Apple hoping to add Samsung Galaxy S4 to its spring 2014 patent trial

by: Andrew GrushMay 14, 2013


Legal battles over patent infringement happen all the time, but most of these cases don’t hold a candle to the complexity of the Samsung and Apple patent wars. Not only are the Sammy/Apple battles fought fiercely (and globally), there are also passionate fans on both sides, rooting for their favorite player.

As Apple and Samsung gear up for their latest battle in California (planned for Spring 2014), Apple is looking to add yet another device to their list of 22 Samsung devices that allegedly infringe on Apple patents. So what’s the latest device to gain entry to Apple’s infringing device club? You guessed it, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung recently released its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, which began shipping in late April 2013. Based on Apple’s analysis of the Galaxy S4, Apple has concluded that it is an infringing device and accordingly intends to move for leave to add the Galaxy S4 as an infringing product.

Judge Koh already feels that Samsung and Apple need to cut down the amount of devices involved in the case, but Apple is determined to see the Galaxy S4 added to the list. Apple has even offered to drop one of its other 22 Samsung devices and replace it with Samsung’s latest handset.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing a counterclaim of its own, currently with 22 Apple devices that are said to violate Samsung’s own patents, including devices such as the Macbook Air, the iPad, Apple TV and many others.

In short, the drama continues with both sides preparing all the ammunition possible to fight it out to the bloody end. The big question is: when is enough, enough? Devices like the Optimus G Pro look (somewhat shamelessly) like Samsung devices, but no lawsuit is brought up over the design.

Of course Apple and Samsung’s battles go way beyond the Korean electronic giant. For Apple, the real target is Google and its Android OS, Samsung just makes for an easier target due to its large share of the Android market.

What do you think of Samsung and Apple’s patent war, has it gone too far yet?

  • MasterMuffin

    They (Apple) have been drinking something tougher than apple juice!

    • Krazie

      must be all them REDDS apple ALE o_0

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    M sick of apple.. in-spite of having so huge capital.. they choose to sue other OEM’s rather than spending it on research n developement.. making better n cheap phones.. or giving customers options to select from 2-3 diff variety.

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Personally I think it has gone too far. Apple has demonstrated that it does not care, why hasn’t it sued all the other companies? This demonstrates that Apple has taken it too personal and is afraid. Samsung can’t do much but try to defend itself from this power-hungry Goliath. Hopefully this ends soon because this is a shame and a bit degrading for Apple. Enough is enough.

  • Up next will be Apple suing the fruit Apple..

  • gs4

    This just proves Apple is scared shitless by the gs4 ;)

  • I still can’t believe that these patents were issued to Apple in the first place and more so that they haven’t all been revoked at this point.

  • JGaLaXY

    This is coming off kinda as desperate…just leave samsung alone, theyve given you enough money

  • OMGgary

    Not this again! Apple need to try inventing something new and interesting as a way of keeping customers interested and quit this lame patent trolling which is just making them look like a bunch of asshats.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    I hope they succeed. If its infringing then pay up.

  • simpleas

    Stopped buying their crapple since ipad3

  • IncCo

    Just give it up Crapple..

  • Samsung is preparing a counterclaim of its own, currently with 22 Apple devices

    I didn’t know Apple had 22 different devices:
    1 iPhone
    2 iPad
    3 iPad mini
    4 Mac book
    5 Mac book air
    6 iMac

    That’s six devices so that means generation come into play:
    iPhone (Original, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5) – 6
    iPad (1,2, new, 4) – 4
    iPad mini (1) – 1

    That’s all 11 Apple mobile devices so Samsung’s attacking at least 3 or more generation of Apples laptop and desktop.

    • Aj

      Seems u forgot to mention iPod -touch, nano etc. and yes generation also matters.

      • Wow, I used to use to use the iPod from 2004 to 2012, that’s when I transferred everything to Google Music.
        I can’t believe I forgot the the iPod lol.

    • you forgot the colors :D

  • This is funny because when this patent trial happens GS5 will be out while apple will be somewhere else or something.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I have trouble with a lot of software patents, let alone the sort of patents that these guys bring to the table. It isn’t just the software, .. it isn’t just “bounce back effect” but instead “bounce back effect in a mobile computing device with a touch screen and a modem”.
    Personally I think the USA is being put in danger of being left behind by the rest of the developed world by entertaining these ridiculous lawsuits. Why try to sell things here when the court will give your competition the case just because they are domestic?

  • Mike Bastable

    What do you think of Samsung and Apple’s patent war, has it gone too far yet?

    Not enough replies recentlyon yur website guys? “Lets allow the Sammy fanboys to attack “Cr”Apple again.

    We have been here before: NO ONE Android OEM so BLATANTLY and CALCULATEDLY copied the iPhone the way Samsung did. They deserve to be punished.

    IT IS annoying these Patent wars but it is time Samsung did an HTC and started to pay royalties to Apple. Google had a version of Android in development before the iPhone, but it changed immediately once the iPhone was revealed. This isnt opinion, it is just FACT

    (Fanboys feel free skip the rest and insult me now, and defend Samsung)

    There is on the planet no other company with as many convictions for Corporate corruption and deception as Samsung, so a little product theft wasnt beneath them!

    I however used to use iPhone but switched recently to the Xperia Z and Nexus 7, just because Android has become an awesome product, surpassing Apple!

    the new Samsung phones have their own identity and are evolving away from being blatant copies.
    So my reply: No it is not time for these Court cases to stop. Samsung deserves to be punished, heavily.

    • Gabriel Ortiz

      See, there is an issue with that. I can see why you would want punishment, but there is a reason why the judge said they should focus on compensation if any, and not punishment. You simply cannot punish a whole company. If you did, then you are saying we should go back and punish microsoft, apple, and other companies that have done similar things in the past. It’s not about punishment because unfortunately its not like we’re dealing with little kids (although it may seem like that sometimes.) We’re dealing with legal issues which go far deeper than a punishment.

      Plus you can’t completely punish a company for what has done in the past, things change over time, different people might have been in charge or influential at that time, and there are other things at play here. I can see the outcome of this case influencing future competition and helping (or severely limiting) other company’s ability to compete without having a monopoly of a company watching over them to see when they will mess up so they can sue. If Apple saw that the Galaxy S was a copy, why didn’t they ban it at the very beginning??? (Like Nokia did with HTC recently, in which HTC was able to fix the issue and avoid legal trouble.) These types of calculated moves to abuse the legal system and hurt others should be reanalyzed.

      • Mike Bastable

        Interesting answer, however the heads at Samsung remain unchanged and their business practices, as dubious as they are, also remain unchanged.
        Samsung should be forced to pay large puniative damages.
        It is also widely known that Apple contacted Google and Samsung in an attempt to avoid the courts. Both rebuked Apple. Google was and is driven by the fear of lost search revenue and would never agree to handbrake Android, basically they have Samsung as proxy to fight Apple on their behalf. Judging by the ramp up (and convergance of functionality) of TIZEN development Samsung is less than pleased to continue this proxy relationship longterm.

        • Gabriel Ortiz

          Sure Apple contacted Google and Samsung, but you have to agree Apple also has the fear of losing market share, and I’m sure their terms of peace were not exactly the best.

          When you make a new product that reshapes the industry, you should expect other companies will follow suit. Invention of the car, the plane, the phone, the smartphone, the iPhone, the Android phone. . .
          Apple had revolutionary products, other companies followed the example. The only thing I fail to understand is if Apple saw this as a copyright infringement, why wait until now? It’s a sketchy subject, but certain things become industry standard, especially when it comes to features. Like Apple trying to sue for Slide to Unlock. How else are you supposed to unlock it?
          I agree that Samsung should be penalized if need be, but I see this case as being more of Apple trying to kill competition due to fear rather than settling a dispute. Just look at the stock market today.

          • Mike Bastable

            Again nice answer. Apple ignores its share price, always has,always will, they say so every time they issue a financial report. As long as their profitability is high they also do not go for nr1 In a market segment. They do not make enough products, range of products, to sustain market leadership. The issue of patent protection was raised by Jobs at the original iPhone launch, it seems that Apple have tried everything behind the scenes to avoid the courts, only now is the impasse thus that courts are needed. Remember that inter company correspondence on the copying issue was blocked by Samsung in the California case as not relevant and possibly prejudicial to their case. Apple agreed to keep negotiations out of court secret. Again I hope Samsung is financially punished but also hope Android remains untouched.

          • Gabriel Ortiz

            Do you think maybe that is the reason why Samsung decided a Google Edition of Galaxy S4? If only they had started adopting Google’s revamped OS sooner, they may have avoided some fire.
            However with rumors of iOS getting a makeover, other companies might be watching what Apple does. With so many designs out there, it would be horrible for Apple if other companies started going after Apple for resemblance in design. Not saying it will happen, but Apple has gained an evil eye from other companies, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried. Personally I think Samsung right now is on track, differentiating themselves from others. Apple I think should accept the fact that they need to catch up and start innovating and wowing the world, not fighting in the courts. I think with all the focus and confidence Apple had in suing Samsung, they lost sight and vision of their products, giving birth to a half baked Maps app and an iPhone 5 that lacked the wow factor it desperately needed. Get back on track and let’s see some products! And stop all this jabbering, it’s going to come back to bite both companies if they don’t stop.

          • Mike Bastable

            Well I agree 1000% with all of that, can’t wait to see Jonny Ive’s revised iOS interface!

          • Gabriel Ortiz

            If it ends up looking too much like Metro or Google’s card UI, it’s going to be disappointing. I personally probably never get an iPhone, I have invested too much in Android. But i admire Apple’s UI, though Google’s recent card UI is very simple and elegant.

          • Mike Bastable

            Nice discussion, thnx Gabriel.! Agree with your last post, of course.

          • Gabriel Ortiz

            Just wanted to mention, after Google IO2013, I am in fact very impressed with Google’s advancement. The Play music All Access, the UI refresh, the Google+ new features (and recently the app), voice searching… Google is doing all of this and more, they have a 10 year head start in collecting data and information and find the best way to deliver it to us. If you notice Apple focuses on a year by year point of view, I could see Google’s focus to be more long term. More futuristic, more broad. They may have seemed to be moving slow compared to other companies, but I think they’re at full speed ahead right now, and we saw a preview of the future of Google in Google IO.

          • I agree with all the gestures BS. Apple is so proud that a baby with no electronics experience can figure out an ios device. If that is really the case should said estures really be able to be patented. Sounds like they are pretty much common sense at that point.

  • No One

    I still don’t hate Apple, and I think they are doing the right thing to protect their intellectual properties. However, this is getting bored now. We should make a rule for fair trade and competition. In my opinion, device look alike is OK, unless they copy exactly the same of the design or software then it will be a case.

    As normal user, I don’t care who copy who, as long as I have good product to use, then I am happy.

  • Michael Partridge


  • Roddisq

    No more apple for me since discovered android…their OS is boring, locked, and dumb…apple is just marketing, nothing else.

  • logan

    not surprising, it’s in their job description.
    will go the same in years to come, until they go bankrupt…

  • tademao