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A former iPhone user is suing Apple over alleged “interference” with the delivery of text messages after switching to an Android device.

According to Bloomberg, plaintiff Adrienne Moore is suing Apple in a court in San Jose, Calif., alleging that, after she switched to a Samsung smartphone, she could no longer receive text messages from iPhone users.

The complaint alleges that defecting users are being “penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts.” Moore is demanding unspecified damages over the fact that Apple failed to disclose that switching to a competing platform might cause service interference.

A known bug

So, what’s going on here? Is Apple purposely withholding or delaying text messages, as a sort of punishment for defecting to a rival platform? Most likely not.

The issue that the plaintiff is complaining about has been known for a while, and Apple recently acknowledged it as a bug. The problem happens when Apple fails to de-register phone numbers from its iMessage database, and attempts to forward texts to iMessage, even if the user no longer has access to the service. In some cases, this leads to loss of messages.

In what seems to be a related issue, some former iPhone users report that their text messages arrive with long delays on their new Android devices.

This issue only happens with texts sent from iPhones, but, with the prevalence of Apple’s smartphone in the US, it can be a serious inconvenience.

What to do

Apple recommends users to turn iMessage off on their iPhones before they remove the SIM card from their devices. This action, should, in theory, disconnect the phone number from the Apple ID, but that doesn’t always work.

If you’re experiencing the same problem after switching to Android, try popping your SIM back into an iPhone and then de-registering from iMessage from Settings>Messages. If that doesn’t work or if you can’t get hold of an iPhone, one workaround that Apple support recommends is to ask your contacts to delete your number from their contacts and re-add you as a mobile contact. Of course, this is hardly a solution, but at least for the most important contacts, it may be worth the trouble.

For more details, former Lifehacker editor Adam Pash is talking about his own frustrating attempts to solve the issue here.

Have you ever experienced or heard of this problem?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Abdulkareem

    I don’t have this problem. Is it because that I didn’t have an iphone and switched to android? I don’t know and btw I own HTC one

    • MasterMuffin

      Yes, that’s what the article clearly says :) If you’ve used iPhone with iMessage and then switched to Android, you may get this problem. In your case, no problem

      • Johnny bravo

        Spotted !! :D

  • MasterMuffin

    This sueing of everyone is getting ridiculous. I smiled a little when I saw that Apple is the one getting sued, but this is just stupid!

    • patrik

      Yes, but this is by far the only valid reason to be sued for.

      • MasterMuffin

        A bug in software?

        • patrik

          Not just any bug, a bug that’s been known by Apple for years, and still nothing has been done.

          And yes, if it’s a bug that can cause such problems for a certain individual, a lawsuit should be filed.

          • MasterMuffin

            For years? Nevermind then :D

          • patrik

            Yes, they’ve only recently acknowledged the issue at hand, but they’ve been aware for quite some time now.

            My honest guess is that it’s deliberate.

          • MasterMuffin

            I think so too. “Why should we fix something that only hurts those who left us”. It’s like bluetooth with iDevices, never really quite works with for example Android devices

          • patrik

            Precisely. That’s the big problem about Apple these days, they have enormous amount if ignorant consumers who simply don’t care about how a company behaves and what they do.

            Even if you were to put it in plain english, provide people evidence of what they’re doing, they’d probably just go back to an iPhone instead of doing something about it. People these days make me sad..

          • Bryan Z

            Lol! you generalization of people makes me feel sorry for you.

          • Andrew T Roach

            Exactly what I was thinking Bryan Z.

          • you are wrong bryan

            no bryan, people are ignorant! A guy got his prescription filled at a pharmacy and the pharmacy accidently left that preservative packet in the vial with the meds. guess what? the customer swallowed it thinking it was a pill. stupid! YES people are stupid, its true. Oh a lady comes to the pharmacy and asks where’s my prescription. We couldn’t find it after looking for 5-10 minutes (rush hour going on phones hammering and drive thru clashing like the gods fighting the titans). She gets really really mad and tells us she is sick and tired of us messing up everything which by definition was another time when we gave her child-proof caps on vials when she wanted easy open caps. Guess what? she pulled out a prescription from her doctor and said this is the medication you guys were suppose to fill. YES she actually pulled out the prescription that she was suppose to give to us so that we can freaking fill. She thought we were psychic and we’d telepathically read the doctors mind and fill it the minute she gets to our pharmacy. seriously bryan, have you ever worked with people EVER? There are some people who are stupider than dogs.

          • Kevin

            Yesssss i have had the same problem when i switched. I’ve spoke with apple went to apple and even went to at&t and the problem is still going on! They need to get there crap together i’m glad i switched to the note3!

          • Since at least 2011 that I’m aware of. (was a service technician at the time for Sprint when they started selling iPhones)

          • Bambang Hermanto

            Not to mention not every user is tech savvy. So what, they have no rights to sue for being troubled?

        • Android Developer

          bugs can cause a lot of damage.
          I don’t quite understand though how iMessage works. Does it need your phone number to act like WhatsApp, so that the message would be free of charge, between iPhone users?
          If so, then it is quite a problematic bug since it makes it stick with the phone numbers. They should have some kind of fallback to send the messages to email, saying that they couldn’t reach the iPhone using iMessage, and asking if the customer has removed the sim or something.

          • MasterMuffin

            I think they should make it so that the phone replies to the server that it got the message. If it doesn’t reply, it goes as SMS.

          • Android Developer

            But what about when it doesn’t have reception?
            or when it’s in airplane mode?

          • MasterMuffin

            Use magic

          • Android Developer

            iphone magic doesn’t work in the Android realm.

      • nishantsirohi123

        of course, who knows what all problems the person might be facing cuz disabling this is not much of a big deal. but this is apple, which sold a faulty phone and blamed the users for “holding it wrong”

    • Bryan Z

      Yeah all this suing is not only ridiculous but it’s also getting boring. I was fun/funny a couple of years ago now it’s just like I wish AA wouldn’t even bother.

    • Michael Samsara

      Interestingly, this is just the type of lawsuit that Apple likes to file itself! sms So, I am sure they will appreciate her rationality, credibility and the “sincere” motivation underlying her righteous reasons for bringing the absolutely necessary suit to right egregious wrongs that she perceives Apple to have visited upon her – the lady is a pure and perfect kindred spirit of Apple and their legal teams.

      Actually, she ought to go to work for them thinking up new lawsuits Apple can file, since she already has the correct mindset that they employ, they won’t have to teach her to ignore reality, focus on absurdity and ways to make claims that have little if any – or most likely – no meaning.

  • KenOzz

    I have been suffering from it for 4 weeks now can’t get texts from iPhone users after switching to Android a month ago,
    And yes I did turn off iMessage and deleted my device off Apple’s servers,

    I recently spoke to Applecare who said they would delete my number off the iMessage server,that helped a bit but I still miss Texts from those who still have a text conversation still on their iPhone with me,

    it seems that all the folk Ive texted in the last 3 years have to delete the texts I sent them and reboot their iPhones before it will pick up the fact I am no longer on an iPhone

    I have done this with close family and friends and I now get their texts but unknown others I still don’t until they ring me and say why are you ignoring my texts? I shuder to think about all the folk who have took offence and think I have ignored them

  • Johnny bravo

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Galaxy S5 had a stellar reception
    when it launched last Friday. In some European markets, the Korean giant
    sold twice as many smartphones as the Galaxy S4 did on its launch day

  • jjordan

    Thank god you addressed this issue. I work at a verizon store and I could not tell you how many times I have ran into this problem with customers who have switched over to android from ios…it’s exhausting

  • WestFiasco

    Isn’t this a fairly old “bug”, I’ve heard of this long ago.

    • RarestName

      Yes, it’s an old issue that still exists.

  • Iphonelove

    Sue them.sue sue sue…money apple pay pay

  • Liberty 1

    I did have it happen to me. A quick note to my contacts asking them to remember to text to my phone number, not my email, and also to change my cell heading in their contacts list from iPhone to Mobile solved the problem. No one had to spend more than a minute changing the setting and everyone did it the same day. There have been no further issues and I get all my texts just fine. Hardly the stuff of lawsuits!

    • Chilliwackian

      Sorry but I think that is a ridiculous solution. Asking all my contacts to do this is something I’d expect from some technological wonder in the 90’s. Apple knows its problem (and it has for some time) but its a great marketing tool. I switched over 2 people at work from iPhone to Android and they get so ticked off at their Android phone because of missing/delayed SMS they ask for their iPhone back. Its not Androids problem!

      • Liberty 1

        It worked, took less than a minute and completely resolved the issue. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. And who said it was an Android problem?

        • Chilliwackian

          If you have 10 people in your contact list its not that big an issue.10 people can make a change. Have 100’s and assuming they actually did it is a different story. It becomes Androids problem when people THINK it is Android that is the problem… Your solution worked for you and may very well for many other but lets face it. The solution presented is archaic. If I turn off iMessage and remove the SIM from the iPhone and insert it into another device they have no right to intercept my texts. Period.

  • Anonymous

    They should sue apple also for how inconvenient it is to simply put music and photos from a mac to an android phone and vice versa. I’m starting to believe apple does it purposefully. It’s awful!

    • Michael Samsara

      The goal they had when they designed the entire, prison like jail cell – I mean ecosystem – that IS Apple’s way or the highway – was to make it virtually impossible for you to leave the warmth of their bosom and stray from their fold.

      The hardware Apple sells is secondary – it is a necessary bother and fact of life for them – their goal, their target it getting you locked into their system so that your purchases of everything they can make impossible as possible to buy you must buy through them. Apple’s character as a corporation is reflective of its now deceased leader. Why should we expect it to be nice?

      • Mozaik

        Same as google does with google+ , lol.everyone does but one only gets the blame.

        • Michael Samsara

          You mean Google isn’t pure as the driven snow; with only the milk of human kindness flowing in its veins? Please, tell me it isn’t so! Lol

          You are right of course, relatively speaking, but their “evil” – even when they do do “a bad” – is, I feel, more honest error of omission than commission; more a microsmic manifestation of human error on their part than macrosmic reference point of standard operating procedures deliberately designed and put in place with maliciously intended malice aforethought and then executed with gleeful delight.

          Honest mistakes are one thing; using your higher levels of intelligence to plot to deliberately trick or trap me and put me at a disadvantage and suck life out of me and millions – if not billions – by selling me a sugar coated poison pill – is categorically, absolutely not and verboten by my standards as well as the source of all life – here on earth and throughout all of creation. To put it simply. Sms

          • Mozaik

            Lol , you are taking way this seriously ,chill dude.

          • Michael Samsara

            Actually, I am not taking this seriously at all but merely having fun playing with words – the fact that the subject is one one could take seriously – if one felt one could actually affect it in a substantive fashion – is simply a secondary consideration. One can find truth – and levels of understanding to be derived therefrom I find – in any subject you choose to focus upon – and then let your mind explore.

            I enjoy writing – I rarely see anyone actually taking seriously subjects such as this and actually calling “a spade a spade” – advertising revenues being the built in governor all portals of reportage must be at least nominally beholden to – so I have fun – since it is fun and easy for me to write as I do – and at the same time get to exercise “the little gray cells” – as Agatha Christie’s intrepid sleuth Hercule Poirot used to say – in preparation for things that matter and that are of great import – to me – at least! Lol

          • Mozaik

            You should write article man , this is better than this article ;) .

          • Michael Samsara

            Re your comment suggesting I write

            Thank you very much. If you really feel that way, and would like to see me write for Android Authority, do me a favor and suggest it to Darcy LaCouvee, the big muckyty muck at AA or Bogdan Petrovan, his most worthy, trustworthy confidant and elder editor. I think it would be be fun and a total blast, but only if you really think I should write for them.

            AA Has no shortage of good writers reporting on all the latest most exciting devices and events but none that have quite the unique – shall we say – irreverent, sometimes overly expansive but always with method to my madness point of view that I believe I have to offer.

            Mine would be to fill a gap; currently sorely unfilled. The gap that has come into being between times past, present and future that have – with the addition of our connectivity miracle – created for all of us a nexus of both possibilities but also quandaries as to where we have come from, where we are, and next going, and possibly by using a bit of mental alchemy offer reflective thoughts that give pause for reflection. Basic, ponder what the heck it all means and how it relates to the price of onions – reality.

            In any event, as the fellows in the old Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler ads used to say, “We thank you for your support.”
            Bartles and James ad

    • krym73

      Use Samsung SmartSwitch.

  • Wilson D

    Is true I work at a retail store and many iPhone customers complain they can’t receive message

  • Say What?

    Yep, Apple sucks. No Apple would mean a lot less suing in the tech industry. Try replacing screens in their Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. I do repairs on both PC and Mac and I can tell you Macs aren’t worth what those poor brainwashed people pay for them.

  • D Doss

    Hate to be the one that scream for more government but FCC already has a rule against this for a “wireline”. Don’t see why they shouldn’t “prohibit unreasonable delays in the execution of an authorized switch”.

  • DariusLamar

    I’ve experienced this issue just recently… It is a total headache and I’m glad someone is actually taking some sort of proactive action to let apple know that it is not ok. When I called support, they started that it could take upwards of 45 days to receive messages from iPhone users again. The rep then proceeded to joke and said, “that’s what happens when you don’t have an iPhone. I can’t do much more to help since you aren’t an apple user.” I was appalled and disgusted to say the least…

    • aalfasd

      that’s just sick indeed

    • Michael Samsara

      Need we ask who doesn’t love you? Or give a damn about you?

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble. BUT, we can all take comfort and solace in the fact that the bigger they are the harder they fall.

  • Dimitri

    I remember when I had switched to Android from iPhone a couple of years ago and had this problem and it was extremely frustrating. Apple has always had unique ways for their products to interact (iCloud,iMessage,Airplay) but this seems more like some kind of trick to keep people from leaving iPhone by making them avoid such a hassle, therefore they deserve to get sued for it.

    • Kevin

      Yesssss i have had the same problem when i switched. I’ve spoke with apple went to apple and even went to at&t and the problem is still going on! They need to get there crap together i’m glad i switched to the note! It to me also seems to be on purpose by apple!

  • Andrew T Roach

    Tough Shit? You switched. Find alternatives.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Seems like a quick fix would be if Apple made an app for that as an APK.

  • smokebomb

    “and Apple recently acknowledged it as a bug.”

    Of course they did.