Apple Sues Everyone, Backfires; Results to European Sales Ban

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 14, 2011

If you’ve been following our website, you should remember our news on Apple’s lost battle against Proview Technology (Shenzhen). It was a recent post we shared less than 5 days ago. Anyway, in line with that post, we just found out Apple is currently in the process of suing almost all of its biggest competitors in the tablet/mobile phone field.  While this goes against Apple’s previous complaint of anti-competitiveness of Samsung and Motorola patents, it is all too familiar to the infringement case on the iPad.

True enough, a court in Germany has given a ruling that Apple’s 3G-enabled products (namely the iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G) infringe a patent by Motorola. This has led the judge to warrant a preliminary injunction against Apple, which has turned into a European ban on the sales of the mentioned Apple products.


This is quite a year for Apple, isn’t it? With the death of Steve Jobs and losing the infringement case on the iPad trademark, we can only wonder what’s next for the company. A probable course of action is for Apple to change its products. They can also appeal the decision and request for further stay until a final verdict has been reached, just so the sales ban can be put on hold.

You can check out a full analysis of FOSS Patents here.

What do you think about this news? How do you think Apple will heal cope with all these issues? Let us know by commenting below.


[Source: Android Police]


  • Simbao53

    The Apple in the pic is clearly losing because it normally does not have limbs! therefore does not know how to use them later fight with!!!!

  • AppleFUD

    The problem here is, Motorola and most every other company on the planet except apple licenses their technology to other companies. The patents Motorola is suing over are FRAND and they WILL have to license them once apple gives in.

    The catch is, because apple refused to license them under FRAND in 2007 & 2010 and tried to add their own stipulations to the license (typical apple) they are now on the hook for all past infringements and apparently Motorola does NOT have to give them the FRAND deal for past transgressions but they do for future licensing.

    So, apple’s choice is, try to invalidate the patent(s) or just write a check and accept the FRAND license for all future products. I really doubt they’ll let it go to a ban on their precious devices.

  • Apple is scared of Android phones from Samsung and Motorola because Andorid OS is getting popular

  • Kaz

    GREEEEEED…. Apple doesnt know when to stop.

  • Anonymous

    it is typical/classic apple.

  • Gvarhelyi

    Apple isn’t happy unless it can sue another company

  • GodDamnitApple

    I don’t understand why Apple decides to take Android down by suing them instead of actually making products that compete with Android phones.

  • Tushar

    Apple is a bitch