August 10, 2012
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As Samsung and Apple fiercely duke it out in California, the tech world stands by curiously waiting to see who will emerge the victor. The war between the two companies has taken many unique turns and has had many different battlefields including the U.K, Germany and Australia. While most of the attention is going to the high-profile case in California, the South Korean media recently anticipated a ruling in their own country over the patent infringement lawsuit, only to discover that the court had decided to hold off announcing the verdict for “procedural reasons.”

The South Korean court did not give any further reason or explanation, although the judges involved in the case are more than likely waiting to see what happens in the U.S. trial before making their own decision.

The actual financial damages at stake in the Korean case are relatively small, at about $90,000 versus the $2.5 billion asked for in the U.S. case. The true impact from losing this in Samsung’s own home country has more to do with their reputation than financials, which is arguably just as important as any amount of money at stake.  The Apple vs. Samsung War is far from over, and it’s still too soon to call casualties. It is clear, though, that the results of the trial would have a major impact on the mobile world, regardless of the victor.

Andrew Grush
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