Apparently, Apple isn’t happy with the billion dollars it won from Samsung. It’s bad enough that the trial was the worst thing to happen to Android since locked bootloaders, but even Apple guru Steve Wozniak thinks it’s a load of bull. Unfortunately, wiser heads won’t be prevailing in the Apple v Samsung battle.

Apple has filed to add $707 million in addition to its winnings from the last lawsuit. According to FOSS Patents, Apple is looking to get more money for additional patents that Samsung allegedly infringed upon along with Supplemental Damages. When everything is added together, the total additions will total $707 million.

To the surprise of no one, a permanent injunction for Samsung devices will be thrown in there as well. So not only will Apple get nearly $2 billion dollars in so-called damages from Samsung, but many of the Samsung devices we know and love would be permanently banned from the United States. Sadly, that process has already begun as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already been banned.

When is Apple going to stop this thermonuclear war?

Unfortunately, not until Android is dead and gone. Thankfully, that’s a future that isn’t likely to happen. Even though Apple owns patents on silly things like bounce-back, there are other companies out there with far more impressive portfolios. In fact, there’s a pending lawsuit going on right now that targets both Google and Apple. Additionally, Apple ripped off a copyrighted clock and are in the process of being sued for that. It is essentially a teeter totter. Apple sues someone, then someone sues Apple.

This whole situation is a giant mess. Even as an Android fan, I’d much prefer to see these lawsuits come to an end. It isn’t because of the law that we consumers have the most technologically advanced mobile devices in history at our disposal. It is because these companies compete for our love and that leads to innovation. Unfortunately, as long as Apple keeps getting new patents, there will continue to be Apple lawsuits.

Just a few months ago, we all had a laugh when Apple decided to sue Samsung for using rounded rectangles. Since then, we learned that a shape we’ve all known about since our first geometry class costs about $1.7 billion. Here’s hoping the iPhone 6 doesn’t breathe air, otherwise we’re all in serious trouble. Do you think the courts will grant Apple the additional $707 million? Has this nonsense gone far enough? Let us know in the comments!

Joe Hindy
Hi everyone! I'm Joe Hindy the Android Authority app guy!
  • That’s just messed up. Apple no longer “innovate”. The way I see it, they’re starting to “deteriorate”. :/

    • Peter Chen

      Agreed. And the iPhone 5 is clearly an example. Bunch of butt-effers.

      • PeterBlood

        Ditto on the plasticky-shattering-on-one-drop SIII BF’ers.

        • It’s called a case. I’ve dropped mine a few times and………….no shattering. Imagine that.

          • PeterBlood

            Yes I also firmly believe in using a case – case closed! If I loved Android as much as you people the fact the Samsung Galaxy SIII is so fragile wouldn’t keep me away either.

    • PeterBlood

      The way I see it Apple has always and continues to innovate and is only beginning. And all these lawsuits are to protect their hard earned interests & expensive R&D. Read this article for the real truth & looooowdown on Android from an Android user (who now is an iPhone user):

      “The problem I have with Android as it stands today, at least from those of us who became full-blown fans and expoused the benefits of it to our friends, family and co-workers — is that the second it leaves Google’s code repository and is made avaliable to OEMs and wireless carriers, who then make derivative products out of it, it goes from being kosher to being trayf (which means torn in Yiddish).

      What I’m trying to get at is there is a perfect image of what Android is supposed to be, what Google and Android’s staunchest adherents purport it to be, and then there is Android as it is practiced in reality.

      Android as it is being sold to you by OEMs and wireless carriers is a lie. It is Android interpreted and regurgitated as perverted scripture from false prophets.”

      See the rest here:

      • Yeah that’s unfortunately the downsides of being “open”. Also one of the reasons I make sure to flash the resident AOSP rom on any Android phone I happen to own. xD

        • PeterBlood

          Thanks for the honesty. Would that more of your fellow Android users own up to the downsides. I see a similar pattern as to what PC users have to do to stay with their chosen platform and the extra steps they have to take that a lot of consumers don’t want to fool with. I recognize there are downsides to everything just more downsides in some things than others. It’s why i stay with Apple. Enjoy your tech!

          • Actually, I’m a mac user. :) I’ve said this on other places before and I’ll say it again here, macs or OS X in general looks and feels awesome to do programming work in. I just prefer Android as my phone because I see that it’s far more extensible than iOS.

          • PeterBlood

            That’s cool but what’s an example of “being far more extensible than iOS?”

          • razmahtaz001

            Customization my friend….

          • PeterBlood

            But why? An insatiable need to tinker? Does everything in tech need to be modified? I understand if it’s a hobby but most people just want something that works and still have a life. I’m one of many that has little need or reason to make such modifications. But I don’t want to deny others their need to tamper which is really why Android exists.

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah but no one ever says what wonderful things customization does that makes it worth the bother. Wall paper? Moving some buttons around? Widgets? Animated weather? *Yawn*

          • Well you can tweak or change much of the system level in the phone. Aka, just like a computer, you can explore its insides and make changes here and there. I may be misinformed on this oone but I think that is nt possible on the iPhone.

      • razmahtaz001

        U call prior art as being hard earned interest? U call copying the swiss clock logo hard earned interest? U call copying androids drop down notification a hard earned interest? There’s a lot of evidence that apples hard earned interest is nothing more than copies…if u know how to use Google, all the evidence is there…

        • PeterBlood

          You see Fandroids use very selective items for their disingenuous arguments to blow it all wide open and make it all OK for criminals like Samsung to copy freely. Go back and relearn your history and not this selective fantasy one. The only evidence here is how dumb you are. There’s more to this than “rounded corners.”

      • Ivan Budiutama

        It is the advantage as well as disadvantage of being “open”.

        Disadvantage because well, basically you cannot have a standard release for OS Updates, in which each OEM must responsible for their own updates. Thus the fragmentation happened. But, it is a small measure for many other advantages its offered.

        The advantages are the customization where people can release their own version of UI, thus making the phone owner able to bring their own exclusive content and applications. S-pen (Stylus for SG Notes series) came with their own application and trick.

        Anyway, haters gonna hate.

        • PeterBlood

          I prefer the OS upgrades Apple offers (for a couple of years anyway) easily and not suffer the disappointment of many Android users who are promised upgrades and then fail to receive them from lackluster lying manufacturers. If you have a special need only Android can satisfy then by all means but a LOT of people don’t. I’m not trying to make people believe anything just making sure that the real facts and not FUD are dispensed by disingenuous repeater Fandroiders who only hear what they want to hear. Also that I think iPhone is the best OVERALL phone system out there in terms of beautiful design, no fragmentation, incredible app store where developers make the most money and usually develop for first, and the best security. Funny how many people here feel threatened by that. If you’re really secure and happy with Android then you have no reason to be upset.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            FYI, I am not upset or anything and obviously I won’t feed any troll, so have a nice day. I am very delightful to see someone happy about iPhone

          • PeterBlood

            That’s great. Yes I guess around these parts I am considered “trollish.” Troll feeding around here usually means cheap shots that are not verifiable. In tech many often don’t want to be honest apparently. I think there are those who love Android who’ve been bitten by it one way or another and still defend it. I can honestly say I haven’t with Apple stuff, except for when models get too old to support newer emerging tech standards. I personally love it when we get to go to the next level even though that costs yah. Enjoy your tech!

  • TechGuy

    No ban and no payments until a long and protracted case in another court resolves whether the patents are valid or not. – something that was outside the remit of Judge Lucy Kohei and the jury in the previous case.

  • Vincent Gerris

    there is only 1 big cause for this bullshit and it is not Apple or Samsung. It is U.S. patent laws and the way it is handled.
    So start complaining about that instead of the companies that use it to compete.

    • razmahtaz001

      Apple is part of it

  • This nonsense has gone fairly over the line indeed. But we the consumer can’t do anything about that mess. Only thing that we can do is watch and see what happens. This monopoly game Apple is playing has been for years and I personally didn’t know about it until many news about Apple where suing company for ridiculous patents that should not be possible to patent. It just drives me mad and angry how this mess has turned into.

  • Kyle Mosley

    The fact that Apple can win a case against Samsung for using a similar shape is ridiculous. Especially when Apple can steal multiple technologies from several different companies, and not have to pay a single dime in those “damages”.

    For example WTF is the government going to grant Samsung for Apple stealing bits and pieces from over 800 LTE patents that Samsung owns, or what are they going to do about the 12 Wifi patents Google now owns.

    I see Apples lawsuits go through seamlessly through court allowing the ban of companies devices in the US and other companies. While people attempting to sue Apple have to sit through appeals only to get denied any contributions for the technology they created.

    I have an idea though, think of it as a small protest. Cut out a whole bunch of “rounded rectangles” and label them “uSuck”. Then send them to the Apple headquarters.

  • Dapsy

    I guess it is okay to say “Greed comes before a fall”.

  • drewmonge

    Apple is just shooting themselves in the foot with all this ridiculousness. One thing I’ve begun to notice is that even the most staunchest of Apple fanboys are beginning to see the fallacy of these ridiculous patent trolling lawsuits, and have begun to see them for what they are. And are embarrassed for ever being an Apple fan because of all this.Even i used to be a fan of some Apple stuff, i.e. Macbooks and desktops for their video editing capabilities as well as recording music. But now, simply out of principal, I have chosen never to buy another Apple product ever again. Simply because of their strategy to try and stay on top, and stomach churning business ethics. And what they deem as innovation, when its something as nonsensical as rounded rectangles. It’s just tyrannical in its nature.

  • samsungsucks

    Thanks to Samsung for bring more money to Apple– Cha Ching! Can’t ya’ll accept the FACT that samsung has steal a lot of ideas from apple and I understand ya’ll cannot admit cuz ya’ll are blind and the judges & Juries have seen the solid proof from both side and that’s fact and apple of course wins.

  • Adam Outler

    Apple really should just quit while they’re ahead. They got way more than they should have out of the first round. Asking for more is going to hurt them. The jury admitted to awarding punishment instead of damages. A patent trial is only to make up for lost sales, not sending “a clear message” as members of the jury put it.

    • This is about where I’m at in all this. Apple practically got away with murder in the big trial but they got their money. Samsung won’t suffer long term from it and Apple will waste that money in R&D for Apple Maps.

      That really should’ve been the end of it. Anything beyond that is just being spiteful.

  • oddman

    Apple should be sued by Govt.s for Monopolizing and threatening other smaller companies from bringing out products which smaller companies will do fear after this.

    • we just need bag daddy to take action against that patent troll. i hope google will join war against apple.

  • I think the other companies need to band together and just file anti-trust lawsuits against Apple. The intent is clear….to be the only game in town when it comes to smartphones and that needs to be nipped in the bud now.

  • 700m $ extra for rectangle shape? oh u kidding me rite? even with their dirty trick they will never won against samsung in market share.

  • hoggleboggle

    at the end of the day apple is highly unlikely to ever see even a fraction, if anything at all, of this money once the appeal process is finished.

  • sheepybach

    Typical Apple getting slated over iOS 6 and iPhone 5 and are not taking enough money in so they go back to the court bank and like Oliver Twist asks for more $.

  • scott

    Sad, it’s just sad, when smart folk look at Blackberry’s 10 (iPhone copy), HP’s Specter (iMac copy), Intel’s Ultrabook movement (Macbook Air copies), and everything Samsung does (iPad and iPhone copies) and NOT see it’s just a whole market of sad companies copying one originator/inventor (Apple) as to what people want from digital devices. Big companies force consumers to choose between less expensive rip offs and one real innovator (Apple) whose products comes at a price. Patent law protects innovators and should prevent imitators. It’s not just sad, it is sick how much all tech product companies shamelessly copy Apple’s products.