It’s not just Samsung or Nokia fans that have been taking hits at Apple’s recent products, as Motorola has joined the fun. While all of them have targeted the iPhone 5 with their campaigns, Motorola is particularly interested in making fun of one of the underperforming apps in iOS 6, Apple Maps in its latest ad.

Motorola’s #iLost ad campaign compares an iPhone 5 running iOS 6 with Apple Maps with one of its recently unveiled Android handsets, the Droid RAZR M running Ice Cream Sandwich with Google Maps. Unlike Samsung, which mentioned Apple’s new device by name in its comparison ad, Motorola calls the device simply #iLost, implying that users should use the hashtag across social services like Twitter and Google Plus. The Droid RAZR M is described as “the full-screen phone,” while the tag line of the ad clearly refers to Apple Maps inconsistencies. Accordingly, the Droid RAZR M shows you “the real world that’s fit for your hand.”

Since Motorola is now a Google subsidiary lead by a Google exec, we probably wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Google has had an indirect hand in this, in order to show consumers that its Google Maps app is superior to Apple’s own Maps app. Not that it’s wrong, considering the complex war between the two sides for market share and profits from the mobile ecosystem, with Google being interested more in the former while Apple focusing on profits instead.

Apple made Apple Maps an important feature of its new iOS version in order to ditch yet another Google service from its mobile platform. But so far Apple Maps has proved to be a hassle for users that have updated their devices to iOS 6. In fact there are plenty of sites taking hits at Apple for the issues experienced by Apple Maps users so far. Of course, expecting Apple to come out with a Google Maps reliable rival already is wishful thinking in the first place and problems should be expected by early adopters, as it takes a lot of work to develop such a complex mapping system.

What do you think of the Motorola ad?

  • maropene ramokgopa

    Right back at ya Apple, thats for ditching google, nice one

  • ehem some funny fact when ifanboy and ifangurls start to hating google cos of android. they start to rely on google maps to cover flaw of apple maps in iOS6

    +1 for motorola ad’s. that giving name #iLost to crap product =))

  • Ian McBeth

    tis hilarious #iLost….. *snickers* ….

  • If you are going to ditch google, you are going to have a bad time

  • masands

    #iLost ICS update for the Motorola.

  • john stead

    It’s the fact

  • PapayaSF

    I’m an iPhone user, and I’ll admit that Apple has stumbled on this… at least for now. So I’m holding off on upgrading to iOS 6. I hope Google Maps comes back as a separate app, or that Apple improves their app quickly. I suspect the situation will be better in a few months.

  • Wanderer

    Ha ha ha… that’s what you get, Apple. They are in no position to complain about satirical advertisements, given their track record when it comes to marketing.

  • elliot

    i have an iphone and just hate it…. i had an old samsung and that was better than my iphone… missing many features that samsung has it..there is a reason why samsung is the number one seller.

  • Greg

    Wow. Funny that there are tons of free and paid apps in the App Store. I never used google maps because they sucked. I have Tom Tom for my navigation needs. I would never rely on google maps.

  • Dartanian

    Ha ha, Motorola (Google) used a fake address to try and make Apple look bad, yet they come out looking like the idiots in the long run. ROFL

  • YoMama

    #ilost? Motorolas hash tag should be #motoNoSale even google could not locate actual moto users. Dumb A**

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