The Apple Watch was all the hype this week. Us Android fans may not be all about the new smartwatch, but we know at least a handful of you like the interesting UI the Cupertino giant has put together. If there is one thing we love about Android Wear is the open philosophy it follows. You can even make your Android Wear smartwatch look like an Apple Watch!

The guys from UhrArt have posted a couple watchfaces that will give any Android Wear device the soon-to-go-popular look of the Apple Watch, with the dark background, small icons and all. Not really our style here at Android Authority, but we do love that we have the freedom to do this. And it’s not only for developers, even you can create your own watchfaces!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

This is made possible thanks to apps like UhrArt’s WearFaces, which allows you to make, customize and manage your watchfaces. They made a version for round and square Android wear screens, as well as energy-efficient versions of both.

These can be downloaded straight from the Developer’s website. They can also be applied via the WearFaces app, which is available from the Google Play Store. You can take a look at the video below to watch a nifty tutorial on how to apply these watchfaces.

Beat that, Apple!

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