Apple gets antitrust investigation opened against Samsung in Korea

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 6, 2012


Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a massive legal war that spans continents. From Tokyo to San Francisco, with detours all across Europe, the two giants are duking it out  in courtrooms. The stakes are huge (to the tune of billions), and the winner has the potential to get hold of the market for years to come.

In South Korea, a judge recently ruled that both Samsung and Apple are guilty of infringing the rival’s patents and ordered the two companies to pay each other relatively small amounts as damages. The judge also issued injunctions against the devices that featured infringing features, but the ban will have little practical effect because the devices in question are no longer available for sale.

There’s a new development happening on in South Korea on the legal battlefront. The country’s top antitrust watchdog, the Fair Trade Commission, has opened an investigation into Samsung’s alleged anticompetitive practices.

According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, the FTC commenced the investigation based on a complaint from Apple. The Cupertino-based company claims that Samsung is abusing its dominant position in the industry, namely its patents concerning 3G technology.

Maeil says that the FTC has already reviewed a set of documents provided by Apple, and that the complaint was first filed in June.

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of this new legal action or if it will have any impact whatsoever on the customers in Korea or abroad. We’ll keep you posted.

  • tomn1ce

    Are you serious, Samsung is abusing its patents on 3g technology when Apple goes around patenting rectangles with round corners. Design they stole from others and now are suing another company for using it as well?

  • Nick

    i guess is not who discovers or makes it first but who patents it first ..
    the pathetic ones are the ones that even let the patent through ! like are you kidding me ??
    what if Apple Inc. had invented the automobile ? yikes !!

    • yunclehead

      If Apple ‘invented’ the automobile, isheep would be eagerly awaiting the new Model T – 5.

      • Dose

        and 4 wheels and 4 doors would be patented, and also engine in the front..

        • yunclehead

          Actually, they’d sue any competitor for offering windows on their cars because it would violate the Apple prior art claim of being able to clearly look outside the vehicle.

  • Michael Koch

    This is all a joke, right???? Apple, STFU already………..

  • vikings football

    the only one that is abusing anything is apple…and arent the current apple mobile devices 3G capable? so why are they even complaining about this new allegation to do with 3G? its not like apples mobile devices are locked out from using 3G…WTF APPLE?

  • Tom

    if anyone needs an anti trust case opened it’d be apple.. seriously who hasnt apple sued over rectangles yet?

  • Alex

    Fcuk crAPPLE

  • I had respect on apple for making nice devices and was a big fan my self. But after i see them sueing people for stupid things i realy hate them now and thinking of just supporting samsung. Apple dont b a cry baby just improve ur products. Currently i hate u to the core.

  • Apple, the ones suing everyone else because they “copied” the iPhone, and they’re the ones wanting an investigation for “Anti-competitive” practices? How is Apple not under investigation?

  • Apple will rot as a company since it can’t play fair…

  • JQ

    APPLE is sueing samsung over shapes, here is what i have to say, Apple is mad cuz they cant think of another design and keep making the same phone over and over changing the cover color and adding a few apps and the worst decision ever was to try and create their own mapping software, lol what a joke a app that is supposed to help you does nothing but take up space. The only good thing is that now with their precisous iphone 5 and a map app that is as good as our govt the liberals wont be able to find their way to the poll, but people will still flock to them like puppets no matter how much apple charges for a pile of shit. They are blind and only think 1 dimensional when they hear the word iphone and if u have ever talked or know someone with an iphone they can tell you just about everything about every iphone made and every 5 or 6 words out of their mouth is either iphone or apple. Apple is over rated, we need to get rid of apple and obama maybe after that there would be piece on a green earth (don’t think apple is going anywhere though)

  • Apple The Best