pants right about now and Apple are probably The only ones capable of doing it. We’ll see what info gets released with the Kit kat announcement, but so far I don’t hear anything remotely interesting.

    • needa

      i guess i dont get where you are coming from. you purchased a phone knowing the consequences. you call lg janky, yet pay no attention to how janky touchwiz is? its almost like you are making excuses because you not happy with your purchase. its either buyers remorse, or you have come to the realization that its just a phone.

      all oems are giving all other oems a kick in the pants.

    • FrillArtist

      “The Android ecosystem needs a Kick in the pants right about now and Apple are probably The only ones capable of doing it.”

      You have little to no idea what you’re talking about and just spewing talking points.

    • DrCarpy

      So don’t buy a phone from your carrier! You realize that phones are sold off contract? You sound like some Apple schill who got an Android phone for free and uses it begrudgingly. IOS 7 sucks. Period. Read some articles. Flatlining phones…No ones bought the 5C. Now they (crApple) increase the sizes of the screens of their phones to be like everyone else? Real Innovative….

  • Apparently in youtube apple’s innovation causes the blue screen of death

  • RanRu

    Everyone keeps saying the resolution needs to double for it to work, but there is another way…

  • somfw

    Any rumor to keep the flock from fleeing right? These big screen spoke rumors appear every year after yet another disappointing miniature iPhone release. Seriously, when will it end! Spoke won’t get a 5+ inch screen, if that you can be certain. Maybe, just maybe you lemmings will get a 4.25″ one if you pay real hard. But it will be an oblong rectangle with the same width as the 5s. As to your chain if “For several years Apple was the industry leader for display technology innovations” Yadda, Yadda. I think you meant to say was – For years apple has been lagging behind in screen design and size!

  • Ellis Ip

    apple , why you need to become mainstream , the most stupid idea

  • somfw

    The word “spoke” is meant to be “Apple” my 5″ screen refuses to type miniature words and substitutes them. And I don’t care enough to change it:)

  • Dark_Laser

    Although, I would love a smaller Android flagship. The 4.3″ Sony Xperia Z1f would kill if released in the US.

  • Tamadrummer94

    There are other measurements of display quality besides resolution. The iPhone still has a leading display, competitive with Android flagships. Just saying. And a 720p 4.7″ display seems far more likely than a 5.7″ display. I really can’t see Apple making the latter.

    • diper07

      note 3 has much brighter and best color production screen than iphone 5s and still it costs less than iphone 5s.

  • mikegonzalez2k

    So what should we Android fans say to all the iSheep about their 4.0″ screens?


    • Brian Shieh

      it was like that when the 5 came out with the 4 in screen

  • spassmonkey

    From a commercial perspective, I think that Apple were smart to stick with their undersized screens as it meant the fanbois needed an iPad too for any serious browsing – et viola, people bought more expensive devices.