Apple legal bill – how much does it cost to win $1 billion from Samsung?

by: Chris SmithAugust 30, 2012

Image Credit: CNET, Apple

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, in which the jury found Samsung to infringe on several Apple patents and awarded the iPhone maker over $1 billion in compensation, is casting a long shadow over IFA 2012, the Berlin-based trade show where Samsung has unveiled several new products, including the Android-based Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera.

But while we talk about these new Android devices, as well as other Android devices officially announced during the show, we inevitably hear more details, commentary and analysis on Samsung’s recently lost legal spat.

Now CNET offers a sneak peak at Apple’s legal bill in the U.S. case against Samsung. The image above shows you a bill Apple had to pay for just one motion to be filed, a motion that totaled 232 hours of work for 10 people, which amounted to $116,668.50. That’s probably just pocket change for Morrison & Foerster, compared to the total cost of the U.S. Apple trials against Samsung.

What does this exhibit, which the law firm had to file, tell us? Well, first of all, it sucks being a paralegal than a partner in such a firm. Secondly, and more seriously, Apple is ready to pay a lot of cash to lawyers to argue its cases. That shows the Cupertino-based company is not really ready to back down, as it firmly believes in its rights to sue competitors and obtain victories in courts no matter how much its legal representation costs.

When we’ll see similar exhibits from Samsung, I’ll tell you that the Android maker is similarly motivated to pursue such patent-based cases in courts no matter the costs. The difference is, at least for the time being, that Samsung’s expensive lawyers aren’t as efficient as Apple’s. Or they can’t pull out any rabbits out of the hat when forced to argue against certain pieces of evidence.

Any opinions on these large legal fees? Does anyone know how many motions have been filed by either party during the trial?

  • Guest

    At $191hr please explain how it is so sucky to be a paralegal… that is nearly 6 times my hourly rate and i make

  • goldrush36

    Yes because $191hr is crappy pay. That is nearly 6 times my hourly rate and I make some pretty decent money

  • This is why people hate lawyers in general(I know not all are like this). Bottom sucking scum who gouge the consumer because who else will protect you if you are sued or accused of a crime. They live off the suffering of others and bully those who cannot afford one to defend you.

  • I don’t think you should use the California judgement as a basis to say that Sammy’s lawyers were worse than Apple’s. Especially after the revelation that the jury didn’t really do a good job.

    Let’s assess both legal teams again after the Supreme Court decide the case…

    • Bea

      The jurors were not shown to have have done a poor job at all. Take the example of all of the different rulings from different judges over the “same” issues. Samsung chose for this to go to trial by jury also, remember that. Then they balk at the findings. I think the Supreme Court needs to use our tax dollars for better things than Samsung’s saying “That’s not fair”

      • Actually, there’s been quite a lot of media criticism of how the jury arrived at some of their conclusions. One example is how the jury foreman reportedly said (and later retracted) that they set out to “punish” Samsung by imposing a greater compensation amount than what Apple should have gotten in damages as a sort of punitive action – this is actually in direct violation of a jury’s duty.

  • as has been mentioned before, the only winners in the legal battles are the lawyers