Apple shareholders send Samsung a thank you note

by: Bams SadewoMarch 16, 2013

apple Credit: Richard Masoner/Flickr

Just like millions of eager customers and techies, Apple shareholders have also been on their feet in anticipation of Samsung’s big unveiling of the Galaxy S4 – but of course for a completely different reason.

In essence, they’re looking for signs and reasons whether to keep betting on Apple or to jump ship before things take a turn for the worse.

Upon hearing what analysts have to say of the phone, frown lines seemingly turned into smiles, as they learned that the Galaxy S4 may not be that too big of a threat after all, or at least even more so than it already is. The proof is in the stock market, as Apple’s stock moved up 2.58% to $443.66 yesterday even when the rest of the market was down.

It’s not that the Galaxy S4 is a total dud, but the world was waiting for something more mind blowing. “We believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple,” said Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. However, he adds that it’s not a revolutionary device.

That type of talk alone was apparently enough to send Apple’s shares up.

The real battle hasn’t even started though. With Samsung’s marketing prowess and the humungous customer base for the Galaxy S series, the Korean may not necessarily need a revolutionary phone to capture an even bigger share of the market. In case you’re wondering, Samsung is aiming to move 10 million units of Galaxy S4 per month, with overall sales expected to top 100 million units.

  • I remember the same disappointment last year with the galaxy 3

    Only days will tell whether the galaxy s4 is the best or one of the worst

    But I’m certainly interested to see it up close , I’m really not interested in either the HTC one, or the Sony xperia Z

    • MasterMuffin

      It’s sgs3, but smaller and more powerful. Someone could say that they did an Apple move, but I say it’s the best phone onthe market currently, so who cares!

      • Gerard Hampton

        isnt it thinner but taller and wider slightly?
        Apple dont even update the hardware and software much when they release a new least samsung try to offer more features and hardware upgrades

        • Eastern37

          The S4 is smaller in everyway compared to the S3 except the screen! Thinner,skinnier,shorter!

          • Jusephe

            That is strange i read it’s 0,5 mm shorter 0,7 mm narrower and 0,7 mm thinner and 3 grams lighter. The screen is bigger by 0,2 inches (5 mm). Same button arrangement, slightly more curved edges, same glossy plastic (but with pretty pattern).
            When we add up all of this I think lots of customers will just not notice the differnece.

          • abhay

            You forgot the Internal hardware buddy!!
            and Full HD resolutions, and 13MP camera..

          • Cao Meo

            I don’t think people want phones so thin, it’s look flimsy and diificult to hold. I think anything around 10mm will do

        • kascollet

          You obviously never realised how many huge hardware upgrades Apple pushed into the iPhone 5. The A6 SoC alone is one hell of a leap forward (first in-house designed ARM CPU & dual-core with the power of a quad-core, nobody makes such a chip), and screen tech is top notch (brightness, sharpness and color accuracy is second to none).
          If only we could install vanilla Android on this little jewel !

          • dro_ID

            Yeah, but the iphone 5 has 1600 points on Geekbench, while S4 has 3200… iphone works pretty well for a dual core since the OS is very basic… iOS is Windows 95 (which works great on 600 MHz single core), while Android is Windows 7 (which works great on 2000 MHz quad core)…

          • kascollet

            Funny comparison ! I’m not quite sure to which MOBILE device it benefits though…

    • The hurly burly’s done, the spec war is lost and won. It is all about software now as all of the phones released in the last 6 months have high enough specs 95% of people won’t notice a difference. And the GS4 has some great software for sure, I will drop my EVO LTE for it when my contract is up (Though I love HTC, the One does not impress me)

  • Faiz

    The Note 3 better be good.

  • Gerard Hampton

    we’ll see how their shares go when the phone is released and dominating the oh so different iphone 5s

    • MasterMuffin

      I heard crApple is going to make different colors, that’s some innovation!

      • MasterBater

        I heard your momma dropped you on your head…

        • MasterMuffin

          I heard that too, but I don’t remember anything ‘~’

      • iHomo

        so the crap will be called iCrap 5C for “C”olor ? crapple is so lucky the cheerleaders are iStupid or else they would have hard time selling the iCrap. i say put steve jobs face on the phone, it would sell billions, im gonna patent it right now in case…

  • G.Nex

    Nexus 4 for me!

    • jeremy

      As if anyone down voted this. It’s not like you said “Iphone 5 for me!” lol Now that would deserve some down voting. :-P

  • Now Apple Share holders waiting for Samsung to Make bad mobiles but not Apple to make good mobiles, what a shame. Same reviews cames with S3, but we all know what happen , its gonna be same with S4, S4 Rocks

  • in2android

    I’m definitely a guilty party in complaining of Samsung’s “cheap plastic” design and how the S Vl was underwhelming” after Thursdays unveiling, but this article has just made me feel a bit differently, oddly enough. Samsung strived to reach Apple like success after they had gained their first big attention with the wild success of the Galaxy S ll, which was a small amount of attention compared to the household name the Galaxy line is today. I think most ppl would agree that Samsung is currently riding the wave of just the level of success it was they were striving for. Now that they’re on top all eyes are on them, and many of those eyes are watching to see that success shatter or burn to the ground! It has just struck me that the way Sammy watched Apple products, Apple marketing, and

    • abhay

      Very True.. its really hard to stay on top.
      Even HTC, LG and Apple responses on Launch of s4 shows how jealous other players are..

      • in2android

        I was feeling a bit like Samsung was coasting along, and not looking to improve the Galaxy line at the cost of profit margins. I suddenly feel for the position they’re in, and can see them just wanting to maintain the current success of the device by not too much altering what’s got them where they are. They sure know how to bulk up a feature list, lol, and we’re not seeing them responding to the ridicule of competitors… Thumbs up for hanging onto that number one slot!

    • kascollet

      Words of wisdom man. That’s a fair and thoughtful analysis.

    • JGaLaXY

      Really nice way to put it, but, your honest opinion…a little more knowledgeable consumer like myself, looking for the best phone on the market…what do you think the best phone is or is going to be? I love the build of the HTC ONE, but no expandable storage…i want really good camera too

      • in2android

        Sorry it took me so long to reply I’ve been abnormally busy this week. In my opinion, you’ve answered your own question…
        — If you feel you need expandable storage, then that definitely means the GS IV is the phone for you, though be sure to think through if its truly a necessity for YOUR use, and not just a feature you’ve been convinced you need. In my experience, the VAST majority of smartphone users(including power users) will not run anywhere close to the 32gb storage capacity found on the lowest HTC One model. In the cases where I do see someone using that much storage, its usually being taken up by many things that really don’t need to be there. A lot of times someone will have 15 nandroid backups when a few is probably all that will ever be used. Cleaning your storage regularly should keep down on unnecessary ”file clutter”. A lot of ppl also keep several different ROM zips downloaded that they probably won’t need, even then though you should still be okay. The only time 32gb’s of storage is being legitimately used in my opinion, is when you store a massive collection of offline music, or several movies. If you do have storage needs that are truly that demanding, you do have a couple of options with the HTC One. You could spring for the 64gb model, you could utilize cloud services(so long as you generally have a reliable data connection), or you could store all of your large files such as movies, ROMS, etc. on your PC and migrate them on and off as you need them. I personally don’t use my phone as my primary storage space, but rather my laptop with everything backed up in the cloud as a safety precaution. I actually appreciate SD cards for reasons outside of expanding my storage needs. I use many different phones, so I can quickly swap files between devices without the use of a PC. If I have soft bricked a phone, I can easily add the needed files to an SD card, place it in the phone, and then boot into recovery and fix the issue without needyouing to use ADB. So, there are some things to consider and decide if expandable storage is something you can live without.

        – If you want the better camera beteen the GS IV & the HTC One, then again, it looks like Samsung is gonna be the ticket. However, there are things to be considered here as well(once again, this is all in my opinion) I haven’t used either device as of now, but I’ve seen some comparison shots and read the reviews with much regard to the cameras. Overall, the S IV is going to have the better chance of picking up the most detail under ideal circumstances {I.e. excellent lighting] because it has a much higher count of megapixels. 13 megapixels is going to capture more data equaling greater detail when in good conditions. But, it’s been stated in the many reviews that the One’s 4 ”ultrpixel” shooter produces better detail in low light situations. I’m no where near qualified to break this down in any greater detail for you, as my understanding of photography is absurdly limited, lol. What I believe it boils down to, if you don’t take pictures on a professional level, is if your pleased with the shots from the phone that best meets your needs. If there are more things you like about the One, such as software, build/feel, functionality, etc., then it shouldn’t be if the camera is better, but rather if the camera produces quality that you’ll find acceptable. If you are finding yourself loving everything else about BOTH phones, then maybe let the camera be a deciding factor?

        Really, both handsets are great and it’s gonna be a tough call. Myself, I’ll probably go for both. I’d imagine that Samsung is gonna lead the race in units sold based on how many added features they’ve brought to the table,(even if they seem gimmicky to some) and their huge name recognition in the market. I won’t knock either device, because they’re both great, and I would say you’ll probably want to wait until both are available so you can get some hands on time for a,personal comparison. A new phone is an expensive purchase, and most ppl will be living with it for quite a while.

        And that’s my LONG WINDED take on it!! :-)

    • Mike Reid

      S IV, unless you’re from the future.

      S VI is 2015 presumably.

      • in2android

        Lol, I just caught this!

  • Swesko

    Hahaha after losing over 40%, jumping a mease 5% is now a great deal for Apple stock? Wow this is a new level of despair

  • societyofosiris

    Silly author, Wall Street speculation should be left to The Street insiders. Apple shares are being helped or hindered by Apple. The real reason the shares went up were due to word that Apple would beef up its dividend and resume share buy backs.


    It’s just a updated s3 same thing wit apple when they drop the 5s Samsung is going too have something mind blowing for gs5 next year


    Apple is just looking sad always ranting about android and Samsung get it together that’s not something Steve jobs would of done smh

  • Ivan Myring

    The S4 is no S3……. Oh wait it sort of is

  • Namaste

    Not interested in the GS3 or GS4. Bring on the One and the X phone. Just never cared for the Galaxy devices. I just dont like the way they feel. At all. And the Ui just seem clunky to me. But to each his own.

  • dan690

    It looks like the apple Idiots are terrified of the S4, and well they should be. Another nail in apples coffin.

  • Dragonetti

    Well people start to see what Apple stands for ….and that is not much of anything.
    They keep getting product on the market that are a variation, their interpretation of the well-known tablet/phone recipe (stolen in de past from someone else) and take the same list of ingredients that was used to create á previous device and rework them to create what they think and say is a “unique new” product. And ask for more money every time of the ignorant customers and poor treated workers “Inside Apple’s Chinese ‘sweatshop’ factory where workers are paid just £1.12 per hour to produce iPhones and iPads for the West” Read more:
    Yes!, people weak up its time to see the truth about Apple and what they stand for….not much els but greed.

  • Valkaneer

    I will not buy an Galaxy until they fix there reception issue. The G S3 has a fairly crap antenna. My OLD OLD Droid X has better reception than the GS3 which my wife has.

  • Alu Zeros

    Good upgrade, just not revolutionary

  • yungqb7

    Yet the iPhone 5 was revolutionary? Good one

  • Ron Keller

    I’m not convinced there are anymore giant innovations to come from smart phones. A new integrated gaming phone like the Xperia play is probably somewhere in the future but that’s more of a niche product than a real innovation. Real innovation is more likely to come from wearables.

  • bulletban

    very disappointed at S4, its basically another S3 with some new apps, nothing special about the hardware specs, all other devices using about the same spec.

  • MH Maun

    13 March, 2014. GS5 will launch in few hours!! I hope it sell well just like GS4 did!!!

  • paxmos

    What a pathetic life!!

  • rvichar

    If The S3 was a sleeping dragon the S4 will do even more damage along with the HTC One which hasn’t even started selling yet. People fed up with their iPhone will even a decent 3rd option with BlackBerry for the Business minded people out there who left BB for the iPhone and are simply tired of it are already coming back.

  • steve blow jobs

    no matter what, having S4 hurts apple as to not having S4, it is a no brainer. crapple comment is a sign of insecurity. have anyone check the crapple stock lately ? it is a joke from previous…

  • Dave Weinstein

    So the Apple fanboys don’t think that the S4 is a threat. But why do they think the iPhone 5S will be anything more inspiring?