Apple Wants Samsung’s Android Phones, Tablets out of the U.S.

by: Elmer MontejoJuly 5, 2011

Apple hasn’t given up yet in its ongoing battle against Samsung over claims of the latter’s alleged infringment of Apple intellectual property. On Friday last week, Apple filed a preliminary injunction seeking court intervention in halting the production and preventing the sale or importation of certain Samsung devices in the United States.

According to the FOSS Patents blog, which discovered Apple’s motion for preliminary injunction, the injunction is targeting the Samsung Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Apple also said it “reserves the right to seek a preliminary injunction against [the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Samsung Galaxy S II] as their release becomes imminent.” Apple filed the motion with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Apple bases its injunction motion on alleged infringement by Samsung of three of Apple design patents and one utility patent. Apple also argues that the preliminary injunction is necessary not only to protect Apple’s rights but also “to protect the public interest.” According to the filing, prohibiting Samsung from infringing Apple’s patents would serve public interest “because Apple has demonstrated a likelihood of success on its claims.”

Samsung immediately shrugged off Apple’s claims shortly after the latter filed its motion: “Samsung believes there is no legal basis for this motion. We will continue to serve our customers, and sales of Samsung products will proceed as usual. Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communication business.”

Samsung hasn’t been showing signs of cowering under pressure from Apple. On Tuesday last week, Samsung filed a complaint against Apple at the International Trade Commission (ITC), which could result in an import ban against Apple products. On Wednesday last week, Samsung filed a federal lawsuit against Apple in Delaware, as well as in the U.K. and Italy. On Thursday last week, Samsung reportedly added two more patents that it alleges Apple to have infringed and filed its defense against Apple’s lawsuit.

Apart from filing lawsuits against Apple in three venues in the U.S. (the ITC, Delaware, and Northern California), Samsung has also filed lawsuits against Apple in Asia (South Korea and Japan) and Europe (Germany, the U.K., and Italy).

The legal battle will continue to rage between the two former buddies. Would you rather have them see this conflict settled in court? Or do you think it wiser for them to settle amicably off-court?

  • 3dfreek

    Funny, I’ve been wanting apple out of the country too… the nerve of this elitist company trying to squash competition… btw, did you know that apple has all the patents on everything computer/internet based and we will all bow to them soon. GET A LIFE apple!!!! you’re not creating anymore friends with all these tactics… soon you will have to get started in the hardware business where you can start violating hardware patents for yourselves… ring ring ring… the iclones are calling.

    • kash

      dude they’re already in the hardware business and they can file lawsuits against ultrabook companies they have patents for the designs

  • abdullah

    I am really disappointed with Apple. So far, I have always heard IPhone user saying I want IPhone, no matter how much I have tried to convince friends against iPhone. They rather used to believe that Apple doesn’t have any competition.
    So Apple trying to get Samsung out of USA is a strong indicator that they are scared of the success that Samsung can pull off. That means Samsung is good enough ?!
    And I thought Apple was confident of the superiority of its products and its softwares.
    Obviously I was wrong about Apple. Well, Apple people need to grow up and accept competition and face it rather than play the court games.


    • gsma1500

      I tryed the i(diot)Phone 5, but after trying the Galaxy S4 i never want to se a low end iphon3 ever again. Iphone sucks hard, long and forever

  • RD

    I guess the 3 million in 55 days has got Mr. Cry Baby Jobs worried. I really was considering a ipad2 but this really makes me sick. No Apple products for me or my family.

    • gsma1500

      Not apple in my family either!! Have changed everything over to sammy.. samsung: tv, camera, mobile, tablet (even samsung keyboards) :-) there is a apple BAN in affect inside my home! No i(diot)Phone inside this house.

  • Richard Benson

    First off that graphic is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!

    Second off – and as they say in latin – acta non verba – actions speak louder than words. Clearly Apple is threatened by Samsung, and this is why they are moving to do whatever they can to squash the competition. Apple is a monopolistic company that doesn’t give a shit about anything except money. Hell, they make almost all of their money off their i(diot)Phone, but the tide is turning against them. How many suicides in China, poisonings at the factories they source, and ripped off consumers is it going to take before this company is penalized?

    Keep up the good work guys – this site rocks!

  • Mike S.

    I have an issue buying from companies that act like this.

  • Tony NoName

    Florian Mueller is CrApple’s AssSlave… obviously and the king of iDiots hasn’t been right on much if anything. For him talk is cheap when he’s on M$’s and Apple’s dimes! ;-p

  • Darkangels6sic6

    Also is everyone catching that Samsung is doing nothing except to keep on making good products…. Then Apple who are the ones doing the copying go…hey you stle and copied this from us…(BULLSH**) and then samsung says ok. you really think so? No problem. Btw guess what..You copied this this this this this this this and this from us. Here is the proof. See you in court ;)

    • gsma1500

      I could not have saied it better my self :-) i love your comment :-D

  • Billy

    I have used both the Iphone, as a loner and the samsuug s2 and the new samsuug s3. To as a user I have found that the samsuug is superior to the iphone and allows greater flexability in use and the process in using the samsuug totally different than the iphone. To me the iphone controls what the user can do and lacks fexability. I did not like it, and would not buy one. Secondly it is my opinion that Apple is trying to control the information systems, but like most on top companies they are starting to slide, so they are trying to keep a superior product away from the public. Bill