For several years, Android had the advantage of modern screen sizes, a benefit that’s reflected in its massive 85 percent global market share. But Apple fans can now finally enjoy larger screens – 4.7 and 5.5 inches varieties – and that could slow the steady stream of defections to Android and, maybe, even bring in some new users.

Apple is clearly hoping to attract Google users, as it put up a guide for moving content from Android to iPhone, including mail and contacts, photos and videos, music, books, documents, and apps.

The guide explains how to set up iPhones with new email addresses and copy over contacts and calendars using apps like Copy My Data and AT&T Mobile Transfer. There are similar sections for moving over photos, music, and documents, as well as instructions for setting up iCloud.

Move content from your Android phone to iPhone 001626

The biggest problem with switching platforms is probably finding and installing replacements for all your apps. Apple’s guide touches on this issue – “go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now” – but fails to mention that you may have to re-purchase some of the apps you already paid for on Android.

Putting up a switching guide isn’t newsworthy in itself. After all, it’s perfectly normal to help customers bring their business to your platform. Android OEMs have been doing it for years. But Apple publishing this guide is highly symbolic of its current standing in the mobile landscape. Apple can no longer ignore or dismiss Android, and, more importantly, it must counter it in every way it can.

What say you, Android users? Will Apple’s bigger screens change the balance in the market? Are you in any way tempted by them, or do you know people who are considering switching to iPhone?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • ashish

    not tempted at all and for all i know people using android will only buy the new iphone for testing and comparing against android

  • SAH Hamzah

    I’ll stick to Android. Waiting for big changes in Material Design in Android L.

  • Ender

    And how do I set Google maps as my default? O wait…

    • applebrainwashespeople

      hahaha so right

    • MasterMuffin

      That feature is finally coming to iOS!

      • applebrainwashespeople

        when? ios 14?

        • MasterMuffin

          Now that I googled it, it seems I was misguided by false rumors. Move on, nothing to see here :D

          • yep

            Hahahahaha. Probably by ios 25.

          • Kunal Goel

            such features are only avialable after jailbreaking

    • abazigal

      Google allows their iOS apps to communicate with one another in a limited fashion. For example, I think you are able to choose to open gmail links in Chrome (rather than Safari), and I believe there should be a way to search for locations in Google Maps rather than Apple Maps.

      Think of it as an ecosystem within an ecosystem.

    • tomn1ce

      How do I make Chrome my default browser?

  • applebrainwashespeople

    lol, apple posts a document on their support page and its all over the news as amazing. Samsung creates an app a year or 2 ago called Samsung smart switch and all u do is log into icloud and everything on the iphone copies onto the Samsung device in minutes… but its not news. and apple doesn’t brainwash anyone either.

  • MasterMuffin

    I thought I’d be slightly tempted when Apple decided to finally make a big iPhone. Then it turned out to be that horrible innovationless thingy. Big meh

  • Clinton

    Will it affect the market?
    The US market perhaps, but outside, like India and China,It has no chance.
    It may have the bigger screens now ,but its still ridiculously expensive.Whether that price is justified or not, depends on the people who’ve used it.And no amount of bigger screens or help with switching eco systems is going to help them if their products and services are too overpriced to be worth it.

  • Cloduar

    “go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now” => Result: errr, sorry, we haven’t found any replacement app for Tasker, Adaway, Nova Launcher, RomToolBox Pro, Root Browser, Trickster Mod, etc.

    • crutchcorn

      My thoughts exactly honestly can’t leave android because of this.

  • A.M

    I see no reason you lose all control of your device only do as Apples tells you naw I’ll stick my Android does as I please

  • Anonymousfella

    Nope. I’ll stick with android. I like to have control over my phone.

    • natjsb

      Google has started closing down the whole android platform bit by bit. Time will come they will start restricting as much as apple. While apple is slowly releasing their tight grip to a more open stance, but never will come a day it will be as open as android currently is.

      • Qualc

        Apple? Open? either you’re joking or blind

        Just look on their desktop Mac OS. How many proprietary protocols they use? How many years we need to wait before Apple support most standard protocols? Do they ever allow Mac OS to run under virtual machine?

        Lol, not a chance buddy. I know you’re an apple fanboys that’s OK for me, but please give more reasonable comment will ya.

        • natjsb

          Your argument is weak. Your current stance is defensive and ignoramus. You seem to have been reading only into select corners of the internet.

          You’re also a judge, it seems like. Are you?

          • Vilasanchez

            I’d like to see some arguments that really show that “tendency” of google to “close down” on android. As far as I’m concerned I’ve used iOS for a full year, and even with untethered jailbreak I still felt more restricted than I find to be acceptable. As for android is makes me feel the OS is as open as I want it to be, you can customize anything you want(may need some work but far less struggle than with iOS).

  • I really doubt the added value of a big screen is going to convince Android user to switch to iPhone. The majority of Android users use Android because of it’s dynamic nature; everything is able to be changed (homescreen, keyboard, default applications, etc.). Sure, Apple is doing this bit-by-bit by it’s open keyboard policy now, but I still don’t think Android users are willing to pay 600$+ for a locked down device that is going to limit them. The big screen is not going to change this. I know a few people who switched to iPhone because they couldn’t find a high end device in the Android phones with a smaller screen, so it might even be a little drawback for the new iPhone.

    • natjsb

      And of course you’re referring to the geeks. Ultimately, you don’t represent the android masses.

      The average person, non-geek android user will do. Geeks are only the minority, and you’re are probably one of the minority. Hey, before you dive and attack me, I use a nexus 5 and I love it, along with the iPad air. Nice combo. Will consider getting the iphone 6. I don’t like the plus version. And hey, it’s my opinion. I don’t claim to represent the masses.

    • abazigal

      Actually, I daresay that many people use Android because it was the only OS that came with a larger screen. This is purely anecdotal, but from my observations, most of my Android-using friends and colleagues don’t make use of any of those purported benefits of Android at all. They don’t really change their home screens beyond changing their wallpaper, largely stick with the default keyboard, use the stock Google apps etc. Mention these features to them and you will likely be greeted with many a blank stare.

      Their general consensus is that they still prefer iOS more (they just find it easier to use overall), picked a Samsung S3 or S5 or Note phone for the larger display, and quite a few are intending to get an iPhone once their contract expires. They don’t even own extra batteries for swapping, and probably don’t store anything on their sd-cards either. Perhaps the main benefit of an Android phone is that you can plug it in and interact with it like a storage drive, and supposedly makes it easier for them to move photos on and off their phones.

      But by and large, I think the much-touted advantages of Android are largely lost on the general populace.

      • Thomas

        If they are comparing TouchWiz to iOS, then of course they are going to prefer iOS. TouchWiz really needs to go away, and whoever is responsible for keeping it around needs to be fired, and go to a shrink.

    • Fairlady Z

      Agree with you. Nothing will change with big screen iphone. Android user will always love their Android devices.

      ..and Apple fans will always keep coming here boasting their iDevices lol :D

  • ieatapplesfordinner(impoor)

    Originally, as a loyal android user, I scoffed at Apples ploy of copying bigger screens (and still do), however I think that alot of people (mainly people who don’t realise the sheer possibilities of the android in their hands) who use android may opt in for apple’s “better os” (ie. Simple minded for simple minds) for one reason or another. So what I’m saying is, android is better, but apple’s bigger screens may be the defining reason people decide to switch…let’s hope I’m wrong

    • Leif Michael Tesorio

      i like the comment “simple minded to simple minds”. just use the simple os. they use it because it is simple.

  • Fabian Taveras

    I’m sticking with Android. There is nothing interesting about iPhone 6 plus, it’s just a big screen iPhone and that’s all. I’m waiting for the note 4 that is going to clearly offer more then merely a big screen.

  • Kody

    Not going to lie, I’m tempted by the idea since there are some choice apps I’d love to have and the ecosystem isn’t bad either. But the recent security problems and lack luster hardware are too much of a put off.

  • Ahmed Latayfe

    LOL !!! i as an android user be tempted by Larger screen and NFC?? and pay more than 800$ ??

    really apple? u are a joke

  • Andye82

    Its going to be more and more difficult to “convert” people from either side of the camp to switch sides. Reason is the money invested in the appstore of either of devices.
    Unless Apple gives me 300$ credit to apple store I wouldn’t even considering switching to Apple. Also there is just something I don’t like how iOS looks like. And I bet that many Apple users feels exactly the same way about Android.

  • José A. Medina

    The should add “Switch to the iPhone, so you can pay for getting your nudes leaked”
    The fact that switching means to buy apps that most are free on Android, will stop many people, not all, but certainly a bunch.

    And is it me or the plus one seems to have huge bezels?

  • bolski

    Won’t be switching. It’s not the screen size that matters. It’s the ability to do more with the Android phone, even when it’s not rooted.

    Plus, I have a lot of apps wrapped up in Android. No WAY I would switch to Apple now, but I wasn’t going to in go with an iPhone in the first place.

    I find this guide laughable at best.

  • Mahmood Qadri

    From Android users
    To Apple
    ….with love.

  • cris

    I’ve been an iPhone user for over 6, years this year I said I don’t care and got me a one plus one even tho being heavily invested on the app store, I don’t regret it. Android does have more to offer

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I recently came over to Android from iOS and I’m so glad I did. Big things are happening with Android. Exciting times ahead!

  • Kamen Minkov

    How do I customize my home screen? I can’t?

    • Fernando da Rosa Rodrigues

      Yes, you can change icon position. Magic!

  • Dragonscourgex

    No thanks. I’m good.

  • Pak Belalang

    Aplle big screen wont change the game. No new innovation other than big screen.

    Oh, the only innovation by apples this 5 years back i recognise is the “law suit over patency”. It revolutionize the mobile phone patent policy and banning of mobile phone here and there”

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    obviously its true but i go with note 4

  • JSo

    How to switch from Android to iOS.

    Step 1: Don’t

    • Mihai Ardelean

      agree with that!!

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      My sentiment exactly. You should’ve written the guide. Lol

  • Xavier

    From my experience, people switching over to apple are getting rarer by the day. The build quality of Android devices as a whole improved greatly over the years and the os is the best around when it comes to customizability and productivity. On top of that, Android devices have vastly greater VFM than iPhones which is a major reason why people go for Android in the first place. Point is, the iPhone will probably die within the next 5-10 years if the actual trend continues

  • tomn1ce

    I’ll stick with my Note 3….I’m not a fan of iOS besides a bigger screen won’t persuade me to drop Android….

    • [S]unjΔy of Equestria

      Getsuga Tencho!

  • dubya

    I am not in any way tempted. Yeah its great they got bigger screens, but they still lack all of the great features we love about android. I mean the iPhone 6 plus may be as big as the Galaxy Note series now but it is still just an iPhone. Compared to the Note 4 features the 6plus is as useful as a brick.

  • Silver

    If I had to switch it would only be for the Camera that’s about it the iphone has going for it. Other than that I will be a Happy Moto X 2nd generation owner.

  • Marty

    Google should publish a guide for iPhone users switching to Android when it releases Android L and the new Nexii.

  • Vishnu Vijay

    So all these google haters… what is your search engine?
    Thats right!

  • Biavela

    I think the bigger screen will work, in the long term, in favor of android. Once apple users get used to the new screen size they will be more open to change platforms since size will no longer be an excuse.

  • Peerpressure

    I enjoyed having an iPhone up to the 4S, mainly because of jailbreaking. I still have a jailbroken iPad. It’s like a cross between the walled garden of Apple and the openness of Android. The only problem is that when you get too many tweaks on there, it really messes with the way the iPad functions. That’s why I finally went to Android. You can do all the tweaks you want, even without having to root.

    I’m a little tempted to go back to the iPhone with the bigger screens and the opportunity to jailbreak again.(also, have a lot of money invested in iOS that I can’t use on my iPad). But each time I remember the messes that tweaking would cause, and I cradle my beloved G2. It has everything I want but with none of the hassle.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Another Apple advertising in so called “Android” site. LOL

  • Sky113

    Never cross my mind on joining apple’s bandwagon.. Still happy using my original note..

  • systemupdate

    I am still confused by the slogan “Bigger than Bigger”

  • daisyboots

    One commenter remarked on the fact that many of the benefits of Android that are not replicated in iOs are not used by the masses, I agree. Heck, a lot of advanced iOs functions aren’t either. I also agree that a lot of folks probably chose Android for screen size.
    Probably the biggest motivators behind purchase choice for “the masses” is advertising, which is why Apple is so popular (despite Android’s market share, no single Android phone has outsold an iPhone model.)
    That said, if the new sizes draw more folks to Apple, this will drive Android’s innovation. Wash, rinse, repeat. Which side is catching up (and on which front) is the only thing that will change.
    And that… is good! For everyone :)
    FTR I’m a die hard Android user (I’m a geek, have rooted most of my devices and went through a period where I bought three phones a year. I’ve also owned and enjoyed each an iPhone 3GS and 4 (only Android since though.) And I install apps, tweak configurations, etc. etc. just to see what’s possible. (Geek :) ) Some people want what’s on TV, some people just want a connected phone with media. Everyone’s different, but I’m glad the “war” between Android and Apple shows no signs of ending, as it has been the single biggest factor in the innovation that gave birth to the phone in your hand right now :)
    Though the patent stuff does annoy me a fair bit.

  • alex2792

    Well I’ll probably be moving to iPhone 6 plus, can’t wait.

  • The iPhone 7

    The most non-user friendly user guide ever created in earth, mars & neptune. Shame on Apple.

  • Eduard Siy Ü

    Nah. (o_o)