Hard to break up: Samsung resumes providing LCDs to Apple

by: Adam KoueiderMay 28, 2013


You’ve probably forgotten this already, but there once was a time when Samsung and Apple were best of friends, like two peas in a pod. However, technology is a fast moving market and in a post-2012 world, it would be difficult to get Samsung and Apple into the same room without one taking a bite out of the other (no pun intended).

After countless lawsuits, it was obvious that Samsung could not play a crucial role in Apple’s supply chain, like it once had, but moving away from Samsung hasn’t been easy for the Cupertino company. Apple has poured millions of dollars into rival manufacturers like Sharp and TSMC, but even that hasn’t proven to be successful, as Apple was forced to resume buying LCD panels from Samsung.

The Korean TFT LCD component market looks to be turning around this year, spurred by Apple’s decision to return to Samsung as its display manufacturer. The TFT sales of Korean display companies Soulbrain, Chemtronics, Global Display and Avatec have improved immensely, and are expected to reach 643 billion KRW, which is a 34% increase, year on year.

It seems that the main reason that Apple has returned to Samsung is its adept manufacturing of TFT displays. Unlike LG, who relies on outsiders to build its TFT displays, Samsung is able to build the panels in-house.

Apple’s attempts to leverage other manufacturers like Sharp, seem to have failed especially since Samsung recently bought a stake in the flailing Japanese company. Apple uses TFT displays in its iPhone and iPad, and more recently in the Retina Macbook Pro, and although Apple has tried to replace Samsung’s displays with panels made by LG, Samsung’s power in the components business has once again prevailed.

Do you think Apple should still be suing Samsung when it plays a vital role in the manufacturing of Apple’s products?

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    I wish they could be friends. Their ideas are just so vastly different. Like the friends that were never meant to be.

    • Abdul

      Their competition is vital which results in good products for us consumers.

    • flamencoguy

      I wish Apple would not patent the shamelessly trivial ideas as innovation to use as weapons to sue other companies.

  • iHater

    i have been boycotting crapple ever since steve jobs made a rude comment towards korea in public due to samsung. very child like…hey steve R.I.P moth** fuck** !

    • MasterMuffin


    • Bilal Mahmood

      fuck crapple R.I.P (Rest in Pain ) steve jobs

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Seriously? Steve Jobs is like a god to me. Withought him no smartphone as we know it.

        • Pccapso

          Just look at the massive innovations from the original iphone to the iphone 5. now that is progress.
          Steve Jobs, the original iDiot.

          • Piyush

            Yeah look from galaxy S to S4 only increase in screen size.Where is innovation , stop being fool. progress is there but in different way on both smartphone.

          • Denis Vintiđ Erceg

            yeah, the new architecture and smaller chip size is nothing, better and better displays, new technology for touch screen

            and iPhone didn’t even had that, 3.5 from 2g to 4S, only new design and more pixels on the display

        • patapongirl

          Please look up the concept of “multiple discoveries”

          Steve Jobs is a respectable man but calling him a god? Really? There will be John Jobs or Joe Jobs if not him, it’s not even moral to give him all the credits.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Since god is a fairy tale I use the word metaphoricaly.

        • flamencoguy

          It would have come along with or without him. IBM created the first smartphone, not Apple. Just read some history. Dell Axim, Palm Pilot were already half way there. Just adding the phone function is no big intellectual leap that most people think the iPhone is.

          SJ is not a programmer or an engineer! His talent is being able to see and make decisions that other management guys like John Sculley (ex-Pepsi guy) never had.

          • dnyank1

            Lol. Yeah let’s throw a phone into an Axim, and give it to your mom to use. And make you use the same device. And love it.

            No one else but apple.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            So the leap from the Axim to the iphone that was nothin eh.

        • Hugo Pinto

          Tell me something you thing Apple/Steve Jobs has invented or even innovated, and I’ll give you an example of prior art that invalidates their BS patents.

        • Denis Vintiđ Erceg

          lol dude…no smartphones…
          SJ ripped everything…i haven’t seen a good thing that came from apple

          and i believe that samsung is responsible for apple’s great success

  • flamencoguy

    Samsung should just say “take your money and shove it”

  • rick


    samsung should say “fine, but return $1 billion you stole from us on last court battle, then we can talk”.

    • Hue

      Samsung already raised the prices, so I’m pretty sure they will get more then $1 Billion back.

    • Hugo Pinto

      Samsung has not paid 1 cent of that, and probably never will.
      Apple has invented nothing, and their BS patents are being invalidated one by one.

  • Jimmy Le

    Fuck apple, let them rot in hell.

  • Friðberg Leifs Jensson

    In life we always have to deal with children or adults that act like children.

  • elepos

    “Do you think Apple should still be suing Samsung when it plays a vital role in the manufacturing of Apple’s products?” WTF!?

  • IanDickson

    You have to remember that we’re talking different levels here. Samsung is a HUGE company, with multiple layers, that one may have nothing to do with the other. (Remember…ogres have layers too)

    In any case, the fact that Samsungs display division can make money by selling LOTS of displays to good ol’ Apple, while Samsung mobile division is making money on selling it’s devices and beating Apple in marketshare, no matter how much Apple sues, it’s a win-win situation for Samsung.

  • gommer strike

    hey haven’t we all heard this line before “It’s not personal. It’s just business”.

    funny thing about it is, every time someone uses it, it’s always personal. Vendetta or an agenda of some kind.

    But if you can really, truly, set aside your differences and share technology and help each other out(you build this, I pay you), then it’s definitely “just business.”