The Apple vs Samsung patent wars roll on as Apple is appealing an August 31 decision in Samsung’s favor in the Tokyo District Court.

Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats for over a year now, and it doesn’t seem that it will be ending any time soon. This time the case saw Apple claiming that Samsung had violated a patent relating to technology for sharing media across smartphones and personal computers. The Tokyo District Court ruled in Samsung’s favor, and Apple was ordered to pay the legal fees associated with the lawsuit.

While Apple didn’t win this lawsuit, it did win a significantly larger lawsuit in California, with the jury ruling that Apple held two patents that nearly all of Samsung’s Android-based smartphones infringed upon. This earned the Cupertino-based company $1 billion in damages. Since then, Samsung has tried to get the ruling dismissed, claiming that the verdict was tainted due to misconduct on the part of the jury foreman.

Apparently one win isn’t enough, because Apple is continuing to pursue the legal issue in the Tokyo District Court. Bloomberg reports that a spokesperson for Apple in Beijing could not be reached for comment, and a spokesman for Samsung has said that the company doesn’t have any comments on the issue at this time. We will report additional details as they come.

Do you think that the Tokyo court will overturn its prior ruling? Do you think that Apple is right to try to appeal the decision?

Kristofer Wouk
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  • Both of them are EVIL. Apple is arrogant bastards while samsung has no clue how to treat customers. For e.g. 1 year old flagmans do not get updates to ics and so on.

    • Kassim

      What’s a “flagmans”? I’m gonna guess you mean “flagship” device but, as a word freak, I want to know where that came from!! :D

      • Oh stupid me :D this word is based on flagship device in lithuanian language usually wrote “flegmanas”.

  • jb

    Think Apple just need to change there diapers and grow up, enough is enough all there doing is hurting the customer

    • sammyboy

      totally have a point

  • Well that’s most roid devs. ;-(

  • hoggleboggle

    of course apple will appeal any decision against them just like Samsung would. That doesn’t mean they will get anywhere with it. Samsung however have a very strong case to get the California ruling overruled or dismissed. Apple won’t see a dime of that ridiculous 1Billion dollar ruling.

  • Sore losers or what. Put up and shut up is what the court should say.