comScore: Apple still top smartphone maker, Samsung also gaining market share in U.S.

by: Mike StengerApril 4, 2013


The battle for smartphone market share continues in the U.S. where, since November 2012, Apple has increased its lead by 3.9 percent.

comScore analyzed the top smartphone OEMs by looking at a sample of over 30,000 smartphone users during the period. While Apple still leads at 38.9 percent, between November 2012 and February of this year Samsung’s U.S. smartphone share also grew one percent to 21.3 percent.

U.S. smartphone market share

As for other smartphone manufacturers, HTC came in third with a 1.7 percent decrease during the same time frame (now at 9.3 percent). Motorola’s U.S. smartphone share dropped 1.1 percent to 8.4 percent while LG lost 0.2 percent, currently getting 6.8 percent of the market.

comScore also revealed that 133.7 million Americans owned a smartphone in January, up eight percent from November of last year.

The analytics firm also analyzed the top smartphone platforms. Android still leads the pack in the U.S. at 51.7 percent. However, with Apple gaining 3.9 percent market share between November 2012 and February, Google saw a loss of two percent. Still, Android is 12.8 percent ahead of iOS (currently at 38.9 percent). BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian complete the top five with 5.4 percent (1.9 percent drop), 3.2 percent (up 0.2 percent) and 0.5 percent (same share), respectively.

Mobile OS market share

With Google I/O just months away and Apple reportedly announcing the iPhone 5S in June, it will continue to be a very close race.

  • sughh

    a survey of 30,000? really?!? thats so inaccurate…

  • Samsung is still the global leader.

    • Jusephe

      Only in phones, nothing else.

      • Gaurav Jarwal

        a fan of apple..i suppose?

      • Well duh! But I think the GS4 and GN3 will propel them this year.

  • really ?

    this is lame…

  • Cristi Istrate

    Last week kantar said the exact the opposite, apple down android up. Witch is correct ?

    • kascollet

      This is only about smartphones (not all phones) in the US (not worldwide).
      The US market is very fond of Apple devices.

      • Cristi Istrate

        The kantar wah US only also

    • Holmes108

      Android is up (and is #1 in US market share… add up Motorola, Samsung, LG etc in the chart). This chart is individual companies.

  • Globally Samsung wipes the floor on apple