Apple vs Samsung: new round in global patent war kicks off in Australia

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 23, 2012
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I know what you’re thinking – another patent trial between Samsung and Apple, who cares? Well, as the recent HTC One X/EVO 4G LTE Customs hold up and the ban on the Galaxy Nexus (lifted, for now) show, we are all pretty much exposed to the effects of the patent wars. Until something is done about it, we need to pay attention.

The latest trial between arch-frenemies Apple and Samsung has begun today in Australia. Apple is claiming that the Koreans are infringing its patents on touchscreen technology in the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung has countersued, alleging that Apple’s products unlawfully use their patented wireless transmission technology. Both claims are being examined in one case, in a trial that is likely to extend to 2014. According to an analyst quoted by Reuters, regardless of the results of this trial, an appeal is almost guaranteed.

The trial does not have a direct influence over the legal actions that the two technology giants have brought against each other in other jurisdictions. Currently, Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a global war, with patent cases pending in 10 countries, including major markets such as the US, UK, Germany or Australia. But a victory could be used by either side to persuade courts in other countries, and to exert psychological pressure over the rivals.

My hope is that the Australian court will issue a similar ruling with that in the UK case. Last week, it was revealed that Apple will have to publicly acknowledge that Samsung did not steal the design of the iPad on the Galaxy Tab series. Aussies, would you like that?

  • SamsaraGuru

    The tried and true method for dealing with a bully whether on the playground or in the corporate world is to stand up to them and show them up for what they really are.

    No need to belabor the point that Apple has perfected the role of international corporate bully to perfection – why the U. S Justice Department hasn’t gotten serious about the noises they were making about instituting anti-trust actions against them is surprising. As time goes by Apple is making Microsoft look like it was a kitten compared to Apple’s man eating tiger.

    In any event, as time goes by and one case after another ultimately is decided against them and the inevitable distaste the public and judges have for a greedy corporation using tools designed originally to defend against the greedy in service of the greedy – Apple will find judges exacting even harsher deterrents to their nuisance suits than the slap in the face given by the judge in the U. K.

    The world, as well as judges, are getting totally sick and tired of Apple’s patently obvious (pun intended) efforts to manipulate, constrict, control and destroy free market competition based on their ludicrous, usually spurious, claims of infringement and/or theft of “their ideas – like the shape of the rectangle.”

    • Unfortunately, not all judges are getting sick of Apple’s tactics, especially in the US, where they seem very attached to the whole concept of patented intellectual property.
      Judges like Colin Birss in the UK and William Posner are still the exception, rather then the rule.

  • Yes Aussie would love to do the same as the UK because we enjoy competition.
    Samsung have better products than Apple. The courtcase in California was never going to be fair – Apple because it was on home turf was going to win.