Apple tried to bully retailers into stopping sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus

by: Bams SadewoJuly 14, 2012

It looks like Apple is taking no prisoners in the battle against one of its fiercest competitors in the industry. Following the rulings made by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh that paved the way for the injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Nexus, FOSS Patents came upon documents that showed just how Cupertino has been spending their time: sending out intimidating letters to retailers to stop selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus.

The letters apparently were sent shortly after Apple got the ruling they wanted from the court and in early July – right before a higher appeals court ordered the ban on the Galaxy Nexus to be temporarily lifted pending further hearing.

In the letter, Apple quoted part of the ruling that said that the injunction applies not only to Samsung, but also to anyone “acting in concert” with them. Responding to the threatening letters, Samsung said that third-party retailers should be “permitted to sell their existing inventory, even without a stay,” because they aren’t subject to the prohibitions of the preliminary injunction.

Legal technicalities aside, retailers like Sam’s Club told The Verge that they are still selling the tablet while evaluating the injunction order, which is as good as asking Apple to talk to the hand. Best Buy seems to have stocks of the tablet and phone as well.

If there’s one positive thing about Apple’s hostile stance against Android, which seemingly now have crossed over to retailers, is that it’s brought the community closer – with Google reportedly leading the way – against Apple’s effort to stymie competition through their lawyers. We imagine it’ll also actually make people long for the Galaxy Nexus and the Tab 10.1. Well, maybe more of the former.

  • Here’s how to eliminate this behavior in 4 easy steps: Step 1 – End your business relationship with Apple. Step 2 – Sell through your remaining Apple inventory. Step 3 – Support other retailers who also stop selling Apple. Step 4 – When Apple is reduced to selling strictly in their own stores and online, and when they notice the sharp drop in sales and ask for you to reconsider, tell them you have. If you choose to sell their products again, tell them that it will be on your terms, not theirs, then set stringent rules and dictate the purchase price and selling price and let them know that their control over your sales of their product ends when the product ships to you.

    All it takes is a bit of intestinal fortitude and the conviction to see it through. Yep, you’ll lose some sales. Yep, the fanboys will still buy their products, but what won’t happen is a lot of new business coming their way.

    Once upon a time, Sony operated the same way that Apple does now.

    You do remember Sony, don’t you?

    • SamsaraGuru

      Funny you should mention Sony, FreeRangeRadical (great nom de plume incidentally!)

      For years I have made it a rule never to buy anything made by Sony and/or Apple. Sony going back to when I realized that they were doing everything in their power (like Apple) to deliberately make anything they made as absolutely incompatible with anyone else’s stuff as possible. For instance, once I read a review in photography magazine; some guy wrote the editor lamenting that he couldn’t find a strobe to go with his Sony camera; the editor said, “That’s because Sony made the plug an odd size so that you are restricted to buying its strobes.”

      Sony, Apple and all the eight hundred pound gorillas out there who think they can get away with the kind of crap they think they can get away with ultimately end up as do all bullies – be they corporate or in the playground – knocked on their asses when someone calls their bluffs and shows them up for exactly what they are.

      Apple needs to make hay though while the sun still apparently is shining though you must keep in mind that the real force behind Apple died and now they are being run by bean counting managers and their days as a true creative powerhouse (if they ever actually were, which is debatable) are fast coming to an end.

      • I sold cameras back in Sony’s heyday and yes, they were beasts to deal with. There was the problem with proprietary accessories, but all camera manufacturers did that to a degree. Sony took it to a new level, though. Even today, they prevent a merchant from advertising a price point lower than the official Sony price, so they still haven’t let go of their ubiquitous control.

        In the day, Sony was the best of the bunch, though. They had the best camcorders, the best digital cameras, the best TVs, et cetera. I will concede to Apple that their devices are often top tier, but the fact is still that often you can buy an equivalent device for less money, and often end up with a better, more flexible device.

        As a proponent of open-source software, I dislike how Apple’s “walled garden” operates. It’s less “walled garden” than ‘Hermit Kingdom’ – the inhabitants can’t see over the wall and the propaganda machine has convinced them that their Deity’s fecal matter doesn’t smell (I don’t want to know), that their system is infallible (it’s not, as we’ve recently learned), and that they get the Best New Thing available by forking over their entire piggy bank to them (they don’t).

        On the one hand, I’m pleased by Apple’s ingenuity in marketing its American-designed products, but I’m also displeased with the way they treat the Chinese help – indirectly – who build their products.

        Yeah yeah yeah, any big corporation has skeletons in its closet, but Apple has whole ossuaries.

        • SamsaraGuru

          Wow! You gotta love someone who can use ossuaries in a sentence with deftness, accuracy and alacrity!

          Apple (Jobs actually) managed to create a selling perception of “added value” that is akin to the aura that once was associated with the wares of the snake oil salesman of legend of the old West. Those wheeler and dealers who rolled into town with the potion that could cure whatever ails you and by the time they had finished their “pitch” had people completely suspending their normal critical faculties and without questioning believing in the ability of their elixir to cure them.

          Stop and think for a moment if you will. The iPhone has become not so much a phone as it has become a fashion and social statement worn proudly by those who “wanna be sexy and have you know it”. Is it truly, arguably better than a phone selling for half its price – perhaps in some respects but certainly not to a degree that allows it to command both the price as well as market sway it has and which more or less now it is blindly, without real thought accorded by its adoring fans.

          Walt Disney had a name for this – or perhaps he was merely quoting someone who said it before hand – but when you are asking people to believe in a story and go along with you as in a movie, you have to make it so they are willing to reach a point of “suspension of disbelief” and once you have them there they will be puddy in your hands and allow you to lead them whither thou wilt with your movie or whatever.

          Well, that is what Jobs managed to do and extremely well! You gotta give credit where credit is due. He WAS a genius – but such are few and far between as the history of mankind has proven.

          The down side of such a mythic and monumental “suspension of disbelief” phenomenon as the one he created with Apple is that it is ever so tenuous in terms of its ability to hold on to peoples minds and hearts once they realize that it is more smoke and mirrors than substance. Once a truly viable alternative – as in the Galaxy S III or Android’s other devices come along and show that they “can do anything Apple can do and better in most cases”, it is inevitable that the carefully cultivated suspension of disbelief that Apple has floated upon will rather rapidly disappear as people cease to be willing to buoy Apple up.

          That is why they are acting like a drug cartel whose territory has been invaded and have called out their legions of lawyers to sue anyone who is in within writ throwing distance.

          As with Sony they too will find you can full some of the people some of the time, but you can’t full all of the people all of the time.

          • I see your “alacrity” and raise you a ‘bling’. And that’s the appeal that their products have for so many; outfit your iPhone with Beats by Dre headphones and an iPad and you’ve achieved Bling Nirvana, or more accurately, Bling Eden, since Xtianity is far more physical-wealth-centric than the Dharmic religions.

            That alone leaves you to wonder why Gobs was so obsessed with his own, and his company’s, wealth. He was supposed to be the hippie-love-child-genius Yoda, but ended up as the evil Siri Lord wielding a CPA’s sharpened pencil and a litigation-instigating pen.

            But, I’m sure he had an app for that.

          • SamsaraGuru


          • NOT Picard

            It warms the cockles of my heart to know that the internet is populated by people who can have intelligent discourse without calling anyone names.

          • @NOT Picard Sesquipedalian! ;)

          • Gincredible D

            Your comments were interestingly captivating.

    • I only buy electronics that are made in America.

      • Which ones would that be? I’m curious. :)

        • hohopig

          Actually .. I am really and honestly curious too :P

          • I guess David dosen’t own anything that runs on electticity… I wonder how he made this post?

      • DarkosCY

        So you only own the Nexus Q?

  • GatoSoft

    Apple is so “exclusive” they can’t stand fair competition. In technology, you sometimes win and sometimes lose. But, if you do something like that, then you’re showing off to the world that you’re not only losing, you’re also a bad loser. D:<

    • john m.

      It’s the f**g LAW dude!! Who cares abt your opinion! “Fair” competition, hahaha, my &ss , it’s freaking copycat. PERIOD.

      • hohopig

        obviously someone who NEVER designed anything in his life …. which designer never base their innovation on other’s inspiration? Even Isacc Newton said : ”
        If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants “

  • Kindroid

    If there was any doubt about how “EVIL” Apple really is….doubt erased

    • john m.

      These are the judges/the law not your opinion, basically saying, yes, you android/samsung suck and should invent your own shit!!.

      • hohopig

        O yes .. such as inventing something not invented by iFruity company .. like the slightly rounded rectangle shape … O wait …

  • gils001

    B***h a$$ apple!!! Try investing in creating a product that is more innovative rather than bullying those who are… Apple is great in its own way but come on enough is enough

  • Nic Gillespie

    Google holds patents on the notification system, why doesn’t google just sue apple and get an injunction placed on both the iPad and iPhone until the notification system is removed from the devices. that would shut them up for a while.

    come to think of it samsung makes apples processor, why doesn’t samsung just cut the supply of processors to apple.

    • hohopig

      mmm good question. could it be

      1) a never ending vicious cycle given how ridiculous the patent system has become? sort of opening a pandora box .. but then it has already been opened by the IFruity company.
      2) to avoid been trapped in more court cases with escalating cost?
      3) waiting for Apple to show more of their hands before committing to a course of action?
      4) waiting for a final results in the initiate cases to be settled (to see the view of the courts towards the “patent infringement”) before taking further action?

      who knows :P

  • Psion

    I don’t care how much of a demi-god Apple fan boys think Jobs is. All these legal tactics are a result of his toxic personality. I guess he took being abandoned as a child really to heart.

  • Maropene Ramokgopa

    Apple you such a loooooooser!!

  • IceBeam

    If you turn of the engine in a supertanker it still moves for another 15-20 miles because of the momentum. I think Apple has peaked, they may have a lot of money on the account today, but their desperation is showing as their supertanker is slowly drifting to a standstill.

  • Pliny

    Could have bought an iPhone when they first came out.. lot of hype. I didn’t, and I’m kind of glad. I have all the same things against Apple that all the other commentors have. And as for wondering if Apple’s huge fortunes can fall… Look at RIM. Their Blackberry phones went from a commanding 50% of the market a couple of years ago to something like 4% now. They’re still great phones, but when the iPhone became available, that marked the beginning of RIM’s decline. Blackberry 10 operating system won’t be released until early 2013. Too little, too late? Depends what your goal is. It will be a great operating system, on a great phone. But people don’t view the Blackberry as “sexy”, like they do the iPhone. It’s all about marketing. People swallow it. That’s why marketing works.

    That being said, I’ve kinda swallowed Jellybean. Looking to get a 4.1 Android device here in Canada. Still looking…

  • john m.

    “Apple’s hostile stance against Android” hahahaahah My &ss!! It’s Android and Samsung which started copying all of Apple. Now suffer the consequences and invent something NEW!!!

    • Neo

      Obviouslt a CrApple fan boy!!!
      Apple just can’t stand competition. Yeah, they may have been on top for a period of years, but now new and better options have come into the market. People like CHOICE, and allowing them the choice to choose between apple and android would be a wise choice. If apple take that choice away from consumers, they won’t thank apple for it one bit. I for one would not like a company telling me what I can and can’t buy for a smartphone and more to the point, if I pay £500+ for a smartphone, I wan’t to be able to do what ever I want with it, not be told what I can and can’t do by stupid restrictions and limitations of the software.

      It would be like buying a laptop and microsoft says you can’t install Linux on it ever, it’s windows or nothing, I would tell them to do one as well. My money, my phone/laptop, I will install what ever I want on it and do what I want with it!

      • hohopig

        haha, I would say not even now. while I usually have some success convincing people to try out and even buy an android device, it has never been easier recently, with almost my whole family using android now, excepting my sis as she is lock in by contract. The cause? the unremitting constrain and limitation the iFruity company likes to place on their device and also the (belate and much required) improvement in the android platform and devices. :)

    • Xennex1170

      To quote Steve Jobs and his company’s actions “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”. Seems being on the receiving end isn’t to Apple’s liking. :P

    • hohopig

      O and I suppose you think that the iFruity company came up with EVERY single ideas themselves???


      dafaq slide to unlock? wait that was used on doors sue em for that! the name? apple? wait thats a fruit! sue them for that? samsung if indeed copied the design they certainly did a better job at it and in the end we the consumers have an awesome product! Let the big mnc’s fight over it! all i want is the best :D