With latest ad, Apple wants to make Samsung turn green

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 22, 2014

samsung apple green ad

Oh my, Apple strikes back in its ever so entertaining feud with Samsung… This time the occasion is Earth Day. Yes, really.

On April 22, ecologists celebrate Earth Day, a worldwide event dedicated to drawing attention to the problems of our environment. Earth Day also happens to be the perfect opportunity for Apple to take a swipe at Samsung and  show its commitment to all things green.

Apple placed full-page ads in two highly circulated British newspapers, The Guardian and Metro, whose headline reads “There are some ideas we want every company to copy,” a clear hint at archrival Samsung. “There’s one area where we actually encourage others to imitate us,” reads the copy of the app, to really drive the point home.

apple green ad samsung 2

Full page ad. Click to enlarge. Via David McClelland on Twitter

The two companies have been embroiled in a vicious legal war for the past few years, with Apple repeatedly calling out Samsung for copying the design and features of the iPhone and iPad. Right now, in a courtroom in San Jose, the two companies are sparring in a suit potentially worth billions. Apple is accusing Samsung of infringing patents allegedly worth $2.2 billion, while the Korean company is in turn demanding $7 million as compensation for two patents that Apple allegedly encroached on.

Apple is, in fact, one of the greenest technology companies, at least when it comes to its cloud offerings. The company just launched a new section on its website where it showcases its environmentalist initiatives. CEO Tim Cook himself took the time to voice over this green-themed ad dubbed “Better”.

For its part, Samsung is no stranger of taking on Apple. The company regularly pokes its Cupertino rival in its ads. Here’s one of the most recent ones and here’s the ad that made Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller feel a bit insecure back in 2011.

  • Daniel D

    I love apple commercials… So much bullshit in them

    • RarestName

      So you like bullshit? Okay.

      • Alfredo

        Yes, they make me laugh..

      • descendency

        How else do you think the grass is always so green…

        • RarestName


          • Bryan Z

            lol… you just gave people a word they have to google

          • supremekizzle

            More like boreophyll.

    • Tony Tasmaly

      I’m with you

    • martin

      yes because foxconn isn´t the greanest company of the world, only the trash can can be of this polution free stuff

    • ddd

      Go Fuck Yourself. Jackass
      Apple is worst company in the market because apple doesn’t make anything like display on apple products made from LG company Ips Lcd and camera is from Sony, and processor is from one company. What else jackass apple can do? Nothing
      Gay Tim Cook and stupidest Steve Woziank are D Bag people in the market. Apple will be bankrupt very soon.
      Daniel D who doesn’t know anything about technology so that is why u are D BAG EVER.


      • Daniel D

        What the Fuck just happened. I hate apple just as you do. So what why are jumping on my neck. Some people are becoming really violent in these comments. don’t even know who’s on your side and who’s not anymore. Calm down face Fuck.

        • ddd


      • ddd

        Samsung can do better than worst company apple.

  • turboguy

    i wonder….

    • Ilovemymac

      cuz its meant for stuff u wanna “trash” away, u cant really recycle computer files… read ur state again with “virus” the reference point

      • Guest123

        someone’s flying at a very low altitude

        It’s a little thing we humans call sarcasm.

      • turboguy

        dig,Sir dig!
        You might find some sense of humor buried deep inside thyself.

        • apianist16

          Love your avatar. :). I am a C&H fan too.

      • Kelly

        Recycling files to create new disc space?

    • RarestName

      Damn it, stop leaving out Linux users!

      • turboguy

        well,I don’t know much about linux

        • Woe, Is [S]unjay

          You have no soul.

          • nishantsirohi123

            may be he sold his soul to the devil, or perhaps…apple

      • MasterMuffin

        Linux users are saving the penguins!

    • mobilemann


  • Mayoo

    This is a two part ad. The other part reads: “So we can sue their ass after.”.

  • Doug

    “We want to patent every ideas before any other company”
    I think that’s the original intent

  • Guest123

    Apple’s value:
    Highest profit margin of any tech company. . . drive users to upgrade as much as possible, thus producing more trash. . . etc. . .

    Companies care about one thing, your money going into their bank accounts. They’ll become “green” if they think it will sell more of their junk, same for paying workers working in near slave labor conditions, etc. . . they will do it, but ONLY after consumers start demanding it, thus none of them are leaders and doing what is “right” on their own.

  • Goota’ keep the consumist wheel spinnin’..let’s print moar’ money!

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    Lol look who is doing the talking. The #1 copycat who shamelessly ripped off android notification drawer but was crying like a child for simple things like slide to unlock and rounded rectangle patents. Lololol.

    • turboguy

      Not to forget, they copied somethings even from windows
      those obnoxious assholes!

      • mobilemann

        there was quicktime (apple) code in windows media player until windows 7. Apple sued over it in 99/2000 and settled for an office commitment for mac, and a rather large cash infusion. Please point out where Apple has actually stolen code lol. It’s just trendy to hate apple right now, because you kids know nothing about history.

        • shm224

          @mobilemann : I could cite numerous instances of Apple copying / stealing / backstabbing … but this one would do — from Jonathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystem:

          “I feel for Google – Steve Jobs threatened to sue me, too.

          In 2003, after I unveiled a prototype Linux desktop called Project Looking Glass*,
          Steve called my office to let me know the graphical effects were
          “stepping all over Apple’s IP.” (IP = Intellectual Property = patents,
          trademarks and copyrights.) If we moved forward to commercialize it,
          “I’ll just sue you.”

          My response was simple. “Steve, I was just watching your last
          presentation, and Keynote looks identical to Concurrence – do you own
          that IP?” Concurrence was a presentation product built by Lighthouse
          Design, a company I’d help to found and which Sun acquired in 1996.
          Lighthouse built applications for NeXTSTEP, the Unix based operating
          system whose core would become the foundation for all Mac products after
          Apple acquired NeXT in 1996. Steve had used Concurrence for years, and
          as Apple built their own presentation tool, it was obvious where they’d found inspiration. “And last I checked, MacOS is now built on Unix. I think Sun has a few OS patents, too.” Steve was silent.”

          Apple was always shameless about stealing, though they were always under delusion that they actually invented everything.

          • mobilemann

            so you’re comparing patent allegations with actual code being stolen? Stealing concepts and is one thing, actual code theft is another.

            Apple going to BSD core was to copy sun? I don’t follow. I am by no means saying apple is a saint, i’m saying 20 somethings (and yourself it seems) have no idea what microsoft was in the 90s, what they did to the web, etc.

          • shm224

            @mobilemann:disqus: sounds like a typical Apple apologist. Are you one of those rabid fans of Dan Dildo of AppleInsider or Phil Elmer DimWitted at Apple 2.0?

            First, where is your proof that Microsoft infringed on Apple’s copyrights? Did any court find Microsoft infringed on Apple’s copyrights? I also have to ask why is copyright infringement any worse than patent infringement? is that because you are an Apple fanboy? Also note that Microsoft and HP were cleared of Apple’s copyright accusation in the past. Samsung likewise here is accused of “patent infringements” not copyright infringement. Apple’s litigious behavior is quite notorious, but your specious reasoning isn’t winning any friends here.

            Second, sure, copying source code from FreeBSD — known for permissive licensing agreement with no AT&T encumbered code back then — was the fastest to way for Steve Jobs and his co at NeXT to catch up and compete with Sun Microsystem who pioneered the nascent Unix workstation/server market. Sun Micro had Bill Joy who was really the brain behind BSD and Sun, while NeXT was too busy copying BSD codes and ripping off Sun, DEC and other who made advanced in the unix communities. The only note worthy thing NeXT did was incorporating Mach kernel from CMU. Even then, they sucked so much that they had to get out of hardware business in early 90’s and focus on app dev business. NeXT would have surely died in less than 4, 5 years without Apple.

            Now, I’m not saying Samsung is an angel or saint. I’m saying some A+ tech from Devry or graphic artist, like yourself it seems, have no idea where Apple’s history of copying starts or ends.

          • mobilemann

            Rabid yet funny Fanchild,

            It’s well known Microsoft’s 90s cash infusion and commitment to the mac as a platform (with office and IE) was a result of the quicktime IP theft. There was no court because it was settled. But yes, denying a widely known anecdote of history makes me a apologist, and not you a delusional fanboy. (lolol)

            Microsoft was cleared of apple’s original “look and feel” lawsuit (which actually heavily influenced their methods of protecting IP. (which helped fire on the patent wars that apple helped fuel)

            You also (because of your obvious, laughable bias) don’t understand that the point of my posts are not apple is an angel, apple are just as big of assholes as anyone else. It’s just understanding all players as they were. I understand that kind of level playing field is not what you want to talk about, but i’m ok with that.

            Second, no one “copies” source code from FreeBSD, it’s open source, (on AA, i would have thought you would understand the terms of BSD, and know that Darwin is open sources as well, with multiple FOSS projects being born around it (opendarwin and puredarwin being the largest). OpenStep itself was a joint collaborative project between NeXT and Sun at the time, so it wasn’t at all how you paint it, sun wanted object orientated development environments, and this was where it was at, at the time. By the time Sun really focused on Java, (irony we are talking about this in an android forum, what’s that based off?;D) Jobs was back with apple.

            Grats on looking at 2 wiki’s and forming some grandiose message that conforms to the agenda you’re trying to push. It must suck to be that pathetic. And i didn’t know we were talking about samsung. My last 3 phones were made by them. (i’ve got 4 of their smartphones actually, crazy for such an “apple fanboy!”) But yes, samsung aren’t saints either. They’ve been convicted of corruption and bribery, lol.

    • diggitydang

      I’m not saying either of these companies are right and I actually hate the public squabbling, but if the iPhone wasn’t ever created, Android and Samsung would be WAAAAAAAY different… like old school Blackberry. If Android didn’t create some of the stuff Apple copied, it would still feel iPhone-ish… so I can see Apple’s point of view on this whole thing.

      That said, nobody’s right or wrong with their choice of phones… it’s whatever suits that person’s tastes.

      • Jaime


        • diggitydang

          Care to actually make a sentence? I don’t mind trading a couple of comments, but someone who writes that I’m “ignorant” as a one word reply seems to me to be the ignorant one. I’m not starting a flame war or anything, but come on man…

      • StraightEdgeNexus

        this^^^ completely agree with you. Apple visualised the modern smartphone or else android and others would have been stuck in blackberry era.

        • diggitydang

          I read an article recently about how Google scrambled when they saw the iPhone launch because they weren’t even THINKING about a touchscreen. If Apple didn’t create the iPhone, we’d still be using the damned Blackberry trackball or trackpad thingy that you try to move one icon on and it skips over three… then try to move back and it skips back 3… hahahaha…

          • StraightEdgeNexus

            phonearena?????? click bait article but a true story nonetheless

  • Tony Tasmaly

    they will never tell you that those solar panels are very poisonous and give you cancer. of course Apple support climate change because they make a lot of money off of it and make idiots go buy it their products

  • Stas

    Said Apple who copied this, at least, from Google.

  • Jack Dunn

    Apple do just target idiots with their marketing though, call it revolutionary and people will believe it because its expensive, and looks good. They made a few good and innovative products, but now they’re riding off the brand and its false brand loyalty (which is a ridiculous thing to do with tech companies anyway). “Never done before” video calls, we call it FaceTime. We say its got a 64 bit processor and it’s 60x faster than the original iPhone because numbers sound impressive. Shows a company needs little more than marketing to succeed.

    • cee


      Suckered by one of the largest marketing budgets in the world? Yes!

    • mobilemann

      Apple has pretty much always been about the marketing. I agree they need some new stuff to push forwards. Touch ID was ok, but nothing that really turned any heads. Facetime was a best in class product, google hangouts once totally finished will be much better, simply due to it’s cross platform nature. iMessage is still considerably better than (the new again) hangouts.

      What apple needs to do is push development larger and faster, like google does.

      But that’s just what i think, someone who doesn’t actually want apple to die. I want them to compete, hard, as when they are both going against each other, shit moves faster.

  • Soto

    How about better, better working condition for the teenage boys at foxconn.

  • Gab Tab

    Its funny seeing two major companies fighting, its like seeing two rich spoiled kids beat each other up and then complain to their parents (The court).

  • Just you wait to see the next Cyanogenmod project, its going to be amazing.

    • Gab Tab

      The many wonderful features of Android. Don’t like the software? Just change it then.

      iPhone Users: Don’t like the software? Just buy another $700 phone.

      • Guest123

        Until Google decides they don’t like a feature, then it’s gone for good — webview text reflow, ext_sd card permissions????

        We need a truly open community to take over Android or google will make more like WP and iOS sooner than anyone thinks.

        • nishantsirohi123

          well, the OEMs can make it available, sammy hall always have expandable memory and it will be available.

      • mobilemann

        @gabtab:disqus ok, i’ll bite, since the bootloaders are locked on the most POPULAR devices on the most POPULAR networks where i live (NYC, Verizon / AT&T) How does one change the software?

        oh, you can’t. You have to use exploits to root, which is exactly what jailbreakers do, just for root. I find that most people who make this comment themselves buy at least one $700 phone a year regardless, and use it primarily for facebook. fanboys.

  • Milton

    But Samsung went fire red last week during that explosion, now they want to go green?

  • jojo

    Nice commercial.

  • Johnh24

    Yeah Apple pretend they have something but they don’t, only time tell and that’s coming faster then you think.

    • mobilemann


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  • NoyNoy

    Made of recyclable materials, then sells it for more than $500?

  • gokousupasayan

    LOL, Android Authority is like this OP… “I’ll just leave this here…”

  • Jesus

    Based on this…