Apple to sue Polish online grocery website

September 11, 2012


    So the latest victim of Apple’s eagle-eyed legal team is an online Polish grocery website. The top level domain for Poland is .pl and there’s a website called which is a kind of online deli store that does home delivery.

    Apple has apparently filed a complaint with the Polish Patent Office claiming that the Polish company copied one of Apple’s logos on its website, despite the fact that the company is no longer using the logo in question. A Polish patent office spokesman Adam Taukert reportedly said:

    “Apple brand is widely recognized and the company says that, by using the name that sounds similar, is using Apple’s reputation”

    Radoslaw Celinski is the Polish company’s chief executive and he responded by saying “The accusation is ludicrous”.

    How can an online Polish grocery be using Apple’s reputation? Is it likely that anyone would actually confuse the two and assume America’s biggest company just got into the deli business? We’re not sure if this is just about the name or as The Next Web is suggesting possibly about the logo below. Surely Apple isn’t claiming ownership of all representations of apples now?

    Apple actually had a long running dispute with The Beatles over the Apple name. Apple Corps filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer back in 1978 for trademark infringement and the suit was settled in 1981 on the condition that Apple never enter the music business. When they did, Apple Corps sued again and in 1991 there was another settlement. The battle kicked off again a few years after that and Apple won a court ruling. The argument was finally settled in 2007 when reports suggested Apple Computer bought out Apple Corps’ trademark rights for a total of $500 million.

    Apparently this case could take a while to sort out and the details aren’t public so we don’t know exactly what each side is arguing yet. We’ll keep you posted.


    • George av


    • bob

      Absolutely why I hate this company.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I so Agree!!! Apple needs to just drop and die. Come on!!!!! an online deli store? are you freaking kidding me?!!??!!??.

    • jack

      For real? Are apple just trying to take over the world. Get a life and get a good business. Peace.

    • TechGuy

      Paranoia must set in when you have more money than sense

    • Chuck Angel

      X have began replacxng the 9th letter of the alphabet wxth “X” just to be sure that X don’t xnfrxnge on thexr patent. X don’t even want to use thexr name. X will sxmply refer to them as “That Evxl Fruxt Company” from now on. X will never buy an Evxl Fruxt product agaxn. Next, they wxll be suxing the makers of keyboards because they have one of those keys.

    • Chuck Angel

      The grocery need to claim its a lime!

    • IncCo

      shittiest “tech” company there ever was, crApple!

    • Kris5

      Come on apple, LEAVE THE DELI ALONE. Next they’re gonna sue Walmart for selling apples.

      • AtiF


    • Timmy

      Soon we won’t be able to say Apple anymore. Kinda like we can’t say the name of that really big NFL football game played at the end of the year.

      Android Authority headline: Samsung Thing-a-ma-bob vs. Device from the company named after a fruit.

    • Michael

      The store logo doesn’t even look like an apple. Apple should buy out Poland so they can own the rights to .pl

    • Bill Roberts

      Well if they gave their word they wouldn’t get into the music busyness and then did. What’s to stop them getting into the deli busyness? Maybe they are just preparing for the future? ~sarcasm

    • KagakuGakusei

      Is apple just trolling the world now?

    • castleharbour

      Apple, post Jobs, is as cool as GE!

    • castleharbour

      There is a great TedTalk from 3 years ago by Simon Sinek which analysed – among other things – Apples success. The gray old man who has taken over from Jobs should watch it.

    • Robert Dawid

      In Poland, the Apple products are not popular as in other countries. Through such actions will only get worse. I am seriously beginning to wonder whether to buy a new iPod. Until recently, I was a big fan of iGadgets :(

    • Chris Millhorn

      I second the hate motion!!

    • AtiF

      Apple knows that there upcoming iphone 5 is already dominated by Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2… now they are making money by suing people so that they can cover up there loses.

    • carline lyc

      pl = polska . so if its pl it means polish site and holy crap thats nothing close to the apple logo. holy frig apple is so stupid they should worry about making an iphone 3000 and leave everyone alone.

    • paxmos pathetic…

    • nice
    • sure
    • liam

      shame on you apple!

    • RottenRonnie

      They tried this with Woolworths in Australia & failed

    • master94

      Tomorrow’s News: Apple sues farmers for growing apples. Consumer’s thought they were purchasing actually Apple products at the grocery store and the 3 week shelf life was tarnishing their reputation.

    • Michael

      a.pauling. Get a grip apple. They’ll be suing granny Smith next. I wish the story of Samsung paying their settlement in nickels was true