Apple’s “New, Improved” Notifications Center, Lock Screen Flatter Android

by: Chit AgustinJune 7, 2011

If Apple had to imitate someone–whether to sincerely flatter or not–that someone has got to be the best and has got to be Android. And, that was what happened just recently at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2001 held in San Francisco. Apple chose to imitate the best.

At the conference, Apple demoed various new features and enhancements to iOS 5. Among the enhancements is the much-improved notification system, which Apple calls the Notifications Center.

iOS’s current notification system has been much maligned and scorned, and Apple has heeded the cries of the people who found the existing system nasty. Thus, the new and improved Notifications Center.

Android users who have seen the preview came up with almost unanimous thoughts: “Hey, I’ve seen that before. It looks familiar!” And the reason is that it does look similar to Android’s notification system, which arguably is not just an obra maestra but also quite easy to use. Critics were quick to note and rant that the new iOS Notifications Center imitated Android’s old and existing notifications system simply because the latter works and is beautiful.

I personally say I’m happy that iPhone fans will soon be experiencing a notification system that we, Android fans, have been enjoying for some time already.

Android’s lock screen look-alike is also among the “new” stuff on iOS 5. Apple described it as “new and improved” and now allows iOS users to open apps through the lock screen just by dragging the app icons. Android users say, “Been there, done that.” Particularly users of HTC Sense 3.0.

Just like its current Notifications Center, Apple’s lock screen has been assailed many times over as awful. But, Apple now brings to iOS users–via imitation–some of the lock screen delight that Android users have been relishing all along.

If you know of any innovation that Apple has announced and that does not exist yet on Android, let us know right away, please?

Sources: Android and Me, ThisIsMyNext

  • 8PAQ

    Oh cool! So now iOS not only still has its legendary ease of use and polish but also has improved upon the best of what Android has to offer. Sweet!

    • Yongkidd

      But it’s still leashed to iTunes as proprietary software and lacks widgets.

      • jared

        well in iOS5 you technically dont need itunes and it sorta has widgets. Not that iOS has had much innovation but i still much prefer it over android.

  • alisabki

    iOS will be the best smartphone os in the world if they copy all the android features to their system. Their fan is not ashamed for that because apple say, its the Apple innovation!

  • weird_wizard

    Yes, they innovate!.. they r nt mad people like Android guys who developed this bullsh*t..

    All they did possibly copy is the swipe down gesture.. that’s it.. android doesn’t organize notifications into groups/apps.. android as far as I know doesn’t have any notifications on the lock screen except Sense 3.0 which runs on what? 2% of android phones? iOS 5 when released will support and run on PAST TWO GENERATIONS of iPhones.. do you get that? it’s around 75 – 80 % of iPhone/iPod Touch/ and all iPad owners…

    and for the sake of the holy mother of Christ.. Sense 3 is so slow and so idiotic that when u tap a video to play it, it even asks u “Do you want to use Hardware Acceleration? Allow/Cancel?”

    Got that?

    • Ruffo

      Lol @ the iFanboy

      • weird_wizard

        lol.. fart-android..

    • inventordude14

      I found an ifanboy everybody! Seriously do you remember a few years ago when apple “invented” the innovative copy and paste function supposedly never seen before on a portable device? Yea well way before that palm and droid already had it on their platforms but all of the stupid ifanboys got excited about it. Yea man Apple is out of ideas they really need to stop taking stuff that has been on other platforms for years and calling it innovative or revolutionary.

    • Scott Haw

      Really w_w? My 2 year old Samsung E4GT has notifications on the lock screen, as well as my wife’s Nexus 4, and both of my kids phones…

  • bryan

    Apple not innovative anymore their starting to be imitative as many times apple has sued other platforms maybe it time they get sued for once.